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Empty seats do not fire Joker

  • Too bad I can only up-vote this post one time.

  • In reality, it makes no difference when Barnhart fires Joker. What matters is that he has likely decided to fire him. What does that mean? Barnhart is already in contact with agents and he already has a list prepared.

    As somebody close to the situation told me in late september. If/When Barnhart makes the decision, he (barnhart) will already have made contact with agents and will have a good idea of who will be on his short list.

    Mitch, being the effective leader he is learned from the guy morris and Tubby smith situations.

    When mitch went to Guy with a less than stellar contract extention (he was right to not pay him millions) it turns out Guy already had an offer from Baylor. Mitch was caught off guard and was forced to hire Brooks after a longer than normal search. The probation brought on by CM newton and Larry Ivy didn't help.

    Virtually the same thing happened with the Tubby smith situation. Few people know that Mitch went to Tubby with an extension, but it was contingent upon Tubby replacing everybody but hobbs on his staff. Tubby wanted to hire Saul, who didn't have a college degree (a requirement to be an assistant at UK). Mitch held his ground and tubby said, "I've got an offer from minny, see ya". Mitch was again caught off guard. BCG was applauded as a good hire at the time but it also took more time than most would have thought.

    What did mitch learn? It showed in his decision to fire BCG.

    Very few people know that an agreement in principle had been struck between Mitch and Cal's agent the night before Lee Todd and Mitch fired BCG. First contact was made within 24 hours of our loss to ND. Mitch had made the decision to fire BCG before the NIT. The wheels started turning after the sec tournament. Mitch made his list, got in contact with key people HIMSELF and then made the decision along with Lee Todd to pursue Calipari before BCG had ever been fired.

    Based on what i was told in September the football search will be handled in a similar fashion. IMO Mitch will have already made contact and have a very short list before he ever announces Joker is fired. As I stated earlier. It matters very little if Joker is fired today or the day after the tennessee game. Mitch is already working assuming he's made the decision to replace joker.

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  • This is troublesome to me. If there was anyone in college basketball who did not deserve an extension at that time, it was Tubby.

  • Say what you will about Tubby but he was a very good in-game coach. Everyone tries to talk about his negative qualities, and he had a few (recruiting the last 2-3 years, style of play under Rondo) but he had a lot of great qualities also. If you go back and see him with good to great talent he usually outcoached everyone he played. He had a great record against Pitino at UL also. JMHO.

  • Barnhart made a quid pro quo type of an offer to a national title coaches. That's tough.

  • This bothers me also but on a different level. Why is it that pratically no one is talking about removing Mitch which is where the problems start in the football program and have leaked over into the basketball program in the recent past. The only good hire IMO that Mitch has made is coach Cal. In football he hired Brooks who had a losing record and turned right around and hired Joker and just look at what he has done. Mitch hired BCG and that was a disaster. So I guess Mitch will be looking for a new football coach soon do you really want him hiring the new guy after the last 2 football coaches weve had? I dont!

  • This is hilarious.

    A. The "only good hire Mitch has made is Cal". So rich brooks wasn't a good hire? We aren't coming off of the best football stretch in SIXTY YEARS? You think it was easy to make the hire when we were on probation that was brought upon us by Barnhart's successors?

    B. The job, right now, is as attractive as it has been in the last 30 or 40 years. We're not on probation. We've got a ton of talent in the younger classes, we've got pretty good facilities, and it looks like we're about to spend another 100-200 million on football facilities. We could do a lot worse than Rich brooks, but frankly I think we'll do a lot better. To discount the job Barnhart has done is just silly. He's made very good hires with the exception of BCG and Joker. But in reality, at the time of the hires they were almost universally applauded. We have the luxury of hindsight, but at the time the hires were applauded.