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2014 Football recruiting.

  • 2014 should be an exciting year for UK football. Stoops will have his 1st year in the books..we will all get a taste of whats to come.
    That said..Id like to look ahead and guess at some kids we may or may not land.
    In state..there is a bumper crop of talented kids..especially on the defensive side of the ball. Chime in with your thoughts and opinions..especially if you have seen these kids play more than a couple games.
    Drew Barker..QB 6'4 215 Conner,Ky. Top 100 by Rivals/247..dual threat..accurate arm..can kill you with his feet too. Would be a nice get for Cats. Offers from just about everybody..USCjr seems to be his leader.

    Matt Elam DT 6'6 345 John Hardin. This kid is a monster!! His quickness and explosion will shock you..uses his hands very well..and gets penetration. THis kid will demand 2 blockers..freeing up our DE's. Dont know what his 40 is..but his football speed is tremendous for a kid his size..could wind up 6'8 375ish. THese are the types of DT's Bama and Ga have been using..guys that eat up blockers like candy..I really really want this kid. His teammate at John Hardin, 6'2 225lb LB Dominck a stud in his own right..a tackling machine with good speed and a nose for the ball. Teams struggled to score on John Hardin all year..I know Elam is a SEC caliber DT..I think Brown is as well.

    Reggie Bonnafon Ath 6'2 200 Lou.Trinity. Should be a 4 star recruit..can play wr,rb,db. played QB/WR for Trinity..rumored to be a UK fan.
    Nacarius Fant. Wr 5'11 175 Bowling Green. A playmaker in the mold of Craig Yeast. A jitterbug with good hands and vision..I also like 2 of his teammates for the Purples...Lb Lincoln Quick and Rb Blue Tisdale. Not sure if Quick or Tisdale is SEc material..any guys from Bowling Green or that have watched these kids please chime in!!

    Byron Carver LB 6'3 225 Warren central A stud Lb with all the physical tools..and a mean streak.
    Derik Overstreet DE/LB 6'4 240 Paducah Tilghman Big, quick, and athletic.
    These are the best of the in state kids to my knowledge.
    Some that could be worth a look..Henry Clay has some fast athletes..Elijah Bell is only 5'9 180..but hes a beast at rb for the Bluedevils and Davion jackson is a nice player..Lou Collins has a athletic and fast playmaker in DeAndre Farris a 5'10 185lb rb with great acceleration and hands out of the backfield.Joe Brown and TayVaughn Morton for Lou. Butler are a couple of speedy cb/wr/rb athletes.
    Mark Stoops will stock Uk's roster with speed and atleticism from Florida and Ohio, but it always helps to have some in state kids that are SEC caliber talent. The one thing Kentucky does produce is some pretty good Quarterbacks..Couch,Lorenzen,Woodson,the Bromhs', Towles,Bolin, Drew Barker is in line to be the next great bluegrass field general. And there have been some very good Defensive Tackles come out the last decade. Pyror, Peters, Cobble, Deadrick at bama, Hyde, I think Matt Elam could be a star.
    Stoops should have dug deep into Florida and Ohio by next year. Immoakalee, Booker T Washington, Dwyer are three schools that churn out a ton of BCS level talent..there are a slew of speedy wideouts and quick pass rishing DE's in the sunshine state for 2014.

  • Dude. You've had this same exact post 47 times now.

    Keep Calm & Stoops On..

  • Yeah but I've enjoyed reading each of the other ones also. The state has some very good solid talent in next years class. Looking forward to seeing Stoops first full class next year. Going to be exciting

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  • Fant is the only BGHS player who is SEC caliber, the other two are good athletes but would be good walk ons, the guy from Warren Central is pretty good but he doesn't get much attention in his own county and best players he has faces have been Jackson from Mayfield and Fant.

  • THanks for the feedback..enforcer!! I saw some tape on Tisdale and he looked good..but that was against sub-par for Lincoln 6'2 215..if he had the skill..he would get some attention. Byron Carver is getting some BCS attention..if my sources are correct..but If you have watched him and say hes not..Ill go with your info..being a BBN member.

  • Thanks for the support bish...actually..its more like 27..not 47..LoL. In my defense..the caliber of recruits we will be getting in 2014 has went way repeat posts are would have never saw Alexander,Love, Paul,Miles,Peterson on pre-Stoops 2014 recruiting posts!!
    Im just excited as hell to see what next year will bring..I mean..look..just lok guys..what Stoops and this staff have done in 3 weeks..already 2 nice signs and a slew of 4 star talent interested in coming to Lexington. Whats not to be excited about?

  • No problem, I spend a lot of time around the programs here and see a lot of quality players, but down here there's plenty of hate towards BBN and people who don't want kids here going to UK