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Board Rules

Message board rules

1. No offensive language (swear words/cuss words, sexist, racist, religious) - including variations of offensive language with different spellings or letters omitted, etc.

2. No personal attacks/name-calling, etc. If there is a poster or posters you find annoying or don't want to read, use the ignore function. We encourage posters to speak their mind, but please be respectful.

3. No posting of copyrighted material from this network or any other entity

4. No pornographic or obscene photos in avatars, posts, or signature files. Also, please don't link to this type of material or suggest to others where to find such material

5. No posting of any type of content that could be libelous

6. Don't spam the board

7. Don’t use the board to communicate with one or two fellow users - that is what private messaging is for.

8. No commercial offers or solicitation of business or Internet traffic

9. No posting of information that is fabricated or known to be false

10. Act like an adult at all times.

11. If you have an issue with the site, including issues with content, operations, your account, technical issues or otherwise, please e-mail or send a private message to a staffer.

Violating ANY of these rules could lead to a post and/or entire thread being edited or deleted. It could also lead to the user being blacklisted or banned.


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