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Doth Thou be ready for some Football??

  • For the first time since my youth, I believe I am actually counting the days untill UK's Spring Game on April 13th!! Im anxious to see how well Mark Stoops fire and determination has rubbed off on his troops so far. After watching a sinking ship (surrounded by vicious sharks) the last 2 years..Im ready to see some hard hitting, exciting, whistle to whistle football. As long as we fight and hit untill the last horn sounds..Ill be proud of my Cats. That and they must upset either Bama or Florida..LoL.

    I think Uk is a ticking time bomb. Dont know how soon or exactly when..but sonner or later..this things gonna blow up. Its going to be a very exciting season. 2 byes will help this staff coach up the frosh. You will see the difference. The light will come on for some earlier than others, but the possibility of going to a bowl depends a whole lot on the performance of Stoops 1st class. If Timmons,Badet,Blue, and Montgomery come in and take to the Air Raid like ducks to water, and JoJo Kemp "gets it" and plays like a seasoned veteran, then our offense has a good shot of putting up some pretty good numbers in Year 1. WE have a lot of backs and recievers, really no stars yet..makes it a little harder to game plan one really knows whos gonna be the go to guy on any given drive or day. Of course, it wont matter whos doing what at the skill positions unless our OL plays well. I think they will be a surprisingly good bunch.

    On defense..Za'Darius Smith and Jason Hatcher will get after the QB along with Bud Dupree and Farrenton Huguenin. If Marcus McWilson can come in and give UK a hard hitting, athletic playmaker at one saftey spot, our defense will be better off for it. I look for Josh Forrest to become the next great LB at UK..under DJ Eliots tutelage. 6'3 235ish, Forrest was a wr in high school, had 3 ints in state title game. I think his athleticism will show well on the weak-side.

    Our schedule is among the toughest in the entire land. To even make a bowl would be a huge accomplishment in my eyes. The Miss ST game in Starkville on Thursday Night on ESPN will be a key game. Coming off thier second bye and after a home contest with the all-powerful Crimson Tide, Uk will be needing a win here no matter how things shake out in the 1st 6 games of the season. Dan Mullen was one of the great coordinator hires, and has turned Miss ST into a program on the cusp, they have lost a few nail biters that would have put the Bulldogs into some lofty real estate had they won. Fla, LSU a couple times, Bama. Stoops is looking to become the latest great hire himself, and will hopefully have UK in the hunt for 6 wins and a bowl. If Uk manages to win 4 of the 1st 7, not an easy task facing a slate of WKU,Miami OH,UofL,Fla,SCjr,Bama,Miss ST, we should be in the drivers seat for a bowl game.

    Uk gets 7 home games to 5 away contests. LP field in Nashville is neutral turf vs WKU, so lets say 4 away games. 6 wins is doable. If Stoops has us fired up for Louisville.(.tough job, i know) and we take down the birds, It gets that much easier to go bowling. Im hoping the fans show up and support our young team and new coaching staff. Mitch B has hit the home run with well as putting togther a incredible staff. I had no clue we would make such bold moves. Marrow,Brown, Eliot,Peveto,Brumbaugh,Ansley, Korem, ect ect. Schlarmann. Not only can these guys recruit..there is a lot of proven winners here..Stoops,Eliot,Peveto,Brumbaugh,Ansley, and Brown and Scott had Tech putting up playstation like numbers on offense, and John Sclharman ran a nice attack at Troy, and was one of the best UK OG's in memory. We, the fans, need to rock CWS and give our team the home field advantage they've lacked in past seasons. Stoops will have UK playing fired up and confident, meek ball left Lexington with Joker and Randy.
    I do think JOker is a very good OC. Randy Sanders is a good QB coach..the guy just didnt grasp playcalling imo. I mean 2 times vs UT, 4th and inches..he calls a pitch to the tb 5 yards deep..when we have Larry Warford and Matt Smith to run behind. ??Forget the # to the 21 dive coach??
    No can bet Brown wont be caught doing anything similar to that.

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  • I really do think us and ole miss are the ones to look out for in a year or two,but this guy has me pumped for next season

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  • Not only counting days to the spring game, but untill the season starts. And for the first time in 21 years I am checking on flights to get to CWS for a game. Still a hazzle with flights, but looks like Delta can get me to Lexington in 16 h and 45 m. Looks like Espnplayer and ESPN America (ESPN for Europe) again this fall and hoping for a New Years Bowl (shorter flight time) :-)

    Go Cats!

  • Great thread BBD and for me I'm really looking forward to seeing the new faces on defense. If Stoops and Elliott can work their magic on the defense and keep us close in games then I think we will have a chance to win some of the close ones. Can't wait to see Smith on defense.

  • More every day, and a little more every time I watch this basketball team.