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2013 Football predictions??

  • We got our HC. By all reports..DJ Eliot will be our DC. I think there is enough talent on UK's roster for Stoops to have a better than expected season coming off a 2-10 mark.
    We have 3 good QB's. A stable of backs with different skill sets. Our WR's are playmakers..Sweat.Legree,Collins, Robinson. We should have Ryan Timmons next year to boot..kid is Percy Harvin redux.
    Defensivly..Stoops will have our young defenders playing much better football on D. Cobble and Rumph are two nice DT's to work with. Dupree will excell in Stoops system..Avery Williamson is the SEC's leading tackler..I think Simpson and Forrest will play Will LB..along with Khalid Henderson. Pancho Thomas will battle Williamson for PT. the db's are Stoops forte..Harmon,Quinn,Tiller,Caffey will play at a much higher level..and so will the Blaylock twins and Lowery/Faulkner. Throw in a couple elite recruits in sure Stoops will reel in 3 or 4 highly touted kid..and things are looking up.
    Id say a 8-4 season isnt out of question. THis would put us bowling and give Stoops some great momentum to carry into the 2014 recruiting class..which could be one of the best in UK history with a bumper crop of in state talent..especially on the defesive side of the ball. I see 7 to 9 wins total next year as a "best possible outcome" scenario.
    What do you guys think?Too optimistic? Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree?lol.

  • 3-5 wins with some huge improvements on defense. Don't see a bowl team right now based on three things 1. Who is still going to be here after Spring 2. Massive problems at the DE position 3. Chemistry.

  • Fair assesment MoC. I think Stoops defense will be a huge factor..and I think our roster will be better next year than this one. You have to think Stoops and Eliot will haul in a couple late 4 star caliber kids. I think we get Ryan Timmons now..and that kid is special. We have QB's..Max Smith is a great field general..accurate, strong arm..just mobile enough to not be a sitting duck. I think Stoops will find a way to get 6 wins out of next years squad. I think we do bowl. After looking at the schedule..its tough. I was putting 8 wins out there as best case scenario..
    I think De will pan out better than some might think. F.Huguenin could blossom under Eliot..Alvonte Bell should be in the mix..Pat Graffree is a good DE. Langston Newton was a highly recruited kid..6'5 250 runs well. I think T.Paschal and M.Douglass will be De's under Stoops. Having Cobble and Rumph inside will help our DE's out..Cobble demands 2 blockers. Rumph is athletic and explosive..Dupree could even play DE. Has the size and speed that compares well with FSU's DE's. They like those 6'5 250ish guys with speed and quick 1st step..and Bud Dupree has that.
    Chemistry is a big question mark..but if you look at how Stoops players obviously loved our new HC..I think players buy into Stoops..and his vision. This should help offest some of that chemistry question mark.
    I think your assesment is probably a smarter one than up vote..

  • I think next years record will have to do with who Stoops gets at OC to a small extent. I can see them going 6-6 which I think would be a good start to the Stoops era.The defense will be better from the beginning and the offense has potential to put up significant numbers on the board.

  • I agree on that, 6-6 looks like the high mark in my own eyes.

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  • I think the OC will be a large extent to what the outcome of next years games will be. How much will the current players have to re-learn? With the right OC..Max Smith's arm and leadership, our stable of backs..if we can find a way to hang 28 to 30 a game ..We could bowl..if we struggle to put up 21..then a 3 or 4 win season is in store. Stoops will have our defense improving..but not as fast as at FSU..we dont have the luxury of having 50 4 star kids on our roster. I see steady improvement..holding foes to 21-24ppg next year..dipping down to 17-19 in 2014. I think 2014 could be a great year. All these frosh and sophs will be veterans..Stoops will have some 4 star talent on our roster.
    By playing SEC caliber puts you in good shape to be "in" all your games. I think Stoops will upset a big team or two next year..mabye drop 1 we should all equals out to a interesting ride imo..the experts will forecast a 4 to 5 win a Uk biased..Im hoping for a 7 or 8 win year..6 is probably the better predict at this time.
    Im thinking that if Stoops wins all the non-conference games..mabye upset a big SEC foe..this could give the Cats the confidence and MO to have a great year. Myself..Id trade a win over Florida or Bama..over going to a mid level bowl..
    Good stuff guys!

  • Do you have a link for next season's schedule?

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    It is really hard to say what next season will bring without knowing what additions or loses of players we have. Knowing the coaching staff will help too. Personally, I am not looking for more than 4 wins next season. Tough schedule! That could change to maybe, MAYBE, 6 wins with the right staff and players brought in.

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  • It depends. If we are a juco d end that can start and a juco safety that can start I see 6 wins and maybe more.

    Maxwell smith being hurt likely cost us 2-4 games.

  • If Smith stayed healthy we'd likely have won 3-4 games this past yr.....with Joker coaching. With most everyone returning I would normally say 5-6 wins, but we are going to install a completely new offense, new defense, new special teams. New coaches will use new terminology, new drills, preach new techniques, run different plays, and have different philosophies. The first yr for a new coach is usually the transition yr.

    2013 = 4-6 wins

    The following yr we'll return almost everyone again. The system has been learned. We aren't sophomores anymore. We are juniors who have waaay more playing experience than they should have. This is where you will see the bigger jump. Stoops first "full and real" recruiting class will be freshmen and some may have immediate impact.

    2014 = 6-8 wins

    The following yr we return most again. System is now 2nd nature. The starters are mainly a bunch of seniors who have WAAAAAAAYY more experience than they should have had. Now things are really rolling and looking good for the promise of the future. Recruiting is at an all time high as recruits are starting to see the forward progress. Stoops first real recruiting class are now soph's and are likely making an impact.

    2015 = 7-9 wins......with the real possibility of bouncing in/out of the top 25 rankings throughout the yr.

    The following yr we have a max exodus of waaaay over experienced seniors. With that much experience leaving we would normally experience a decrease in production, however the better talent are now juniors and ready to make things interesting. Resulting in a step sideways.

    2016 = 7-9 wins

    The following yr Stoops first real class are now seniors. The talent on this team is the best it ever has been at UK. Folks are really biting their nails at the prospect that Stoops may be growing to the point where he may leave in the next yr or two.....worried. Recruiting is now looking phenomenal and we are starting to see our ceiling level off. This is likely our peak. We'll run in cycles where depending on our personnel we could have ups and downs......about every 2-4 yrs between peaks of personnel.

    2017 and beyond = 7-10 wins with top 25 rankings depending on personnel peaks/valleys

  • One prediction. In CMS defense Avery Williamson is going to prove to a lot of NFL people the he can ball. The guy is an absolute machine and to paraphrase Coach Cal they won't be able to hide him on the field. Imagine him in a defense where everyone around him knew their role in the game plan.
    He just went up a round or two in the 2014 draft with this hire.

  • People I have this from 2 yrs ago. It will take UK 3 yrs to get enough talent ready to win 6 games or more. Joker would have had that talent next yr.

    Stoops will now have a team much better than the team Joker had 3 yrs ago. Talent wise.

    UK played so many true freshman red shirt fresh and Soph's that UK will be ready to move up the wins list next yr. It all now depends on well they learn yet a new system on D and a new Offensive sysytem

  • I think 6 wins would be a great season. We are going to have to get a deep threat wr, a solid corner, and some help across the dline in this class to get there though.

  • Hard to say, plenty of young talent on defense and, IMO, some pretty decent receivers that would fit Brown's system. I think a lot of the offense will depend on who is the o-line coach but I think we have some bodies that will fit into the spread.

    I honestly look for serious improvement on defense the moment we step onto the field, serious improvement. Not saying that Towles will be named the man but I love the fact that he took his snaps out of the gun in HS.

    Heck, we could win four games but we all know and expect that we will will see some serious improvement in the entire program. Coaches, players,'s all looking good at this point. Buzz, good to have it, especially at the level it is now after only a week.

  • I can’t see how you can say that Mark Stoops will inherit a team much better than the team Joker Philips had in 2010.

    Joker play a lot of freshmen this past season, but Joker’s team in his first year could/should have won two or three more games.

  • hartline as your QB who was our RB. We had one player on offense Cobb. No wr none no te none

    UK had no D. Who was on our D that yr who ????????

    UK had no talent Jokers first yr. MY GOD MAN.

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  • RB - Derrick Locke who was a legitimate homerun threat every time he touched the ball. Russell also played really good that yr....avg >4.5 yds per carry.....should've had more playing time....

    QB - can't believe I'm saying this but Hartline was really, really good that yr

    KR/PR - Locke and Cobb....both really good return men

    P - Tydlacka was a really good punter

    WR - Cobb, Matthews (almost a 1000 yd receiver and double digit TD's)

    Defense - Trevathan was a stud. DC Brown was not. The defense was not talent laden, but it would've looked much improved had the coaching been better.

    Bottom line - We won 6 games. Had Joker not made some mistakes we probably would've won another game. Had Hartline not been a bonehead we may have won the bowl game. Had we had a better DC we probably would've won another game. Winning 6 was a disappointment. That was a 7 win team......maybe 8 if the wind blew just right.

  • But the upcoming senior class is, just like this past season, pretty small and not that talented. Only a couple have any chance getting into the NFL (maybe Williamson and ???). The talent and depth is just not there in the upcoming senior class. The junior and sophomore classes are solid and deeper. Honestly, it won't be until the 2014 season when we see UK possibly being bowl-eligible.

    Interesting numbers:
    1) Upcoming junior class had 15 players that played in 8 or more games this past season.
    2) Upcoming sophomore class had 20 players that played in 8 or more games this past season.
    3) When combining all the games played by each class this past season, this upcoming senior class (juniors this season) played the least amount. Here are the numbers:
    Freshmen: 243
    Sophomores: 173
    Juniors: 116
    Seniors: 169
    If these numbers don't rattle your cage, then you don't understand them.

  • That team was pretty solid; should have won at least 7 that season. UK blew the game at Ole Miss with turnovers (-3 in TO margin that game). After going back and looking at the game participation of that game, UK's DT rotation was not very good: Lumpkin (only decent one), McDermott, McCord, Crawford. Yikes!

  • Yeah. We were lacking on defense. Ukwu and Wyndham were playing faaar too young as well. The d-line as a whole was not stellar.

    It didn't bother me a ton that we didn't win at least 7. With new coaches (as Joker was that yr) you often see rookie coaching mistakes. I expected some and so my expectations were slightly lower.

    I expect the same with Stoops. I'm not predicting a bowl game next yr although it's possible and it would be absolutely wonderful. He's going to make mistakes, the systems are going to be new, players are going to look lost at times, our starters are still underclassmen mostly.

    I do expect us to win more than 2 games though. We shouldn't have too much trouble doubling that to 4 games even with a new system, coaching mistakes, lost players etc.

  • that year we had 9 potential wins on the schedule. Ole Miss was beyond awful and Miss State wasn't very good either. If we score that second td at UT we win that game too.

    That year was a huge disapointment to me. A down SEC and a group of players that got shots on nfl rosters including an all pro in randal cobb.

  • I say next year UK will win maybe 4-5 games (WKU, Miami of Ohio, Alabama St, maybe Mizzou and Tenn). I think it will take 4 years to get things back to where Brooks left off. I say the first 2 years the teams shows signs of improvement but they will not be at the level of where Stoops was at FSU. I think in the 3rd year we will suprise people and make it to a lower level bowl with maybe 7 wins. Then the fourth year I expect that Stoops will have everything he needs to get us to a major bowl game with maybe 8-9 wins on the year. It does not seem so impossible that Stoops can get us to the SEC Championship game because it was not long ago that Brooks had us close.

    Go Big Blue

  • So you're really saying that we'll get back to Brooks level (6-7 wins) in 2-3 yrs.....not 4. You describe the 4th yr as 8-9 wins......that's well beyond Brooks.

    I agree. My first post on this thread is very similar, although my post was much more winded and lengthy......gosh I tend to be that way too often.fingergun

  • I came up with the same # of games 4-5 and the same teams u have listed.
    But i really think we gave way to many unknowns to make a real educated guess we dont know who may coach, what players we will have IMO

  • LoL..I think i got you beat in long winded posts Raider..
    I think Uk wins all 4 non-SEC games..
    UT will be down..lots of talented underclassmen will jump to NFL imo..
    the 2 open weeks should help..comes at great points in the season. Players with nagging injuries..sprains..ect would have time to heal. I think Stoops finds a way to win 3 SEC games..mabye even 4..UT,Mizzou,Miss St, Vandy. Bama will not be AS dominate next year..that OL will be playing in NFL. Ga will lose a lot of great defenders and a couple playmakers. Stoops should have 1 upset.
    anywhere from 6-6 to 8-4 is POSSIBLE. Perhaps not probable, but possible youd think..cuz our defense will be much improved.

  • Really?.....really......Are you serious? "MY GOD MAN"
    With a comment like that, you obviously either dont remember that roster or just didnt watch that team.

    We had Locke at RB. Ran for 1000 yards. Dont forget Moncell Allen who had a solid year too.
    Hartline finished 3rd or better in nearly every passing stat in the conf. Had we won more games (which ill talk about shortly) he had a legit shot at SEC offensive player of the year. You can argue the only QB better that yeat was Mallet...SEC wise.
    At WR we had Cobb, King, and Matthews. Matthews btw lead the SEC in TD receptions and had a better year stat wise than Alshon Jeffries.
    Our O line (Burden, Hines, Smith, Warford, and Durham) was fantatic leading the SEC in fewest sacks allowed.

    On D, we had players. Ukwu and Evans on the ends, and yeah, Dequin Evans had a disappointing year but really turned in on late. Winston Guy, Randell Burden, Danny T, Sneed, Neloms, Avery Williamson played as a frosh....we had talent all over that team...both sides of the ball.

    Harline plays against Pitt and we easilly win that game. Period. Thats 7 wins. And as Hop posted, Ole Miss, Miss St., and UT were all games we could have easily won.

    That team should have won 9-10 games....

    I think "MY GOD MAN" was completely and entirely waaay off base.

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