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Current Cats future predictions

  • I think Goodwin may have actually improved his stock the last few games and would go in the 1st round, but, I do think it would be late 1st round, somewhere in the 25-30 range...I think he'll put his name in the hat and take his chances..

    I think Noel goes simply because he's being projected Top 5, even with the injury and that's good guaranteed money, so, why risk a 2nd injury..

    Poythress stock has been dropping for the last 2 months and I don't think he did too much to improve it.. He needs to seriously work on his faceup game and outside shot.. He's gonna have to play a 3 in the NBA and right now the skillset isn't there for teams to take a chance in the 1st round. I think he would get drafted, but, it'd be very late 1st round to mid 2nd round, especially if some foreigners get in the picture.. I think he returns..

    WCS is a mid 1st rounder on upside alone, but, he has a chance to be a Top 5 pick next year.. I think he would improve his offense tremendously with another year.. I say 50-50 on him, but, would lean slightly for him to return..

    Harrow, most likely, would go undrafted right now. He needs to add 10-15 lbs of muscle and prove he can play against physical guards.. It would be a big mistake to transfer again and cost himself a year of eligibility, because it may take him 2 to get where he needs to get.. I think he returns, as well..

    Wiltjer has improved his post game and despite his shooting slump late, a guy 6'10 with his shooting prowess is a nice luxury teams look for.. His main emphasis is working on his footwork and quickness.. He's never going to be ultra athletic, but, chances are he could improve enough to get a long look.. Problem here is if Randle comes on board, along with Lee, Poythress, Johnson and WCS, his opportunities will be limited. I look for him to transfer and take this next year to improve his fitness..PGs - Harrison/Harrow/Hawkins

    With all this said, we will likely lose Noel, Goodwin. Wiltjer and of course, Mays and Twanny. I also expect Polson to forgo his sr senior.. I expect Poythress, WCS, Harrow and Hood to all return and I expect us to add Randle and Hawkins, but, lose out on Wiggins, giving us a 12 man scholarship roster..

    PGs - Harrison/Harrow/Hawkins

    SGs/SFs - Harrison/Young/Hood/Poythress/Hawkins/Randle

    PFs - Randle/Lee/Poythress/Willis

    Cs - Cauley-Stein/Johnson/Lee

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  • say what you will, but i truly believe we get wiggins. just look at the comments his coach makes. he said the last visit to UK Wiggins was going there to get closer to the coaches and players. then Wiggins has visited UK more than any other school including FSU. I have also heard that Wiggins last trip to UK was to sell his parents and he did. I have also seen pictures from twitter that people post that Wiggins wears UK gear all the time. i may be completely taking this "writing on the wall" all wrong, but i truly believe that he is a UK lock more so than Randle.. Also dont sleep on Gordon, heard some rumblings that UK might be a lock if Randle chooses elsewhere. Just my 2 cents and what i have heard.

  • WCS needs to stay and should stay.

    His career can be drastically different from staying an extra year. He has excellent potential, but that's all it is right now. If he develop his game, he will be top 10 at least, if not better.

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  • I hope Hood comes back. He's not likely to see much playing time but thats okay we could use his leadership and all he's been through. He could be the voice on this team. A guy who's been through it all and a guy who leads on and off the court. Could really be the type of kid that shows the young guys how to act on and off the court.

    I also hope Wiltjer comes back. While he may not play much this coming year he could use the time to really work hard in the weight room and we could use his shooting ability in certain situations. Not to mention he could really come on as a senior and be a Erik Murphy type player. Just stay the course Kyle. Maybe even take a redshirt.

    I believe you are pretty much spot on though with your analysis BlueCat.

  • I could be wrong but I don't see Harrow coming back. Maybe it's the pressure or Cal coaching style, or something. He is not happy here playing basketball. I think he transfers or goes over seas to play. JMHO. No scoop or inside knowledge just what I see when he is on the court or interacts with Cal.

    I think Wiggins waits on WCS to make a descion. If WCS goes I think we get Wiggins. wCS stays and I think Wiggins goes somewhere else