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A Modest Proposal

  • Good luck to Franklin is all I gotta say. He was 6-6 last year. He's gonna have to improve on that this year and it ain't gonna be easy.

  • JHB...great post and especially good to hear from you!

  • Like I said twhit I agree with you and JDHlaw, I just wish people wouldn't attack when a honest comparison is made, all of us are grown ups. I to think this years team should be alot better one major reason being the fact that Cobble didn't have to rehab a bad shoulder injury this spring. Once he got healthy around mid season he was a beast. Rumph should also be better since he got to lift another year and is now in the best condition of his life. Coleman also showed as a freshman he could become a force in the 3 technique. I really think he's our best pass rushing DT at this point, the things he done against LSU blew me away... I Just hope Tristian Johnson and T Chapman are ready to go because we will need more than 3 good Dt's... All SEC teams need atleast 5 to 6 good DT's that way one or two injuries doesn't cost a team the season. We look to be in good hands at DE with Ukwu, Douglas and Farrington along with Dupree, Taylor and Paschal at Rushbacker. Getting pressure shouldn't be a problem like in past years.

    Like some have said we have some talent at LB but for us to field a quality defense all 4 will need to be on the same page... SImpson is bigger and stronger than Guy so we should be alot better at the POA from the get go. I would like to see the WILB spot become more stable though... In our scheme the WILB really needs to take good angles and get there at a moments notice... Our WILB should lead the team in tackles almost every year because of the way this scheme is designed, if he can get over the top or under the pulling lineman than he's unblocked and get a kill shot. On the playside it's not that simple, the Mike is taught to take on blocks and force everything back inside to the Will, that's why Danny done so well... More times than not the WILB is not a force player. If Malcom is ready then he could have a great year, no doubt he has the athleticism and length with 4.5 speed at 6'3, I would like to see him bulk up alittle more though.

    I also like the fact that Caffey has moved to CB. This will help a ton, I don't know how well he'll play early on but i'm sure by mid season if healthy he'll be matched up on other teams number 1 WR. The good thing is Corner back is a position that a young guy can come in and thrive early on. Kids like Tiller and Reed should also do well both are very good prospects with all the attributes a secondary coach is looking for.

    Some are thinking our defense is going to be problematic and will lead us to a 3 or 4 win season I don't as long as our cb's and ILB's do thier job. If they do this years defense could be very good since Cobble, Rumph and Co are all back and bigger, faster and stronger than ever. GO CATS!!!

  • BTTT... had hoped to hear more perspectives on this topic...

    SSP4L!! #GBB

  • This is a good idea. I appear to be perceived as an LODer, basically because I think this team stacks up to have a bad year and I expect Joker to lose his job. Believe me when I say that I would love to be wrong and have a giant dish of crow come January.

    That said, two things that I really like about this team are: 1) the depth at running back. Clemons looks like he could be a stud, Sanders catches the ball well and is a good quick, elusive back, like a Chad Scott type, and Coshik is the kind of guy who just plays hit butt off. I don't know much about the other guys, but I like this running back group. 2) McIntosh at kicker. If this team is going to win 6-8 games like some of you keep trying to tell me, they'll need to win some close games. I feel 100% better with McIntosh kicking field goals than I have with any kicker since at least Taylor Begley, and more honestly, since Doug Pelfry. If Joker's got some aces up his sleeve, he'll need some clutch kicks and I like McIntosh to make them.

  • I agree. I'm probably perceived as an LODer as well. At the end of the day I just hope we come out in the opener and look like a well coached team. GO CATS!!!

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