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Does anyone think we have a shot at the Alexander twins?

  • I hear conflicting reports on the Alexander twins of Immokale, Fla...Mackenzie Alexander is a high 4 star low 5 star recruit at corner...his a saftey..and less regarded but a talented athlete nontheless. Id love to land this duo...some of the bigger programs arent offering Mackenro..i think FSU being the only one thats a major power thats offered both..but dont quote me on that. Looks like Uk is just below Mackenzie's favorites..I say Cassity could work on the twins and theres a punchers chance for us. Im not holding my breath.
    Anyone out there in BBN know anything about the deal here?

    Id also like to hear any feedback regarding Dajuan Drennon...I know Jacob Hyde was on him and Hunter Bivin and Jeremy Benjamin hard at the Team USA U-19 squad in Texas.

    I think we land Benjamin...and he is a huge GET for UK. A 6'3 230 Lb with 4.55 speed, long arms..looks 40. Has a nfl body right now.

    As far as long shots..I hope some of what Hyde said to Hunter Bivin took...Id love for the 6'8 320 bulldozer to flip...and one flip I want really bad is Reon Dawson...a Illinois verbal.. I'd love to get some payback for Jon Davis last year... why do these kids like Illinois so much? They are the Uk of the Big 10..the SEC is the best conference in football by a wide margin...and early PT is available here.

    I like where we are as far as recruiting for 2013...I only wish we had 25 or 28 open spots because the talent pool is larger this year, especially in state...I think us having to take time and not offer some kids early could hurt us some on 3 or 4 targets.I can accept that though. Im sure the kids Joker wants most are getting the love.

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  • UK is in top 4 for Mackensie, unless something has changed in the last week or 2.

  • If true (and I have no reason to doubt it, but I don't have access to Rivals), it bodes well for UK. UK has offered both and they weren't high on his list in the beginning. They have worked their way in and new teams are always dangerous.


  • Thanks guys..sounds like we have a 50/50 shot. I'll take a coin flip on these types..lets just hope it lands on our side (I call tails!!) LOL. Imagine if we DO land the twins...along with Benjamin, Drennon, Swain...ect ect..never before have we had so many verbals or committs that help offers from Bama, LSU, FSU, Ohio ST, Notre Dame, Miami, Clemson, USC, the other USC, Auburn, ect ect. This alone tells me we are moving in the right direction. Bell, Benjamin, K.Thomas, Timmons(hopefully), Swain, the Alexander Twins, Drennon, and who knows there could be a big time surprise or two...(With Penn St. facing the death penalty..imagine if Greg Webb..the 5 star? Very high 4 star DT from Drennons school could happily join Drennon here in Lexington if Drennon comes!!)
    This is the year we sure could have used 25+ scholarships to give out...I'd like to see if the Big, but underweight O-Linemen like Boynton and Day would consider delayed entry..grey-shirt...use that year to add weight and hit the weightroom hard...come in prepared...because I dont see them overtaking Miller, West, Swindle, TJ Jones, J.Watson, Z.Meyers, TE Nared, and Shaq Love. This would be benifical to both parties, lets face cant come in as an 18 year old at 6'7 270 and benching 350 and play OT in the SEC.. now, if Day and Boynton gs, they get the option to redshirt as well, have 2 full years to prepare...All the aforementioned O-Linemen would be gone, or seniors or juniors...and Day would project at 6'8 about 330, and Boynton 6'7 about 320..both would be benching in the 500+ range..and be able to play as redshirt frosh..and likely start 3 full years. This would also free up 2 more openings for 2013 recruits, thus helping the team.
    Id like to see if Jeffrey Canady, Dennis Oxendine, Will Currie, Aaron Jackson would consider coming in as preferred walk-ons or delayed/ greyshirts. Canady bleeds 6'2 210 and runs a sub 4.5 40...hit hard..catches the ball very well and is tough as nails and smart. Oxendine is a good athlete that could help us in the running/recieving area and on specteams as a returner/coverage guy. Currie is a stout OG that could be a good center..something we will need after 2012 when Matt Smith leaves. Aaron Jackson of a tall, 6'3 190 type guy with blazing speed..sub 4.4 Im pretty sure. Tell em we shouldnt give him a look at WR.

  • From what I've been told is we are in pretty good shape with the Alexander's but it will take some work. They like the fact they can come in and start. Drennon is going to take some work but we keep hanging in. I've been hearing good things about Benjamin and won't be surprised if he does commit.

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • Also want there a rule about Gray Shirts put into effect where you couldn't just GS a kid for any reason? Not sure if those kids could do that.

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • I think we have a better shot at the twins than most believe. This is just opinion, of course.

    We are in the higher rated of the two's top 4...and have offered his brother. It's been said they aren't opposed to going to different schools...but I think that would be a tough thing for them and wouldn't expect it. I think another thing in our favor is that the big boys are filling up fast!

    The state schools(and GA)

    Florida has 18 committments and 3 are DB's
    Florida State has 17 committments and 4 are DB's
    UGA has 21 committments and 5 are DB's
    Miami only has 8 committments, no DB's

    Miami could be a local player.

    They both have Arkansas listed highly, but with the coaching situation, I think that helps us out. Toss in us being an SEC team and offering immediate PT....

    I don't think it means we WILL land them....but I think we have as good a shot as anyone else at this point, if we keep putting in the work.

    It would be kinda neat to have them, the Blaylocks AND the Harrisons.

  • Have they ever mentioned that they both wanted to go to the same school? That would be big for us, since both are talented. Could be that selling point we need.

  • They have said they would like to but it won't be a contributing factor.

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • THanks for the news mwcats!!! Nice homework...way to keep the BBn on top of things. The big power schools filling up would help us out appreciate the update..looks like we will have a decent shot to land two difference makers at DB. We need to sell the fact that a elite kid can come in and be the first Dajuan Drennon, the first Makenzie Alexander..not the second to twentieth coming of a bama player or a texas player or a florida player. If you are elite and come to will get early PT, and the chance to become a living legend...ala Cobb, Stevie Johnson, ect. We need to sell the fact that we are young...have a fun system to play in on both offense and defense(now that Brown is out and Minter is in!!) and you can easily go to the NFL...if you go to Bama, LSU, will be behind other 5 star guys that have a year or two head start and they arent gonna give you a starting nod over a junior thats been holding the job...unless you are just way better.
    Im sure we use that..just hope we use it more often.
    Great post MW!!!

  • Do we have a shot... of course we do. We always have a shot. Our chances, at times, may only be as good as Stevie Wonder's chance of earning the "Expert Marksman" badge on a Marine Corps rifle range... but nonetheless, we have a shot.

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  • Completely agree with this post.