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2 Cincy Commits to watch and Quote from Jones

  • "But all my focus and energy is on University of Cincinnati," said Coach Jones. "Getting win #8 and obviously a quality bowl game and recruitment and all of that. So I think you know me by now. I think you knew the answer before you asked a question. My car knows home and back and our opponent. And I live in a bunker and just study film and all my effort and energy is on every single player in our football program."

    That quote makes me feel a little uneasy but still he is being very broad with his answers right now which leads me to believe he is going to be a Cat. He has 2 commits for Cincy right now that i believe were each recruited by UK and could bring something to the program.

    Aregeros Turner All purpose back that had offers from Tenn and Illinois

    A.J. Branisel Tight End that had offers from Tenn Missouri Louisville and several others.

    I would believe those are 2 guys that could possibly make an impact as freshman.

  • What part makes you feel uneasy? That he will be our coach or that he won't be? I have to admit that I was hoping for a much bigger splash than Butch Jones, but maybe he's the best that we can get to come here right now. The other problem I have with him is that he has only stayed at his two previous schools for 3 years before leaving for the next level up the list. Would that mean that if he got Kentucky to a 6-6 or 7-5 record by his 3rd year, that he'd leave for the next job level up the list? That was the biggest asset that we had in Joker. Even if Joker would have won the SEC East I don't think he would have left us for another job. He was the perfect coach for us in terms of loyalty, which is why it really sucks that he couldn't get the job done. We don't just need a coach capable of turning this program around quick, but one that will also stay here for at least 6 or 7 years to create some roots so we can stay at that level - similar to what Texas Tech, South Carolina, and Oklahoma State have done over the past decade. I'm not asking for someone to come win the SEC conference. I'd be perfectly fine with a top 20 - 30 average over the next 10 years, including a top 10 or 15 team once every 3 or 4 years. I think that's about the absolute best that any coach could possibly do at Kentucky in the foreseeable future. Is Butch Jones a head coach that can do that here? If he gets hired I'll give him my 100% support, but I'd be lying if I said he was anywhere on my wish list.

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    “People who live in the past are afraid to compete in the present. There's no future in it.” -- Sparky Anderson

  • If Jones is the guy I kind of expect to hear something this Saturday, probably after the Kentucky vs Tennessee game, or possibly right before. Cincy's last home game is this Friday night, and I'm sure that Jones would want to take part in Senior night. They have one more game the following weekend, but it would make sense for him to go ahead and leave this weekend. This would allow the interim coach to take control of the team for a week heading into their last game, which is on the road. This will give the team the chance to play one game under their interim coach before they head into the month of bowl practices. It also allows Kentucky to be the 1st team to announce a new coach, and would be talked about by all of the national college pregame shows. If we don't hear something this weekend, then I'm going to get very worried about the eventual outcome.

    “People who live in the past are afraid to compete in the present. There's no future in it.” -- Sparky Anderson

  • If it is Jones, they would likely still keep the charade up for a number of days after the season so it has the appearance that it wasn't being worked on all along on Jones end.