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Bubble Watch for Friday, 3/8

  • ** Thursday Recap **
    Thursday was not a good day for Bubble teams ... the only Bubble team that won was in a game between two Bubble teams. Bubble teams went 1-4 last night.

    Bubble teams that lost last night:

    Kentucky (20-10) lost to Georgia 62-72
    Louisiana Tech (26-4) lost to New Mexico State 60-78
    Oregon (23-7) lost to Colorado 53-76
    Virginia (20-10) lost to Florida State 51-53

    ** Friday's Bubble Games **
    There are no regular season games scheduled for today with a likely loss for a Bubble team. However, there are some conference tournaments going on today that could impact the Bubble:

    In the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament, Creighton plays Drake today. Creighton is a likely at-large NCAA team, so if they were to lose in their conference tourney, it opens up the possibility of a 'bid-stealer' taking the automatic bid for the Missouri Valley from a Bubble team. Wichita State, another likely at-large team, also plays today in the Missouri Valley.

    Creighton (24-7) vs. Drake (15-16) - 1:00 EST

    Wichita State (24-7) vs. Missouri State (11-21) - 7:00 EST

    The West Coast Conference Tournament is also already under way. There are a couple of likely at-large teams in the West Coast that need to win the tourney in order to keep a 'bid-stealer' from getting the automatic bid there as well. Gonzaga and St. Mary's (both likely at-large teams) will both begin tournament play tomorrow ... so keep your eye on the West Coast tourney this weekend.