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2013 Football Outlook

  • 2013 is going to be fun. UK has a firey new coaching staff led by Mark Stoops, and we just reeled in a very good recruiting class that isnt finished just yet..theres 2 more spots to fill at least. (Please make the grades Hearns) Tevin Lawson still up for grabs.
    One thing that irritated me to no end was UK could never get both the offense and defense clicking in the same year. Thats about to end.
    Max Smith and Patrick Towles will battle for the QB job..I think Smith wins. Whitlow would be the obvious #2 because he brings an added dimension with his athleticism. I Look for Towles to rs if Smith does indeed win the qb battle.

    RB will be interesting. JoJo Kemp is suited perfectly for browns offense..but Josh Clemons and DeShawn Mobley both are SEC caliber Tb's..Ray Sanders will fit better into this new offense. Jon George is a valuable backup.
    WR will be stocked this year..especially if Sweat keeps elegible. AJ Legree, Daryl Collins, D.Robinson are the verterans. RYan Timmons Jeff Badet Alex Montgomery and Javess Blue bring a ton of raw talent to the roster.

    Our OL will be better than expected. Look for names like Zach Meyers Jordan Swindle Jordan Watson and Shaq Love to pop up to join Darrian Miller Kevin Mitchell Zach West and TE Nared.Kyle Meadows will play as a true frosh.

    On D. Our weak spot going in was at DE. I think we can safely assume thats no longer the truth! ZaDarius Smith and Jason Hatcher, along with Alvonte Bell give UK 3 very good edge rushers. Farrenton Huguenin will blossom under Brumbaugh and will Bud Dupree. Langston Newton could be another name to watch along with T.Paschal.
    Cobble and rumph are two veteran DT's that will eat up blockers..allowing our improved pass rushers to be 1 on 1 on the edge. Thomas Chapman Christian Coleman and Pat Graffree add depth at DT. Reggie Meant will factor in down the road.
    AT LB..Avery williamson is the SEc;s leading tackler..and will man the middle backed up by Pancho Thomas who I think will develop into a very nice ILB. Josh Forrest should fit in well at 6'3 235 he has the size..and as a former WR has the quickness to go with it. Miles Simpson could become a good OLB if he proves tough enough. Khalid Henderson will play a lot of snaps at OLB. I think one of our safties will move down..either Lowery or Daron Blaylock. At 6'1 220 with good speed and hitting..Daron could be a super quick will lb that can cover backs and Te';s well.
    Our secondary will be young but very athletic. Harmon,Quinn,and Tiller all played very good at points as true frosh..Nate Willis will lock down 1 cb spot..and Jaleel Hytchye will push for PT as well. Dont count out Khalid thomas becoming a dandy cb.
    Marcus McWilson will push for pt early at one S spot. The Blaylock twins will be in the mix. Dakota Tyler is a speedy, hard hitting kid coming into his final year. Glen Faulkner will have an opportunity to show why he was a highly rated FS.Blake McClain is a sleeper.
    Special teams should be..well..special in 2013. Landon Foster did a heckuva job at punter as a true frosh..Austin MacGinnis should move right in to ou FG kicker. Ryan Timmons will become a weapon at KR as soon as he steps on the field.
    I think our offense will be fun to watch, and I think our defense while young..has some veteran leadership in the middle with Cobble,Rumph, and Williamson. It may take a few games..but I think this young defense will surprise folks later in the year.
    Our 2013 schedule is insanely tough..anything better than 5 wins would be a huge moral victory moneys on we upset a big team or two..and finsih either 6-6 or 7-5 in Stoops inaugural season.

  • I hope you're right about the D-line. So far those guys have been a disappointment. We cannot win in the SEC without a good D-line.

  • Any word from the weight room regarding which players have been working hard in the offseason to get bigger, better, and faster?

    And, for that matter, any players that look to have some catching up to do as a consequence of too many twinkies and video games and too few squat reps?

    I am especially curious about the players rehabbing injuries.

  • Out of ups for the day...will +1 you asap! To answer that..not heard a whole lot since the Stoops hire..lost some of my inside connects when Joker left..but hey..Im happier with Stoops and not hearing as much on the S&C front!!
    I know Zach Meyers was benching 510 as a true frosh..only 10 lbs less than last years starter at OC Matt Smith. Jordan Swindle at 6'8 310 was the fastest OL on the team last thats encouraging news..mabye a move to OG to make use of that speed on pulling plays?? Last I heard on the injury front was that Josh Clemons was back to 100%. Max Smith will be 100% as looks ok on that front.

    Stoops will change the whole S&C program..Uk will have a dedicated kids will have a eating coach if you will LoL This helps a ton. Not everyone responds to carbs and proteins the same way and this guy(s) will solve that. Look for us to be much stronger..better enduranced than before. Stoops spoke on this point early..said we need to get stronger..bigger..and that we would. Guys..this staff is not going to take no for an answer..they will demand 100%..100% of the time..anything less and they will stick you on the pine and put someone in that will give them the effort they want.

    As far as the defense..the DL will be much improved. Last year we ran a 3-4 and had no semblance of a pass rush whatsoever. That all changed with the signing of ZaDarius Smith Jason Hatcher and Alvonte Bell. Cobble and Rumph will be so much better..having great talent at De only helps your DT's..harder to use 2 blockers on them when a 6'6 255lb De is eating up your OT or TE. It will br our DT's jobs to eat up blockers. Hold strong at the LOS, and let our DE's and LB's make plays on the ball. Cobble will demand 2 blockers..and Rumph will as well at times..freeing up our pass rushers to be 1 on 1 on the outside. You can go ahead and mark this down: Uk will surpass last years sack totals..25?? at least 10..and could possibly double that...though that would be a longshot. Bud Dupree, Huguenin,Newton,Graffree,Chapman,Coleman,Johnson, Douglass, and Al Davis will help out at DL too..not just the big 3 signees and Cobble/Rumph. I think Huguenin could become a star under brumbaugh and Eliots coaching..kid has the quicks and the size to dominate.

  • If you guys want my guess as to the depth chart for Defense next season:

    DE: Zadarius Smith Jr 6'6 255//A.Bell Fr 6'6 250
    DT: M.Cobble Sr 6'0 330 // C.Coleman Jr 6'3 290
    DT: D.Rumph Sr 6'3 310//T.Chapman Fr 6'4 315
    DE:F.Huguenin Soph 6'5 265//J.Hatcher Fr 6'3 245//M.Douglass Jr
    SLB:Bud Dupree Jr 6'4 255 //J.Hatcher Fr 6'3 245 T.Paschal Jr 6'4 250//M.Simpson Jr 6'2 236
    MLB: A.Williamson Sr 6'2 248//K.Thomas Soph 6'0 235
    WLB: J.Forrest Soph 6'3 235//K.Henderson Soph 6'1 225//A.Lowery Jr 6'1 220
    CB: N.Willis Jr 6'0 195//C.Quinn Soph 5'10 175//J.Hytchye Fr 5'11 176
    CB: JD Harmon Soph 6'2 195//F.Tiller Soph 6'1 205//
    SS: D.Blaylock Soph 6'1 218//Z.Blaylock Soph 6'0 200//J.Harris rFr 6'2 210
    FS: Marcus McWilson Fr 6'1 210//D.Tyler Sr 5'11 205//G.Faulkner Soph 6'2 195

    I think Hatcher and Dupree will move around from Lb to De..both will be used to rush the QB. I think Farrenton Huguenin will blow up under better coaching..kid is a freakish blend of size and speed. I think Josh Forrest will become a star at WLB..has a nose for the ball..good size and the former WR/DB has the quicks you want in a OLB. WE will be very physical in the secondary..the Blaylocks love to smack people..Quinn can hit..Harmon too. Mcwilson will be a superstar..Nate Willis is a hard hitting cb with the confidence and swagger you just have to love or love to hate..depending on if your for Uk or against us!

  • Big Ol' Pat said on twitter I think he is up to 290 in his weight, all muscle, he was only 270.

    UK has Reese Phillips up to 225 which is higher than listed weights at 210/215/205 from sites.

    I know a guy who is a walk on, and seems like everyone is busting their butts to be better.

    I fully expect this team to be a hell of a lot more physical than last year, not just because of coaching, but because of the added strength. Which is great getting guys big, Meant has me drooling over his size and speed already, isn't he 6-5 270? and can run a 4.7 in the 40? He has load of potential and a great frame, He might become a jumbo DL who can play inside or outside easy. This staff will turn these guys into mean a$$ men.

    Let's remember this, JJ Watt was only like a 2 star, hard work can pay off and being agressive and physical, and I can see some of these guys really improve their game, and improve enough to warrant more scouts at games and more players invites to the NFL combine.

  • Very true..and yes..I love Meants potential..6'5 270 with that 4.7 speed..long arms..a beast in a cage waiting to be unleashed. Pat Graffree is another beast in waiting..himself 6'5 and 290?? He too runs in the high 4.7 low 4.8 he was a De coming in. Ultra athletic interior pass rushers are a huge plus to any defense. You can move them outside vs running teams like Bama..helps hold up at the LOS. Think of Alvonte Bell..kid is 6'6 250 and played WR TE on his high school team..super long arms and long a couple years he will be a 6'6 270lb rush end with high 4.5 low 4.6 speed. WoW to that!!

  • As I said last yr UK will be much better because of all of the players that have time played under there belt. And now with the new class that we have landed they will help a ton.

    However it will take time for the team to learn the new play books on both offense and defense.

    It will also take 3 very good classes for this team to move up the ladder in the SEC. Each yr you add players to each position that you need.