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Football Hire More Critical than your average hire.

  • Whomever accepts MB's contract to follow Joker as Uk's next important in more ways than one. Will our next HC be the latest in a line of stop-gap, way down the wishlist type or a home run hire that would solidify MitchB as one of the great AD's of his generation? Mitch struck gold with Cal, Gary Henderson, and Matthew Mitchell..he almost did with Brooks..we were on the doorstep, only to have it slammed rudley in our faces once more.
    2014 boasts a bumper crop of in-state football talent. WE have a NFL QB in Drew Barker, some nice defenders in Overstreet, Carver, Dom, Brown. We also have a 6'7 350lb manchild in Matt Elam..a beast among sheep..this kid is not only huge and strong, hes very quick and uses his hands better than most of UK's DL does right now.
    WE get the right coach..these kids line up to take Uk football to the next level.
    The right hire will find a way to garner 8 wins out of this roster in 2013..upset a team or two..we have 2 very good QB's, a stable of backs, a handful of young playmakers at WR. The whole defense is back minus Neloms and Benton..and to be quite honest the Blaylocks were playing better than any of our safties late in the year.