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2014 Football Recruiting...

  • With the success Mark Stoops and Staff have had in a very short time for 2013, UK fans know this staff can flat out recruit.
    2014 could be a special class..I think Stoops and Eliot will take full advantage of the relationships they have formed with kids they were recruiting for FSU..and 2014 looks to be heavy on defensive stars. Lots of elite Cornerbacks with good size and skill..Jalen Tabor from DC, Nick Watkins of Dallas, DJ Smith from Ga, Kyle Gibson from Fla.
    Uk has already offered a handfull of kids Stoops was trying to land for the Noles..ala Denzel Ware. a stud DE/LB from Crestview, Fla.
    Stoops has great ties into some of Floridas top D1 talent pools, such as Miami's Booker T Washington, Dwyer, Amos P Godby, Immoakalee, Tampa Plant.
    Chad Thomas..a 6'4 240lb De and Treon Harris..a 5'11 180lb ATH are two 4 star talents from Booker T Wash..a school Stoops has raided for the Noles before.
    Stoops could really stock his defense with kids from Florida and Ohio.
    Some names to keep an eye on for 2014.
    Drew Barker Qb 6'4 210 Conner Ky. 4 star.
    Nacarius Fant Wr 5'10 175 4.4 Bowling Green
    Matt Elam DT 6'6 345 John hardin

    Mikel Horton RB 6'1 225 Lakota East 4 star
    Derek Kief WR 6'5 195 Cincy LaSalle 4 star
    Verondtae Wilkinson LB 6'3 220 Trotwood-Madison 4 star
    Davonte James LB 6'3 230 Sringfield 4 star
    Ethan Wolf TE 6'6 225 Minster 4 star

    Johnny Dixon WR 5'10 187 Dwyer 4star
    Denzel Ware De/Lb 6'3 230 crestview 4star
    D'Ernest Johnson RB 5'11 190 Immoakalee 4star
    JC Jackson WR 5'11 180 Immoakalee 4star
    Rashawn Shaw LB/DE 6'3 220 Ft Pierce 4star
    Kyle Gibson CB 6'1 185 Seffner 4star
    Treon Harris ATH 5'11 180 Miami BTW 4star
    Chad Thomas De 6'4 240 Miami BTW 4star
    Anthony Moten DE/DT 6'5 275 St Thomas Aquinas
    Khairi Clark DT 6'3 286 Hollywood 5star
    Deion Singleton DB 6'2 175 AmosPGodby 4star
    Jacob Pugh LB 6'4 210 APG 5star
    Quicy Wilson S 6'2 198 Ft Lauderdale 4star
    Ravian Pierce TE 6'6 235 5star at te.
    Greg Gooch ILB 6'3 245 4.5 Longwood 4star

    THis just off the top of my head..and take into account Stoops is an elite CB recruiter..Eliot and Brumbaugh will scour texas,miss... Peveto La, Marrow Ohio and such..2014 could very well be Uk's first ever Top 10 type class!!.Need to get a couple early verbals and have those kids recruit other kids..this has kinda become the trend of late, and this helps during dead periods when coaches cant contact kids. Im hoping if Drew Barker wants to play at UK..he pull the trigger early and gets out there and becomes a UK lobbyist!!Also..landing a kid or two from Florida and Ohio would go a long way towards opening up the possibilites of them forming relationships with other elire level recruits from thier state and potentially swaying the undecided kids to UK.

  • UK is bound to miss on at least 50 of these kids, mostly those from Florida unless this staff is above and beyond better recruiters than we know.

    With that said, plenty of guys listed seem like real possibilities, I wouldn't say top 10 class, not till we see results on the field and making strides, but I wouldn't count out a top 25 class. I would love to see Stoops land the top in state players for the '14 class.

    This is exciting and I believe if this staff puts together a winning program that win 8-9 games we will see elite classes, I mean if it can be done at Vandy it should happen at UK.

  • UK will be close to a TOp 25 class THIS year. Already at 42..and the best is yet to come. I see us landing at least 3 more 4 star kids and a couple 3 stars to round out the final 6/7 spots for '13..that said..youd think wed get a better class in '14 when Stoops has a full year to recruit..not just a couple months..also..the in state haul is pretty good..and Uk is already in good shape on a few 4 star kids like Mikel Horton..Johnny Dixon, ect.

  • A full year to recruit with an improved record, I think this staff will do better next year recruiting wise, especially if the can show recruits improvement from a team that went 2-10 to like 5-7 or 6-6. And the ability to sell recruits on the SEC, and early PT will help.

    This staff has landed the top prospects of this class, and I have no doubts that they can do better next year, I use Vandy as an example bc of their lack of success at football being worse than UK, and having to deal with Tennessee always landing top talent, and the Memphis area being cut out but Ole Miss, Arkansas, LSU and of course Memphis (for kids who like to stay home or don't like Vandy), and now Vandy goes like 9-4, and a top 25 finish, along with a class on ESPN rnaking top 20 overall, there is no excuse as to why it shouldn't happen at UK. This staff looks to be good enough to land top state recruits, and use Ohio as a major pipeline especially in the Cincinnati area. Georgia and Florida are always important to every SEC school, but the Stoops and Elliot connections are a major factor, if they could get a star well known Florida recruit to sign with UK this year, then I believe this staff can open more doors and show recruits that UK is a good choice to go to.

    I would like to see this class add a few more 4 stars, I want Timmons for sure, Hatcher to flip, Woulard, Alexander twins, Senat, Duke Riley etc. But Timmons might be most likely, but baby steps, improvement is happening, I could see a top 25 class like you believe, I give it a 50/50 chance of happening and will be glued to twitter on NSD to see any surprises. But next year could be a great haul with in state talent and in Ohio, so yes I do see a better class in '14 with a full year, just watch the recruitment of Fant. has BP at WKU recruiting him, and there is plenty of anti-UK people in Bowling Green who will fight to keep him from doning the Blue and White.

  • Nice post! also for this year may be able to flip a couple more recruits like Marquez White who is visiting next week and also maybe not very likely but Marcus Mcwilson based on his connection to Vince Marrow.

  • Thanks..dont understand why someone gave me a down vote for the op..I know we wont get all or even many of the listed names..I just took time to drop some kids names that we MIGHT from Stoops and Eliots pipeline schools like Booker T and Immoakalee and Dwyer..
    I really think McWilson comes..thanks to Marrow!! HUGE HUGE "Get" for UK.
    Thanks for the support bravesfan!! +1 bro!!

  • It's just nice to be listed with these types of players. If the Cats can show some improvement on the field this year then they can really start getting in some of these battles

  • Great points..I agree with about everything you stated here Enforcer!!
    Franklin did for Vandy what Stoops is doing for UK right now..he brought FIRE..Determination..Effort..and confidence. Lets be real..Joker was way too calm, laid-back to be a HC. If your head man is a take no prisoners, confident, has swagger type your team will feed off that. Emotions play a huge part in any contact sport. I also give UK having a TOP 25 class 50/50..but i think a Top 30 class is all but guaranteed. Ryan Timmons, McWilson would move Uk up a lot..If we get the Twins..thats another 4 to 5 spots..add JoJO Kemp, Samples, Senat, Jarran Reed and we get that Top 25 class.
    I think at least many as 4 of the current commits will be asked to look elsewhere..(Boynton, Dowdell, possibly Bodkin, and 1 more) this would free up space for 2 to 4 better recruits..
    GUys to finish 2013:
    Ryan Timmons..wr..90 rated 4 star.
    Marcus McWilson S 95 rated 4star
    JoJo Kemp Rb 3star.
    MacKenzie Alexander cb/wr 5 star or 4star depending on site.
    Mackenro Alexander S 3star
    Jarran Reed DT 4 star
    James Clark LB 3star (allowing for current commits to defect here)
    HOwever it shakes out..2013 class goes from 70's to 30's or even high 20's..(25-28th) being best case.
    Cant wait to see what type of class this staff can pull in with a full year to work with!!

  • Nice post...good info.

    Danville (23) / Atlanta (16) / Westport, CT (1) / @tbradg

  • I'm not sure why you got the down vote on that, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on here. I'm not sure who else we will get but i know for sure its way better than the guys Joker would be bringing in!

  • Is Matt Elam interested in UK? Havent heard much about him..

  • Josh had an update on big Matt recently..yes..Elam is interested..and UK coaches stopped by his school last week. Trust me..this kid is special..not just some strong slow kid..he can flat move for 6'6 345..wraps up..he will demand 2 blockers in the SEC as well. With the right coaching..this kid is a beast..reminds me so much of Jared Crick..of Nebraska..just bigger and quicker.