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Best Possible Outcome For stoops First Off season.

  • I wonder how many we will land?
    1.Asiantii Woulard
    2.Shelton Gibson
    3.Ra'shaad Samples
    4.Ryan Timmons
    5.Jojo Kemp
    6.Javess Blue
    7.MacKensie Alexander
    8.Nate Willis
    9.Mackenro Alexander
    10.Lauren Jackson
    11.Lovell Peterson
    12.Jarran Reed
    13.Ben Bradley
    14.Za'Darius Smith
    15.Steven Borden
    16.Alvonte Bell
    17.Jacob Hyde
    18.Khalid Thomas
    19.Ander Bodkin Videos
    20.Ramsey Meyers
    21.Jaleel Hytchye
    22.Austin MacGinnis
    23.Reese Phillips Videos
    24.Deangelo Yancey
    25.Jalen Battle
    26.Justin Day
    27.Darren Dowdell
    28.Jake Boynton
    29.Blake McClain
    30.Jason Hatcher
    And the other current (FCS to low level FBS) Commits are asked to leave. Some other current UK bench warmers will transfer. WE WOULD PROBABLE BE RANKED IN TOP 30. *****ONLY A SCENARIO (VERY UNLIKELY)******