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Class of 2013

  • I'll go ahead and say transcending player doesn't mean you can't get a monster class which is what you said. I rank monster classes on how they compare to what everyone else gets for that class. If you're far and away the #1 class in the country and no one is close to comparing to that class you have a monster class.

    If you compare Andrew Harrison to Randle and Parker He's actually just as likely to be the transcendent player as they are in fact Harrison is ahead of Randle on at least one major site and a couple of the minor ones I've seen. The 2013 class has a clear group of guys at the top that are better than everyone else but it's more like 4 guys (Parker, Harrison, Randle, and Gordon) and all 4 of those guys are very likely to be transcendent players. I'll be honest you could take Parker and Randle and give me James Young, both Harrisons, and Chris Walker and my four would likely win the game by 15 to 20 because there's more depth to the talent there.

    And as far as college players and possibly winning titles I'd give that theoretical 2013 haul a pretty darn good shot to go farther and do better than our 2009 haul and to equal our 2011 haul. Class wise top to bottom it would equal the 2011 class in terms of talent in comparison to what everyone would get for that class. Not saying Davis wouldn't be the best player regardless of any class we compare the hauls of because that's clear for every class in the next few years including the 2014 Wiggins class. Doesn't change the fact that 2013 haul is likely to be an absolute monster class.

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  • My take on 2013:


    PG: Andrew Harrison - the best and still seems solid with UK. Fallback: Rysheed Jordan
    2G: Aaron Harrison - (see Andrew above). Fall back: Jajuan Johnson.
    3rd Guard: If either Harrow or Goodwin return then there is not a need, but if both were to leave we could be in the same situation as with Mays this year. I think Xavier Rathan-Mayes would be a great addition. He not only would put us in solid shape with Wiggins, but he's a very fine player in his own right. At 6-3 or 6-4 he can play either spot and has been deadly from 3 recently. He and the Harrisons would make a solid three-guard rotation. Fallback: Torrian Graham.
    SF: James Young, although I don't think Cal will be as quick to close the door on Jabari Parker as many on some UK boards have. Parker could actually play the four in Cal's system - question is, would he want to? Fallback: Troy Williams. I do prefer Young, but TW has taken a bad rap on UK boards lately. Would thrive in Cal's system and play the kind fo defense Coach loves. One nice thing about landing The Harrisons, XRM and Young would be the versatility.


    PF: Julius Randle: another that some have given up on, but Cal hasn't (and I think Cal gets this one). Derek Willis: I don't think Cal would pull his offer outright, but i do think it will be stressed upon him (if it hasn't already) that even though they accepted his committment, he is expected to continue to work hard and improve. I would guess that aggressiveness would be right at the top of things to focus on. Fallback: Chris Walker. If the staff starts to doubt their chances with Randle.
    C: None. I still think there is a decent chance that they land Tony Trocha. If so, he, Cauley-Stein, Randle/Walker, Willis and possibly even Wiltjer should be able to handle the inside game fine. Fallbacks: Austin Nichols, Beeja Anya, Marcus Lee and Dominic Woodson.

    Sleeper: If Noah Vonieh were to re-classify back to 2013, I'd like for Cal to be all over the combo forward - a personal favorite..

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  • Very good point on Xavier Rathan-Mayes. Also the possibility of Wiggins joining him in the 2013 class as well, as his family is debating on whether or not to re-classify. I highly doubt Parker would be willing to play the 4 at all though. He's a very good shooter, and thrives at the 3. But it's always a good thing when you have 2 top 10 players in this class (James Young and Chris Walker) who are practically asking for a UK offer. That puts us in VERY good shape. And yes, that coulld also be a possibility with Noah Vonieh, have heard he could re-classify.

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  • I find it funny that we all can talk about this group being better then that group when we have gone to the final 8, final four and a national championship in the last 3 years. Sometime someone is going to have to admit that the last 3 years and this one coming up have all been great classes compared to the last 10 years. I promised the man upstairs that if we did anything better after the Billy G years, I would never complain again and wow did Calipari do that for me. lol