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** HOB TOPIC OF THE DAY, Wed., June 8: Sports media **

  • Howdy, folks.

    There's been a lot of talk on here lately about media and its role in the sports world. Sometimes — far too often, I fear — media voices abuse their platform. This happens everywhere now, from nationally prominent talking heads to more local bloggers who get more web views than they can handle.

    But let's not focus on that. I want to know: Who are your favorite media voices? What news outlets do you seek first? Whose opinion do you seek, what reporters do you trust most to bring you the news? Who are your favorite sportswriters?

    Obviously, my degree is in journalism and I work as a sportswriter so I pay a lot of attention to these things. In terms of news sources, I generally break it up depending on what sport I'm reading about. I generally read Yahoo for NBA coverage, SI for college sports, and ESPN and for baseball. I have a paper subscription to SI and have had it for years. ESPN the Magazine does some fine work (and some very ordinary work, too) but I don't subscribe.

    I don't watch ESPN very often on TV, at least not for news purposes. I enjoy watching Around the Horn occasionally but I don't really watch SportsCenter. Any highlight I want to see, I can find online whenever I want. I also think there's a huge conflict of interest when ESPN simultaneously covers the biggest events from a news standpoint and broadcasts them from a commercial standpoint. That's why when they have the Yankees-Red Sox game on Sunday night, it also leads SportsCenter. Ugh. Anyway, ESPN rant over.

    There are a lot of heady baseball blogs out there that I read, too, and I mostly read Hardball Talk and SB Nation since Rob Neyer moved over there. Spots like Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus are absolutely fantastic.

    In terms of writers, I don't think there's a better sportswriter working today than Joe Posnanski. He writes about many sports, especially now that he has a regular column in SI's magazine, but few know baseball better. But what separates him from the rest, to me, is just his pure writing ability. He is a writer, and a writer's writer. He could write about whatever he wants, and he'd probably be among the handful of the best there are anywhere in the world; thankfully, he writes about sports. His SI blog ( is an absolute must-read. Make sure you have time on your hands, though, because he is long-winded.

    I could go on and on but I won't — partially because I don't have the time to list off all of my favorite writers, and partially because I know I'll forget several.

    What say you? Where do you go for sports news to trust?

  • Twitter has made following sports remarkably easier with most writers linking to their articles and blogs with quick tweets. I really enjoy getting a glimpse of conversation between fans and writers despite the ignorant questions about trades that get fielded. It just provides an avenue that was never available before.

    As for specific writers, I enjoy following the beat writers for my favorite teams. John Fay, Mark Sheldon and Hal McCoy do an admirable job covering the Reds. Joe Reedy does a solid job on the Bengals. As far as national media, I too stay away from ESPN and go to the NFL and MLB Networks for my TV updates. As far as baseball, there are 27 other teams you don't get to see featured on ESPN.

    College sports are different as there is a much more regional fare to sample. Chris Low of ESPN does a good job for football. Basketball is more of a hodgepodge where I don't necessarily focus on one writer, but follow a ton on Twitter and choose articles to read daily.

  • I pretty much stick to Reds/Steelers stuff when it's not UK news. I'm like a sponge for those teams -- read everything I can get my hands on. I like Peter King for overall NFL coverage. His Monday Morning QB is a must-read for me every week. Love how in-depth it is. Also like Posnanski for MLB, as James said. He's very good.

    Mitch Albom is still my favorite sports columnist. Wish he did more sports these days, but I like his other work, too. Rick Reilly's still good, but rubs me the wrong way at times as someone who's bought into the celebrity a bit too much. I dunno. Maybe that's just a misread on my part.

    I like DeCourcy's college basketball work for TSN. He's always interesting and fair, IMO.

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  • I'll check all the major sites but my primary focus is on FB and college BB. I enjoy DeCourcy, Low, Bilas, Gregg Doyel, and others. None that I'm beholden to though as it totally depends on my mood and time available.

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  • I don't read much other than stuff pertaining to UK, get that from this site and others. I don't watch anything on ESPN other than live sporting events(dvr and watch a lot). I hate sportscenter and ESPN news, haven't watched in years. I listen to college sports talk on XM radio, bill king and finebaum mostly. Also listen to lacklan mclahan, Larry glover, and kysportsradio during the college seasons, live or via podcast.

  • I like everyone that covers UK that went to Destin for the SEC meetings this year. Every single one of those guys are my favorites.

  • I have ESPN Sportscenter on all mornings on weekends. It plays over and over while Im cleaning the house or cooking or mostly reviewing the HOB. It is mostly just noise. I could care less about the Red sox and Yankees! I also hate the Herald-Liar newspaper but they will be gone soon enough. Oh Im not sure how the ratings go but I have been a member for at least four years. PP's recriutment was when I first served up $.loco

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