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2014 Football recruiting.

  • 2014 looks to be another above average year for football talent in the Bluegrass.
    With Drew Barker headlining, Barker will wind up a TOP 3 Pro-Style QB..already top 5 in the class. Reggie Bonnafon, a 6'2 200lb WR/QB/ATH fromLou. Trinity is a rare talent, and rumored to be a UK fan! Nacarius Fant of Bowling Green is a playmaking Wr in the mold of Craig Yeast..but bigger. Byron Carver, Fant's a 6'3 220lb Lb with good athletic ability. Blue Tisdale also from BG, is a 6'2 190lb DB worth a look.
    Matt Elam of John Hardin is a 6'6 342lb behemoth DT/OT that demands 2 and 3 blockers. HIs prep teammate, LB Dominick Brown, is a 6'1 215lb heat seeking missle that could be the most underrated recruit in the state for 2014. Derek Overstreet, a 6'3-6'4' 235lb DE/LB from Paducah Tilghman is another elite defender in state..a terror as a pass rusher.
    There are a bevy of playmakers that are worth long looks from Uk's staff..including..Scott Daniel wr Scott Co, DeAndre Farris RB 5'9 190 Lou Collins, TrayVaughn Martin WR..Lou. Collins,Greg Maupin and Cody Jackson at Franklin Co. The Henry Clay rb/db's, Davion Jackson and company.
    Out of state..Uk looks to be in good shape with a number of elite recruits. Dominique Booth, a wr from Indy, Brandon Lee..a insanely talented LB from Indy. Verondtae Wilkinson a LB/De from trotwood Ohio, TrayVon Paulk a 5'9 200 rb from Milton, Ga, Deion Singleton..a 4 star CB/S from Amos P Godby in Tallahassee, Fla..where Pancho and Khalid Thomas hail from.
    If Uk can gain any traction at all..muster a couple upset..we could be looking at a rare class for 2014..

  • C'mon guys!!! Somebody jump in here and destroy all the positivity and get this damn thread turned into a fire joker, we suck, rock sucks, Barnhart sucks thread ASAP. Don't let me down!!
    It will be a good class. I saw Hyde at the game today

  • THanks shepp. There are positives. We have a ton of young athletes playing SEC ball..the 2013 class looks to be another solid class.. Joker keeps finding gems..Alvonte Bell is just what the defense needed..a 6'6 250lb fast pass rusher..add Maurice Swain to that..perhaps a surprise late addition..a Lauren jackson or Marquel Combs..we suddenly have a dynamite class. I think Battle was a find..and Blake McClain is a emerging star. DeAngelo yancey is the big, physical WR we need..surehanded..and Dowdell is a flex to create mismatches and make plays in space, block on wr screens. JOker keeps stockpiling O-Line...and this is smart..provides depth..and competition at a key position. When the guy next to you is 6'6 320 and better be learning the plays and hitting the weights or else you wont have a job...and just think of the offense next year..3 very capable QB's pushing hard to be the man..a stable of good rb's..and a slew of young, fast, playmaking wr's in Sweat Legree Robinson, Collins, and Yancey and hopefully Timmons. The line will be experienced and deep..
    On defense..Coble, Rumph, and huguenin will fight off Johnson, Coleman, Bell, Graffree, Chapman, and Hyde, mabye Swain.. the LB's will be so much better.. Dupree Williamson, Henderson with Thomas, Paschal, Rancifer, and any new additions adding depth.
    Our DB's will be a strength next year. Caffey, harmon, Quinn, Tiller, Reed, with newcomers at corner and we will be loaded at saftey with Lowery, D.Blaylock, G.Faulkner, Z.Blaylock, D.Tyler, and Battle and McClain. Miles Simpson will ahve to fend off Josh Forrest for the hybrid role.

  • Good to see UK slow playing Barker yet Spurrier offered him 6 months ago and has hosted him on the USC campuse twice thus far. I'm sure that maneuver will work out well for UK.

  • So fill me in on what I am missing? Some of you all make it sound as if we should be ranked in the top 20 pre-season next year. If I hadn't been to the games and watched what is currently on the field, I would think we would at least be a .500 team right now. Loaded at running back. The same position where all of our extremely undersized backs are constantly getting hurt. Loaded at wide receiver. Collins and Sweat. That hardly equals loaded. Stockpiling the lines. Stockpile them all you want, but just make sure you are doing so with good talent. Stockpile my fridge full of PBR and you got a lot of crap beer that will be in there for a long time. For all the talk of how good this last class was and apparently what the 2013 class is, it won't be any better than 12th in the SEC. So tell me again how a near-the-bottom-of-the-SEC recruiting class, year in and year out, is going to help us win more than 3-5 games? Now if this class ends up ranking in the middle of the pack in the SEC then maybe I will believe things might be changing. Based off our latest offensive line recruit, I have to think it's more of the same old song and dance. We got a verbal from a lineman from Florida whose other offers were South Florida and, wait for it, Jacksonville. Nice gem we found there.