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2013 recruiting class...going forward..

  • WE have 10 nice verbals as we stand...7/15/2012. Joker and his staff are raiding Florida and Georgia like Quantrell raided Union settlements. Mike Cassity and Summers are doing an
    excellent job.
    Jacob Hyde will be a stud, 2 gap run stuffer that demands 2 blockers. Alvonte Bell is a 6'6 240lb. freakishly gifted athlete with ultra long arms...could play OLB in the 3-4 and be a speedy pass rusher off theedge and someone who could track down tailbacks like a heat-seeking missle. Austin McGinnis is huge!!! Yes..a Kicker...WE lose McIntosh after this year..and Mansour hasnt shown the consistency to be a fg kicker...and hes a junior. McGinnis...from one of the 2013 class's top 5 PK. Has a strong, accurate leg to 55 yards. Then we have a couple of tall, long, quick OT's in Justin Day (6'8 290) and Jake Boynton (6'7 270) and a bulldozer type OG in Ramsey Meyers (6'4 310) We also landed verbals from Blake McClain (6'0 190) who can play saftey or corner and a nice find in Jalen Battle a super long and physical 6'3 190lb saftey that played on the best prep defense in the state of Florida.
    Then we landed Khalid Thomas..the kid brother of incoming frosh lb Kadeem. Khalid held offers from Ohio St, Miami, Notre Dame, WVU, UCF, SFU,FIU, and Fla ST. A nice haul thus far by Joker and company!!
    Now..heres what I forsee for the finishing touches for the 2013 class. Im counting down..and the kids are listed in no particular order.

    11. Dajuan Drennon. DE/TE 6'4 235 Sicklerville NJ, I want this kid bad! Jacob hyde has been on him at the USA U-19 squad where Hyde dominated..whipping 5 star OT's on aregular basis..I heard Hyde punished Laremy Tunsil...was way too strong and explosive for the overrated tackle.Drennon is very quick for his size...plays a lot of WR for Timber Creek. Hes also a very good DE on defense...excellent pass rusher with a non-stop motor. Could play some OLB in the 3-4...DE in the 4-3...or be a flex TE that lines up next to the Ot or out wide as a slot reciever.

    12: Jeremy Benjamin LB 6'3 230 4.53 Florida kid looks like a grown man. Hits like one too. Blows folks up. He bonded with Hyde at team USA and looks like we are in great shae to land a kid that is way underrated.

    13: Boaz Joseph CB 6'1 190 4.38 Ft.Lauderdale,Fla. BJ is a man at cb..would bring great size and strength at the weak side CB.

    14: D'Andre Wilson CB 5'9 178 4.41 Myrtle Beach, SC Were are at the top of Chocolates list. Athletic and plays much bigger than his smallish size. Has the heart and will come up and smack people in run support.

    15: Mykal Moody ATH 5'11 188 4.45 If we get Wilson we will get Moody too..they are close friends..Moody reminds me of a young Randall Cobb (dont laugh) same size..Moddy isa little faster..Moody plays QB and WR for Cobb did at Alcoa,Tenn. Has a warriors heart..will run over you or around you. I see him coming in and helping as a WR/RB, with some wildcat qb reps..(mabye 3 to 4 snaps a game as the WC QB.)

    16: Skai Moore LB. 6'3 210 4.49 University School, Fla. Teammate of UK verbal Jalen Battle, Moore plays fast and explosive at Lb, flys to the ball with wreckless abandon. Had the motor, heart, and desire to be a star. Projects to end up 6'3-6'4 230ish with low 4.5 to mid 4.4 speed.

    17: Maurice Swain DE 6'6 315 4.9 LaGrange, Ga. Massive kid will be a jumbo DE in 3-4..and easily play DT in 4-3. Has outstanding quickness and agility for a 315lb kid.

    18 Ricky Frazier CB 5'10 180 4.45 LaGrange, Ga. We need to offer this kid and land Swain..Frazier isnt projected to come in and give immeadiate help..but could redshirt, learn his defensive responsibilities and grow into a valuable nickle corner or backup at one of the two starting spots. Even start for 1 to 2 years if he impresses and works hard.

    19: Ryan Timmons WR 6'0 185 4.3 Frankfort, Ky. The one kid to keep at home for 2013. Owns elite, no-insane athleticism and speed. Has great hands. Only question is his desire..his heart. I think Ryan has it. I think this kid is a special, special once in a lifetime athlete...capable of owning 1,000+ yards receiving and rushing in the same season!!And would be a major weapon as a returner as well. If Rt gets the ball in space...its a TD.
    Well, were getting to the end...Id also like to see a couple Hunter Bivin, Reon Dawson...Id also like to see at least 1 more defensive tackle ...and a couple more CB's and LB's we need quality LB's but I dont take any projects...we need sure the number of scholarships are limited this year.

  • Don't take this the wrong way because I don't mean it as a negative but when I read your posts I read them in the voice of Tweek from South Park. Haha. Keep it up bro good stuff.

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • I think you have to many CB's and not enough WR's on that list. I'd expect UK to take at least one if not two big WR's that can play on the outside in this class. Don't think we take Moody if Timmons decides he wants to be a wildcat either. Besides that, your list would be a dream class for UK.

  • We won't take three more corners. There is no way. Ricky Frazier would be the odd man out. We need at least one more offensive lineman IMO. If Skai Moore is a Wildcat, then it likely means he decided he was too good to be at Rutgers or was recruited over by Vandy. UK is not even in the mix right now unfortunately. I wouldn't hold out hope on Moody either. There is a good chance that Chocolate is a Wildcat if we offer. If we get Swain, Benjamin, Drennon, Joseph and Timmons, then I could honestly care less how we finish the rest of the class. Thanks for taking the time to write this up. It is clearly a passion of yours as well. Go Big Blue!


  • I will take your list with a few changes:

    Chocolate Wilson -> David Washington
    Skai Moore -> DeAngelo Yancey
    Ricky Frazier -> Kyle Meadows

    Others to Watch:
    Ander Bodkin
    Darren Dowdell
    Mackensie Alexander
    Mackenro Alexander
    Devon Edwards

    And I would watch Jermaine Grace out of the corner of your eye.


  • OMG...Tweek? Lol. I absolutely forgot about DeAngelo Yancey...I love that kid. Want him. Also would like to see Corey Cooper and Jonathan Howard on board. Yancey looks like the type that will wind up 6'4 220 and run a low 4.5...big tough, physical posssession go-to guy. Cooper has elite hands and athleticism, and Howard is 6'5 200 and runs a sub 4.5 40The reason i went with corners...I think Legree, Sweat, Cunningham, Collins, Robinson, and Cobbins and Whitlow will all be SEC WR's...behind Caffey(who has yet to play a single down of SEC ball) and Rice..we have Eric Simmons, and Eric Dixon. I feel less sure about Tiller, Reed, and Quinn than I do the WR's.
    I like Kyle Meadows too...looks like Darrian Miller dont he? Glasses...lean 6'6 270 just like DM. Yancey is buds with darren Dowdell..who I want cuz we need weapons at TE. Wish we had about 25 or 28 schollys this year..were knocking it out on getting high quality with offers from Fla ST, Miami, Notre Dame, Ohio St, Clemson..ect ect...I dont think we'll end up with Skai Morre plug in Yancey there..and Im sure we can do some delayed entry greyshirting with one or two guys...especially Boynton and Day..who both could use the extra year in the weightroom and learning the playbook.
    I think any OL should be willing to take the extra year..getting stronger, quicker, smarter....focus on academics so your gpa is set. But we dont live in a perfect football world in the BBN. Often talented OL and DL are forced into early PT. NOt anymore...we are getting deeper by the year.

  • It's early but Quinn has looked good so far.

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • I agree with you WD22. Just add Yancey to that list, and im fine with that group too. Would be the best haul in my memory. Never have we had over 3 or 4 guys with offers from Fla ST, Ohio ST, Notre Dame, Miami, Fla, LSU, ect ect. I think we will wind up with 8 or more of that type in this class. We are getting better year by year..deeper and our backups can come in and play at a high level in the SEC now. Good stuff by the way...all of you. I just like to throw out some stuff...I write my pots off the top of my some things could be incorrect or not thought all the way out. Id like at least one more DT as spot we could use and will need depth at post Cobble and Rumph.!!

  • Thanks for taking the time to write this up....nice job!

    Myself, I'm hoping for:

    Alexander twins

    From there, would love to flip Bivens and Dawson. Also, are we still going to be taking Washington and Tandy from JUCO?

    If we could take all ten of those to finish....I'd be very happy.

  • Jeff is working on Washington still so look for that in the future. David is planning on being a part of this class. I have not heard much about Tandy, but I think he was planning on being back too.


  • I think you nailed it. If we could add Drennon, Benjamin, Joseph, Timmons and the Alexander twins (moreso Kwonsie, but if that means taking his brother, then so be it), quite frankly I won't care WHO else we sign in the class.