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2013 Football Schedule,Roster, and Outlook.

  • 2013 brings high expectations for Uk football as the Mark Stoops era will begin in earnest Aug 31st in Nashiville when Uk faces a WKU team led by the infamous Bobby Petrino. Bobby P would like nothing better than to upset a SEC foe in his opening contest and throw mud in the eye of the conference that wouldnt touch him after his debacle at Arkansas. Too bad for Bobby P that WKu upset Uk last year and no way will Mark Stoops allow his team to come into this game flat or looking past the Hilltoppers. The returning UK players will also have something to prove and the memory of last years loss to WKU will not be lost on them. Im betting Stoops has his troops fired up and a good ol rout is in store.

    I think our offense will be better than expected..mainly due to the fact the system Neal Brown runs is very simple and allows his best athletes to make plays and not be slowed down by complex play names or numbers. Max Smith and Pat Towles will battle for the #1 QB spot..and either player is more than capable of putting up Playstation numbers in this offense. Jalen Whitlow seems like the smart choice to be the #2 QB as he brings the ability to run as well as pass. Our stable of running backs is deep and versatile..with pounders in Mobley, George, and Taylor, and speedier backs in Jojo Kemp, Josh Clemons,Khalid Thomas, and Ray Sanders. I look for Kemp to shine early..and Clemons..if 100% could do some special things in Browns more run oriented "Air Raid".

    WR will be an area of interest. If Demarcus Sweat is back..our wr corps could be terrific. Sweat posseses all the tools needed to be a star go-to weapon. AJ Legree showed he could play SEC ball..making some highlight reel grabs last year while taking vicious hits..Legree's leaping abillity paired with his sure hands make him a very good target. Darryl Collins is a solid player..he dosent wow you with any one aspect of his game..but hes tough, fast enough, and showed the ability to find the soft spots in defenses.
    Now..for the frosh. Ryan Timmons will wow you with every aspect of his game come fall..this kid is a legit weapon. Wether at Wr,RB, or Kr..Timmons will make some big time plays..and by mid season will have everyone saying "James Quick who?". Jeff Badet will factor in at the slot..his speed and hands along with his elusivness will make him a valuable addition to our wr corps. Alex Montgomery brings good size and playmaking ability..he will be a good deep threat that can go over the middle and move the chains.

    The OL should be just fine. Losing Warford and Matt Smith will hurt..but if a solid center id found..I think our Ol will be a lot better than most think. Darrian Miller is back to man one tackle spot..and I think Jordan Swindle could push returning starter Kevin Mitchell out at the other tackle spot.Zach West returns at OG, and I believe Shaq Love will ease the loss of Warford with his toughness being a former DT. TE Nared, Jordan Watson, and Ramsey Meyers should provide adequate depth here. The key will be at Center..if Zach Meyers performs well..then all is well. If he dosent, then some shifting may occur. Anyway you shake it..there is depth across the board at all OL spots save center.

    Defense will be fun to watch. The arrival of Za'Darius Smith, Jason Hatcher, and Alvonte Bell turned De from a need to a strong suit. Farrenton Huguenin, Langston Newton, and Mike Douglass will add depth. Cobble and Rumph are back at DT. All they need to do is stuff the gaps and eat up blockers and allow our talented but young edge rushers to get 1 on 1 for our defensive front to be successful. Bud Dupree and Avery Wiliamson will provide leadership and All-SEC caliber play at LB. Look for Josh Forrest to blossom under DJ Eliots coaching, along with Khalid Henderson at Will. Pancho Thomas will be a capable backup at ILB, while Treyvon Paschal, D.Rancifer, Miles Simpson will add depth at Sam or Will as needed.
    Cornerback will be the area to watch. JD Harmon, Cody Quinn, and Fred Tiller all played well at times..they could be the key top the entire defense come fall. Jaleel Hytchye could see the field early. If Nate Willis makes could go a long way to making this defense a lot better.
    Marcus McWilson will battle for one of the saftey spots..with the Blaylocks,Dakota Tyler, Ashley Lowery, Glen Faulkner, and Josh Harris fighting for the other spot and adding depth.
    Landon Foster is a solid punter. I look for Austin MacGinnis to be our PK. Timmons will be among the best KR the moment he steps on the field.

    All in all..I think there is enough talent for Stoops to scratch out a 6-6 or 7-5 year..given we get 2 bye weeks at exactly the right times..just before and after the brutal 3 game stretch vs Fla, SC, and Bama. Im picking us to upset one of those 3. Im thinking Florida..given the Gators have been beatable under Muschamp..and we have a bye just before that game in Lexington. If not the Gators..Im ging with Bama 2nd..given thats a home game and Bama wont be as strong as they have been the last 2 to 3 years..and everyone brings thier A game vs the Tide..much like everyone brings thier best vs UK in Basketball. I pick Bama over USCjr because its at home, while Carolinas away..and the Cocks will be loaded this year.
    I know..Im crazy. LoL. Lets hear it...

  • Like your post Dawg. Only thing i think you should temper some expectations on is giving the Frosh dends nods over guys that are bigger and stronger in Huguenin and Douglas Davis. I think Bell is a redshirt candidate he just isnt ready to take on sec ots.

  • You are probably right on Bell..especially since he suffered a senior year injury. Kid will be great though Imo. I think ZaDarius Smith is bigger and stronger than any De we have, he and Huguenin should be our starters..with Hatcher moving around from De to OLB depending on down and distance!! Thanks for the reply...+1!!

  • I wonder about the LB core.

    1) MLB - Williamson unlikely to be unseated as the starter here.
    Pancho Thomas will likely provide depth as the #2
    I wonder if Forrest couldn't be groomed for MLB...he was 6'3 230 last season
    It would be nice to get him up to about 6'3 245-255
    Anyone more knowledgable than me know if there is some reason he couldn't play there?
    If Jabari Johnson can get healthy and in shape, maybe he could provide depth while playing around 6'1 250.

    2) Then, at WLB, you have Khalid Henderson, Simpson and
    Either Lowery or Daron Blaylock could move down which would give good speed since Stoops defense requires LBs to cover more space. I'd say whichever is better in coverage stays at Safety while moving the other down (if he can bulk up enough)

    3) SLB - Does Stoops want to stay bigger with guys like Dupree and Paschal, or does he want to move someone like Forrest here to again keep more speed on the field?

  • I think Stoops would prefer more athletic backers that can cover. I love Forrest athleticism. I think alot depends on how well the dline rotation is. If guys like Rumph Cobble Johnson Chapman Grafree can take on blockers well and do what this defense is designed to do let the linebackers and dends be showcased. Then Dupree probably moves to dend most of the time and your backer rotation looks something like this. Simpson Williamson Forrest. With Mcduffen Henderson and maybe Lowery fighting to play snaps.

  • Bell played in the Dade-Broward Under Armour All-Star Game in January, so I would guess he's 100% healthy right now.

  • Williamson will likely start at MLB. The number 2 spot is up for grabs. Johnson finally is healthy and in the best shape since he's been at UK; and should battle Thomas for the 2nd spot. I heard Johnson may move back to SAM also. WLB is up for grabs. Honestly on Defense you could see a few guys that didn't play much last year play larger roles this year. There is a real chance Dupree will put his hand down this year. Spring is going to be very interesting.

  • That is good to hear. Would you happen to have a link to the results and/or a box scoe?

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  • Ups to all! THanks for the feedback..agree with most everything said..good to hear Bell is 100%...I think that kid could be a beast...6'6 245 with a frame to hold 260..long played wr some for his high school team. Kids a freak of nature.

  • Good overall post but I don't think that the loser of the supposed 2 man battle for QB automatically goes to 3rd string. I think it's much more likely that we see Whitlow move to a outside receiver position, or maybe a Cobb type roll if there is to be Such a package nstalled into this offense. Also, I think Swindle is really only a LT in this offense, as he doesn't strike me as someone who will be a very effective on the right side. It would be ideal if he was physically ready to do so, for him (or Jones) to take over at LT and move Miller to RT. Of all our OTs, I would say Miller actually has the most potential for RT. it's all going to hinge on the young guys' development obviously, but we are going to need several young guys to contribute this year, ready or not.

    I can't believe you didn't mention Blue at WR, this kid is going to start on the outside and could very well end up being our leading receiver this year. Him on one side with Sweat on the other with our plethora of slots is going to be deadly for the next two years. also think your selling Collins short, as he will have a lot to say about who gets the most Reps out of the slot guys. I hope we can redshirt Badet, as he is tiny but I doubt it.

    On defense, Nate Willis has made it so not sure what your referring to there, and If Nate isn't starting then that is not a good thing for us. I agree with everyone else Bell needs a redshirt yr to get stronger and it's great that he's going to be able to get that. Don't see Bud or Paschal playing LB in the 4-3, just not able to cover well enough or play well enough in space. Bud is going to be at one end and most likely you will see Smith at the strong side. Huguenin and Newton (Newton in particular) could factor in situationally against the run if they are ready as Newton is especially equipped for that IMO. As far a LB goes, Williamson is a lock for the middle and then everything else is wide open. Stoops has traditionally valued speed at the OLB position over size. I too expect big things from Forrest but I hope an upperclassman can step up and let Forrest continue to develop.

    I am expecting 5 wins, but am hoping to get that sixth one for the extra reps for our young guys and the exposure. No way we beat Bama. I'm not going to call you crazy because our strength next year will be against the run, but in the spirit of your basketball analogy, Bama is like UK in that they don't rebuild, they reload. There is no down year for that team. I would pick Fla. out of the group but not confident in any of those games. The other shitty thing is we get the best UL team in years early in the season, while we are implementing new schemes across the board. Our best chance to make some noise is after our second bye week IMO. If Stoops can get us to 6-6 against our schedule, it would be a damn fine coaching job. Let's not forget that this team went 2-10 last year and most outside analysts think half of our players are not SEC quality. That being said, I see 5 very winnable games with a possibility of getting 6.

  • On the surprise wins I want Florida cuz we gotta pay our dues,end the current longest losing streak( please make it a whoopin stoops)

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