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2014 Recruiting.

  • Another recruiting post. LoL. With all the excitment and new offers..thought id breakdown a wishlist for each position.

    QB: Really starts and ends with Drew Barker. The 4 star field general from Hebron (Conner)Ky is #1 on our get list. Behind him..I think DJ Gillins is the only other want here.

    RB: Mikel Horton The 6'1 225lb back reminds me of Ron Dayne..Imagine that at rb in Browns offense. Kobe McCrary is another rb on UK's radar. The Haden kid from DC area is another back to watch.

    WR: Thaddeus Snodgrass the 6'1 178lb 4* wr from Springfield,Oh is high on UK's wishlist. Pals with Barker..which can only help Uk's chances.
    Derek Kief. The 6'5 200lb Cincy LaSalle wr is also pals with Drew Barker. Uk has his hs teammate Jaleel Hytchye on board. Like our chances with this 4* wr.
    Nacarius Fant in state 5'10 175lb pass catcher gets compared to Craig Yeast often..and for good reason. Lots of similarities in thier game.
    Austin Roberts 6'4 215 the Carmel,Ind star wr would add a big physical wr UK needs.
    Artavis Scott 4* Florida wr is a hard land. Big time speed, make u miss ability.
    Johnny Dixon the Dwyer 4* wr is high on Stoops wantlist at WR.

    TE:Darryl Long 6'4 225 Ohio Te fits well into Browns offense.
    Ethan Wolf 6'6 231 tall, rangy te with good hands and speed.
    Marcus Mosley another speedy TE/WR hybrid at 6'4 200.
    Milan Richard. Elite TE has all the tools to excell in any offense at TE.

    OL: Jarrett LaRubbio OG 6'6 275 The staff is high on this OG. I'll side with them and hope we land what appears to be UK's #1 target at OG.
    isiah Wynn 6'2 278 OG Floridian is a bulldozer, very very explosive off the snap, quick feet, and bullish strong.
    Nick Richardson 4* OT from Westerville Ohio is a nice tackle target.
    Brian Allen C 6'4 278 Brother of Jack Allen, Mich St's starting C. Hard pull IMO.
    Matt Pyke OC 6'3 297 Clinton,Tenn. Gettable C could be our snapper in the near future.
    Reilly Gibbons. OT THis 4* Florida OT would make a greta land for UK.

    DL: Denzel Ware. Already on board, this potential 5* De will be hounded by the big boys..Bama,FSU,Fla, LSU, ect. UK should be able to hand on.
    Keyon Brown DE 6'3 235 Fla De is a cat quick pass rusher that could also play some LB.
    Matt Elam DT 6'6 345 Its either Uk or Bama for this massive, yet quick DT. A force that will demand 2 blockers.
    Anthony Moten DT 6'4 280 St.Thomas Aquinas star has all the tools to dominate the LOS.
    Lorenzo Carter De 6'6 245 Nations #1 WDE, Carter is a hard get, but we have a shot if we can get him on a visit.
    Dante Sawyer De Big 4* Ga De has tweeted positive things about UK..would be a huge get imo and pair with Ware,Hatcher,Bell to form a fierce DE corps.
    Dontavious Russell DT 6'3 310 Ga 5* DT is a big time prospect. Will be tough to land. Ga leads imo.
    Daniel Cage DT 6'4 285 Cincy Winton Woods star DT racked up over 20 sacks as a junior. Quick and long..Cage would make a fine DT.
    Justin Thornton DE Mobile Ala Vigor star De will be tough to land, but Uk is in the mix for this 4* talent.

    LB: Dorian Hendrix the 6'1 215 Dayton,Oh star is set to become UK's 1st Lb commit under Stoops. Quick, with a greta nose for the ball, Hendrix can play inside or out.
    RaeKwon McMillan nations #1 ILb would be a insanely hard land for UK.
    Korie Rodgers 4* lb from Ga would be a very nice add at LB for the Cats.
    Greg Miclisse 6'1 230lb LB has all the tools to be a star at LB. Capable of playing Sam or Mike.
    Davonte James Springfield,Oh lb is a teammate of Thaddeus Snodgrass..if TS commits..could help UK chances here.
    Brandon Lee OLB 6'3 225 Indy 4* OLb would be a nice get for UK.
    Vincent Jackson the Tampa Jesuit Lb has idea size at 6'3 235 to play early. Uk is in the mix.
    Cats will be offering more lb's, including Kain Daub of Fla, a 5* lb with a world of talent.

    DB: Deion Singleton S 6'2 178 Amos P Godby db could be a good land.
    D'Eric Culver under the radar cb has nice size at 6'0 185. Culver is from Godby.
    Tony Fields CB 5'11 180 another Godby star that could wind up in UK Blue.
    Darius West S 6'0 187 Lima,Oh 4* has a ton of raw talent. Big hitter with a nose for the ball.
    Lonnie Johnson 4* Ath at 6'3 190 would make for a rangy, physical FS imo.
    Wesley Green 4* Cb will be a hard to get player, but Stoops is known for landing elite db's.
    Al Harris Jr father played 16 years in the NFL..Harris is a St.Thomas Aquinas star..would be a nice add.

    With over 100 offers out for 2014..there was no way to fit all of them in. My hopes are Stoops finds a way to make room for 22-24 schollys. Any way you shake it..the 2014 class will be by far the best ever at UK.

  • Good job putting this together.. Honstly, though, I think 18 will probably be about as many as we'll get. For the most part, the non Srs currently on the roster are pretty solid, not just extra baggage, so to speak.. What we do have like that will likely not make it through the fall semester this year, just to get us down to the 85 max limit.. I'm sure there will be 4-5 that will opt not to return next year or have grade issues, but, I'm already counting on that, just to get to the 18 number, if not, it could be more like 15-16.. With that said, I do think we'll land a higher star ranking average, but, because of the limited numbers, we may not end up any higher than we did this year, as far as class rankings go..

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  • who do u think we get in the end??

  • I can see us having a little higher number come Feb. 2014. My guess is North of 20, say 22-24. Yes, I do know the current #'s, the 85 this Fall limit, the # of 2013 seniors, and then the 85 # again come Fall of 2014.

    I just see a higher # of guys currently on scholarship who may not count toward the 85 come August, 2014 (17 months from now); be it graduating, be it concentrating on academics, be it an academic casualty, be it an unforeseen injury or concussion that causes one to give up the game, be it a transfer out....whatever the reasoning.

    I agree with thinking that we will have an overall higher star ranking average with the Feb. 2014 class, and while optimistic, just not sure we'll quite reach the 2-1 4+-star to below 4-star ratio that it takes to ink a Top 10 recruiting class.

    For example, assume a class size of 23, do we sign 15 4+-stars and 8 3-stars and below? That's the type of ratio you will generally find in a Top 10 - 12 (nationally) recruiting class these days. Granted, I'm optimistic that we can sign a 2-1 ratio, just not ready to wager more than a friendly amount of say $20... but I like our chances better for Feb. 2015 signing day! flex

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  • Hard to say exactly.
    I like our chances with Drew Barker, Derek Kief, Snodgrass, Dorian Hendrix, Mikel Horton, Donovan McWilson. I also think we hold off Bama for Matt Elam..who is a 5 star talent whether he gets it or me..Nick Saban wouldnt be in Ky offering the kid if he werent. I think on a couple in state kids..Fant..along with Darrius Spivey-Nunn a 6'1 178lb cb with great speed from Paducah Tilgman and his teammate..DE/LB Derik Overstreet 6'3 240 are some names to watch.
    OL: Jarrett LaRubbio. Reilly Gibbons, Nick Richardson, Matt Pyke, isiah Wynn would be a great 5..
    I think Stoops finds himself a couple elite corners. I also like the tweets put out by some big time DE's in Dante Sawyer and Keyon Brown..both high 4 star recruits.
    Beyond this..its hard to say.

  • Can you guys imagine Matt Elam and Jacob Hyde at DT together in a couple year with guys like Ware, et al coming off the edge. Stoops is building an SEC caliber D. We've got some good looking safety prospects too.

  • BigDawg I really like Dorian Hendrix at LB. I know he's not as highly rated as some others and he's not as big as some others but the kid has a great nose for the ball and he's fast. His 40 time was damn good from what I remember hearing and when I watched his tape he got after the QB a lot for a kid that could play inside for us.

    As far as a swing for the fences LB has anyone heard anything further on Clifton Garrett. This kid said good things about UK not to long ago. Man what a pick up this would be. We're talking about a kid that barring injury will be a starter in the NFL for years and years.

    I like Greg Miclisse a lot too. He's got the kind of attitude you want in a LB.

    Anyway BigDawg you get an upvote from me for your posts. Each one of them. Good stuff.

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