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Any good FB recruiting news after this weekend?

  • I know I have bad grammer, I know it's hard to read what I post at times. To be 100% honest part of the reason my spelling and grammer has been worse as of late is really because I can only see about half of what i'm posting (right now), and since it's so frustrating I haven't been going back and fixing errors.

    The truth is I just type it as I would say it, I really do apologize if it bothers some that much. I know it's bad but i've witnessed much worse grammer and spelling than mine by many on this site. As far as the state of the program all i'm saying is there are a few kids that I think should already be wildcats, you guys can say what you want but under Brooks and other quality staffs we done fine with players such as Joey B, Canady, and Harris... All are plenty good enough to be SEC ball players (I've saw Joey B and Canady play).

    I hate the fact that we only have one commitment for 13 (maybe 3 incluing David W and Tandy) while everyone else in the SEC/Louisville have already taken care of many needs. I also hate it that it seems WKU is going to probably have a better group of starters at LB and maybe even defensive back... Listen I would much rather sit here and talk about how great things are and how great things looked in spring, but trust me we didn't look that great, I was one of few that was there... Some can also doubt my knowledge of the game that's fine, but at the end of the day I know plenty enough about our schemes and personel to voice my opinion. Some know and understand nothing about the actual sport and only want to talk of "whatnot" and that's fine you guys are the ones I turn to when I have questions but in no way shape or form do I ever make personal attacks or redicule anyone when they ask "what's a 5 technique?"... I remind you to look at the title of this topic, that's a example of me doing asking... I just wish someone really knew because I promise you it's not because we have limited SS's... Staffs go through that all the time. I have every right to wonder and ask questions why we only have one-three for the 13 class while almost everyone else in the SEC/Louisville seem to be getting better while we DO seem to be stuck in the mud... Like I said i'm happy we have a some fresh/soph's with talent, i'm also glad a couple prospects have walked away from Joker's camp saying they like what they saw I just wish we could begin to land a few... Blast away if you like, i'm not on here to try to damage anyones confidence or tarnish anyone's profile, don't hold it against me that I have bad grammer and poor spelling (and a busted screen leading to no spell check) due to living in the south (GA/FLA) and central/eastern KY...

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