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Coaches agents and a coaching search

  • Maybe someone can help explain this process to me. It appears on the surface that an AD would make contact with a Coaches Agent to inquire about the coach's interest level in the job opening? After he was given the go-ahead. Only then would he make direct contact with the specific coach. Now discount the coach that is just wanting to pad his deal and stay where he is. It just appears to me that by the time a leak works it's way out to everyone's "inside source". It's already a done deal? The agent is payed to keep his mouth shutt. The specific coach has really only talked to his agent. Where would the leak come from. Other than direct family " who know how this business works". No one would have a reason to discuss it until it was a done deal. Really the only unknow would be the exit strategy?

    Is my line of thinking way off base?