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2013 SEC Tournament primer ...

  • As we close in on the SEC Tournament this year, thought it would be a good idea to put a little primer up here, since the format has changed from what we're used to.

    --- 2013 Tournament Format ---
    With the addition of Missouri and Texas A&M, the SEC tourney now has an extra round with the top 4 teams still receiving a bye (actually a double-bye with the additional round. Check the links below for more tourney info:

    Tourney Brackets >
    Tourney Tie-Breakers >

    --- 2013 SEC Standings ---
    Here's a link to the up-to-the-minute standings from ESPN. Keep in mind that you'll need to take into account tie-breakers when determining seeds for the tournament.

    ESPN SEC Standings >

    Seedings as of today (before 2/23 games) with tie-breakers included:
    1) Florida
    2) Alabama
    3) Kentucky
    4) Ole Miss
    5) Arkansas
    6) Missouri
    7) Tennessee
    8) Georgia
    9) LSU
    10) Texas A&M
    11) Vanderbilt
    12) Auburn
    13) South Carolina
    14) Mississippi State

    --- StatSheet Team Capsules ---
    Click below for a comprehensive team capsule for SEC teams:

    Alabama >
    Arkansas >
    Auburn >
    Florida >
    Georgia >
    Kentucky >
    LSU >
    Mississippi State >
    Missouri >
    Ole Miss >
    South Carolina >
    Tennessee >
    Texas A&M >
    Vanderbilt >

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  • Appreciate all the research/info, and I'm sure you'll figure this out sooner than later, but you have 2012 in the thread title.

  • LOL .... boy, all that work and I still look like an idiot. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Not at all, I still do it all the time myself. Thanks again, appreciate the work you put into your post!

  • Big upset today with LSU beating Alabama. Could help Kentucky's seeding possibilities in the SEC tourney as UK can now tie Bama for 2nd in the conference with a win tonight.

  • Morning after update (2/24) ...

    Okay, first of all, the current seedings I posted above did not change after yesterday's results. Now, I'm going to go one step further and project the final season standings and seedings as I see the games playing out. I'll include remaining games for each team as well.

    My final SEC standing projections:
    1) Florida > 16-2 - @UT (W), Bama (W), Vandy (W), UK (W)
    2) Alabama > 13-5 - Aub (W), @UF (L), @Miss (W), Ga (W)
    3) Kentucky > 13-5 - MSU (W), @Ark (W), @Ga (W), UF (L)
    4) Missouri > 12-6 - @SC (W), LSU (W), Ark (W), @UT (W)
    5) Ole Miss > 12-6 - A&M (W), @MSU (W), Bama (L), @LSU (W)
    6) Arkansas > 10-8 - @LSU (W), UK (L), @Mizz (L), A&M (W)
    7) Georgia > 9-9 - @Vandy (W), UT (W), UK (L), @Bama (L)
    8) Tennessee > 9-9 - UF (L), @Ga (L), @ Aub (W), Mizz (L)
    9) Texas A&M > 8-10 - @Miss (L), SC (W), LSU (W), @Ark (L)
    10) LSU > 7-11 - Ark (L), @Mizz (L), @A&M (L), Miss (L)
    11) Vanderbilt > 7-11 - Ga (L), @Aub (W), @UF (L), SC (W)
    12) Auburn > 4-14 - @Bama (L), Vandy (L), UT (L), @MSU (W)
    13) South Carolina > 4-14 - Mizz (L), @A&M (L), MSU (W), @Vandy (L)
    14) Mississippi St > 2-16 - @UK (L), Miss (L), @SC (L), Aub (L)

    Based on how I think the games will turn out, I think UK's pretty much locked in to the #3 seed, unless they can somehow finish a game ahead of Alabama in the final standings. If we're tied with Alabama, they have the tie-breaker over us based on their head-to-head win on Jan. 22nd. In just about every other scenario where UK might end up in a two- or three-way tie with any combination of Ole Miss, Missouri and Arkansas ... UK holds the tie-breaker with wins over Ole Miss, Missouri and a win over Arkansas this coming Saturday (my prediction). I don't see Tennessee jumping up into that 3-4-5-6 seed fight because of a tough final schedule for them that includes Florida, Missouri and a road game at Georgia (6-3 last 9 games).

    If those standings somehow come true, that would give UK the coveted double-bye as one of the top 4 seeds and a 2nd round matchup against Arkansas or the winner of Vandy/MSU. A potential 3rd round matchup would be either Alabama or the winner of Georgia/LSU.

    I'd love to see things turn out this way ... that would put Florida, Missouri, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Texas A&M in the other side of the bracket across from UK ... which might give us a bit easier path to another win or two in the SEC tourney which would be crucial wins for our NCAA tourney hopes. Three of the top five teams in the SEC would be in that half of the bracket and three of our four SEC losses would be from teams in that side of the bracket as well.

    I know there's a lot of speculation and guesses in there ... but I love thinking about this stuff as we close in on tourney time.

    Any thoughts, comments, agreements, disagreements?