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Cats offense, Max Smith should help football recruiting.

  • Having a great young field general in Max Smith, along with Uk's up tempo, spread the ball type offense and the fact that joker has proven you can come in here and play as a true freshman should help the Cats recruiting more than we have seen. UK has a lot of positives. 1st..we play in the SEC..the unrivaled standard of college football. You can come in to UK and not be the next Herschel Walker, the next P.Manning, the next Julio can be the 1st YOU. We are the northernmost SEC program, meaning we should snag some talented kids from Ohio, Ind, Illinios, ect that want to play in the big boy conference..Joker has put a lot of kids in the NFL. We have an exciting offensive system that allows a player to showcase his skill. QB's WR's TE's and RB's should all love this offense..I can see why a rb that wanted to be a 1500 yard guy would go elsewhere..but if I was a back..say 5'10 190 with sub 4.4 speed and great mitts..Id jump at the chance to rack up the yards ala Randall Cobb.
    And Minters defense allows kids to use thier quickness and agression to make plays all over the field. Good linebackers can make a name for themselves in Minters scheme.
    Yet..for some reason or other, we see so many 4 star kids decide to go to power programs..redshirt..and compete with a slew of other 5 and 4 star recruits instead of coming in and playing immeadiately here. James Franklin took over Vandy..and instantly landed a handful for 4 star kids...we see Strong at UofL do the same..both programs were in far worse shape than Uk when those coaches came in.
    Is it that Uk is a "b-Ball" school? What do you guys think? Just wanna talk some football, recruiting..speculations..criticism..whatever..bring it..lets ahve some fun and figure this out as best we can!!

  • Yes i believe the problem is we have been labled as a Basketball School. Everytime UK is brought up down here everyone wants to bring up basketball. Pisses me the F off!
    I dont know any Elite athlete that wants to stand in someone else's shadow.

    What I'm waiting on is that group if elite athletes that all come in the same yr hell bent on turning us into a football contender.
    I dont understand why a group of this kids dont do this, do they nit realize the whole USA would know them by name as the class that brought a championship to UK in football.
    Sorry Im drunk and rambling, hope that made since.

  • Everett Dirkison, the past senator from Illinois I believe said that "all politics begins at home".

    I think recruiting does as well. Now everyone says Kentucky can't support UK in players and that is correct but UK has a whole does a piss poor job of saleing itself to the small HS in Kentucky. Most of these kids are ignored if they do not play in Lexington or Louisville and that is very bad pr when that kid like a Couch come along. Their is nothing wrong with getting kids from everystate but sometimes it looks to some Kentucky HS coaches that UK ignores their players. A past Hall of Fame told me that once and said that the only coach at UK to ever do a good job going out to the HS's was Fran Curci back in the day. He held free clinics on strengtr training, nutrition, etc. I think more of this should be done on a state level.

    Kentucky should really make an effort to get into not only Louisville schools but all the schools. When they have seats and it is not a sell out, give the seats to some HS team and let the kids into CWS.

    I read on here that this kid and that kid can't play in the SEC because he went to a small school and the competition was bad. To that I say BS. If the criteria for recruiting is size, speed, and quickness then you have the makings of a good football player. Sure better competition makes for a more complete player but that is why you have coaches and why you have a red shirt year.

    Just my opinion.

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  • The former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill coined this phrase .

    And the actual quote is:

    "All politics is local"

    So should UK recruit only Lexington?

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  • I don't think one big offensive performance against a MAC team is enough to declare ourselves an offensive juggernaut that 4 star recruits should be beating the door down to get in. However this year's offense does look very promising at this juncture and it appears we have all the pieces in place to have a very effective and entertaining offense this year.

    I do agree that the SEC is not only the premier league but the quickest and surest route to the NFL. That alone should attract the attention of quality talent. I think that task that we face right now is to convince recruits that we are serious about building a quality football program here. In order to do that, those in power are going to have to come forward and make a statement of their own.

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  • We have lost a few really good athletes to out of state schools over the years but you have to remember we are NOT the only D-1 school in the state so others lost out too. Facts are, we just do not have the numbers in the state for us to have a great recruiting base. Some years are better then others but we can not depend on Kentucky recruits to be the backbone of this program. Changes made in the past to high school football programs put them at a disadvantage when it comes to the available practice time that our schools can have. Losing practice times during the year would be unthinkable in the South and other top High School Football states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California. So in reality we have to recruit out of state for the bulk of our talent.

  • Good points by all. Yes..its a fact that we are handicapped with a less than fertile in state recruiting ground..but I think if the colleges really helped, got into developing summer and off season programs in Ky like they have in Fla, Ga..the bluegrass could become a sleeper state. I remember not long ago when 5 or 6 kids were getting d1 close to 25-30 are..if you include the Ball st, WKu, ect kids. In 2012..we have like 4 or 5 kids that are 4 star recruits.