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Bud Foster, Kirby Smart, Charlie Strong??

  • Heres hoping the next UK Head football coach is a defensive guy. Why? Cuz Defensive guys demand thier entire team to be tough, physical. Id take any one of these 3 in a heartbeat. All are young, relatively so anyhow, and all are masterminds behind some of college footballs nastiest D's!
    Smart would be a great pick. Good recruiter..and hes got ties to Georgia and Florida. Coached rb's at Ga, before settling in as a stout DC. Only downfall here would be hes a bulldog at heart and would bolt the minute Ga came calling.
    Bud Foster. Brilliant DC. Demands excellence from his units. Played at Murray St?(Morehead?), so has ties to Bluegrass. I for one cant claim I know his recruiting prowess..but if he could get us into that rich SE Virgina pipeline..that alone could help UK close the talent gap. Im sure Foster is a good recruiter..I just havent followed VaTech's recruiting. the fact that Foster is a Murray ST(again..could be Morehead..) alum..means he might be our best choice .. for a long term deal..
    Charlie Strong..this guy is a recruiting guru..gets elite level talent year in and year out.
    Look at Bama, LSU..they dont run gimmicky football..they line up and whip your tail whistle to whistle..they hit you hard and keep hitting. We had that under Brooks..remember when we beat LSU? I cant help but remember Dicky Lyons knocking that All-American saftey out of his cleats...we smacked people around.. weve got to get back to playing fundamental..tough football.

  • You are so right and I have made that point before on here. If defense wins championships then get a defensive guy and a young offensive coordinator to go with him. Defensive coaches demand more toughness from their squad.

  • Kirby Smart would be an absolute home run hire.

  • An absolute grand slam, I agree-however, I'm not sanguine @ us landing any of these three-hate to be a pessimist-but we may well need to be more realistic @ our prospects-

  • UK must pay a ton more to get a great coach and staff and then must tripppppple the recruiting budget period.
    And this will still be a ton short to win in the SEC.
    Sorry people the state of KY has no talent to draw from, asking a kid from GA, FLA Bama to come here and not at home is asking alot. in my op.

  • Kentucky is slowly growing as a producer of football talent. 10 years ago..we were lucky to have even 1 4star or higher kid. That has the khsaa now allows summer and spring passing leagues..we are closing the gap. will Ky ever be a fla, ga or even a scarolina? probably not. But I'll take 8 to 10 4 star kids in state. 2013 is a nice bluegrass haul. 2014 even better. 2015 has the best player in the entire nation in rb Damien Harris..who some are calling the 2nd coming of Herschel Walker. The thing about Ky is..we put out lots of great QB's..and 3 or 4 elite, elite kids. Ryan Timmons could be the best athlete to ever lace up cleats, and hes like the 5th or 6th rated state.Timmons has averages over 20 yards a touch, the last 2 years..had 38 tds on 100 touches last year..over 1,000 both rushing and recieving. THis year..hes even better.

  • If you think Strong would come to UK then I don't know what to tell you.

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  • dvillepro, you are very negative about all of this...Shows up in other threads also..Mitch said money will not be a problem so we have to assume it wont...Why you think you know more than our AD is puzzling...This job can be a very good one and if Mitch follows through on what he said he would do if he had to hire a new coach,then we will be in good shape..Paying a new staff will not be a problem...Please let it go..

  • Agree. I have been critical of our talent and the same people tell me to stop being negative and support the kids. I can support them 24/7/365 and its not going to make them better players. At the current time, we have inferior talent and need great coaching. I completely disagree with people who say we can't get a good coach, especially because "we have no talent to draw from in this state". There is enough talent here to give you a decent start to recruiting. The last time I checked, I wouldn't consider Oregon, Kansas, and Idaho fertile recruiting grounds either. Oregon, Oregon St., Boise St., and Kansas St. are not schools with storied pasts. You just need the right coach and a commitment from the University, which is not impossible.

    I'm pretty sure you are going to see a new outlook on football around here. I'm not saying we are winning championships but I think things are going to get better. The University has finally started to get impacted where it has never hurt them before; the wallet. I've stated this before; the younger generation of fans is not going to do what our parents and grandparents did, which is to continue to throw money into the football program and for the most part not care too much about results. As long as UK basketball was top priority, everything was good. Not anymore. Instead of going to the games and forking out all the cash for tickets, parking, and K-Fund, we will simply have some friends over (those interested in watching) and watch the games in hi-def on our flat screens in the comfort of our own homes. You can say that those people aren't "true fans" or call them whatever, but that is the reality of what is going on. Heck, during the Rich Brooks days we would have tailgates on one of the islands at the end of the blue lot with 60 people crowded around it. Now, you are lucky to get 10 people there.