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Does UK Football Arrive in 2015??

  • WE all know Stoops and this new staff can recruit. Its safe to say UK will be far more talented in 2 years than it was when Stoops arrived last month.
    2013 schedule is doubt we take some lumps early. 2014 will see brighter days..and hopefully another great class of talent.
    2015 will see UK experienced across the board..Max Smith..Towles..all last years frosh will be possible seniors. Mark Stoops 1st class will have 2 years of SEC experience under thier belts.Add to this mix that the 2014 class will be sophs and rs frosh..and any 2015 kids that could push for early pt (like Damien harris..) and you have the makings of a very special team.

    Consider that our biggest SEC East foes should be young at QB..and potentially at OL as well..and you have what could be a recipe for a UK run at the SEC East crown.
    Imagine Max Smith as a veteran senior..throwing to a bevy of explosive wideouts like DeMarcus Sweat, Aj Legree, Ryan Timmons, Samples..and any star 2014 recruits, behind a huge, veteran line (J.Swindle,K,.Meadows,Z.West.S.Love,J.Watson,J.Day, Z.Meyers) The chances of a TOp 10 offense that puts up in excess of 35ppg are good, IMO.
    Now on will be loaded with Stoops recruits..and should be very deep and talented in the secondary..and on the edge. May not be Top 10 on defense just yet..but a fast, stingy unit that allows in the 17ppg range could be a possibility..and that would be good enough paired with such a high scoring, explosive offense.THis gets easier if Stoops closes the deal with 2013 defensive targets like McWilson,the Alexanders, Jarran Reed.

    If this staff keeps recruiting like it has this past month..its anyones guess just how talented Uk's 2015 roster could be. If Stoops can keep 2015 RB Damien Harris at home..that could be the final piece of the offensive puzzle to go with Max Smith/Towles/Drew Barker?? at QB..and Timmons,Legree,Collins,Blue,Samples?? at WR. That set of playmakers would be a matchup nightmare for just about any college defense! And the depth would ensure that Uk could survive a hit or two on the injury front. Yes..a lot would still depend upon where our SEC east rivals are at talent and experience wise..but if I calculate correctly..most will be in rebuild mode..with young QB's..or young OL.
    I really think 2015 could be Stoops 1st legit chance to possibly win the SEC East..and if that dream comes to fruitition..youd think a berth in the new 4 team playoff would go along with that. Crazy..I me insane..a SSP..whatever..LoL..but WEAREUK..and we are shooting for the stars..Mitch didnt hire Stoops to go to Liberty Bowls..he hired him to change the face of this make Uk a SEC contender. Stoops was hired to breath fire into a meek football get us playing with To bring College Gameday to Lexington and make UK football a household name.
    THe way I see it..6 wins and a bowl game would be a huge step ahead with such a punishing 2013 slate..followed by a much better 2014 and a 8 win type campaign. In 2015..Stoops 1st class will be juniors and rs sophs..the 2014 class will be broke in and ready to contribute..and our holdovers will be seniors ready and eager to go out on a high note and become THE Kids that helped change UK football.

  • BBD, if Stoops can get his defense in place and quickly make a statement there, I think 2015 will be a grand year. The offense, I think we can get that in place quicker because its an offense that is quick to learn and can be added to as time passes but if we get back to having a defense that no one wants to play, like we were back in Claiborne and Curci's days, that will be the telling sign.

  • 2015 is a good year to think when we could make a huge leap

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  • Agree UKlaw..agree totally. Glad to see some fellow BBn'ers share my enthusiasm. Thats one of the biggest things Stoops and this staff
    Kids love to play in Stoops defense. I think Stoops will allow Eliot to tweak Stoops defense..add a lil more man press. Stoops is almost 100% zone..and isnt a huge blitz guy..he does blitz..but not at a high rate. One thing Stoops does well is disguise where the pressure is coming from and disguises his coverage schemes well.

  • I have been thinking along the same lines about 2015. That gives him time to really shore up the Defense to put the total package together on both sides of the ball. I think the offense will establish itself quickly this year and only improve the following years. I think there is going to be some shocked people in the SEC once everything gets in place.

  • THanks..and yes..I think we will shock some folks. I dont expect a whole lot in 2013..our slate is way too tough..but by '15 this great class will be juniors and rs sophs..and I think 2014 will be a banner year for UK in recruiting..a possible TOp 10 type class..I think we upset a team or two this year..but overall anything more than 5 wins will be a huge success. 2014..I think 8 wins is reachable..and onto my OP year of 2015...and the hopes and dreams of the long suffering Uk football fans come alive for real.
    2015 will see all these Stoops kids come of will finally be Stoops "team" as far as the core of our roster..the defense well in place..I cant wait to finally say UK is SEC Champs!! That will feel so dammm good!!

  • We will know based on what we see this year and next. I think it will become obvious that the answer is yes.

  • Think this is reasonable.

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