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  • The Cats have a chance to up thier game in 2013..seems we are in with or have way more "elite" level kids interested in us for 2013. I feel like a 8-4 or even 9-3 season isnt out of the realm of possiblity for the Cats.
    The first thing Joker needs to do is quit stalling and offer Jeffrey Canady..the kid is 6'2 about 210..runs a low 4.5.velcro mitts and nice lateral quickness. He hits like a truck and has a nose for the ball as a saftey too. And, more importantly..he bleeds blue..this kid wants to be a wildcat. IMHO Canady could be a All-Sec type performer at the hybrid saftey/lb role or as a WR. Why the hesitation?

    It may just be me, but if we can close the deal on the Cincy kids..Shane Jones, Alex Gall, Keith Watkins, Jaleel Hytchye, Reon Dawson(dayton) and Greg Hart (dayton), as well as Rasheen Jones..the Cats fill various needs with a package deal. I think Reon Dawson is a better cb than his more hearlded teammate Burroughs(osu commit) Dawson is 6'2 185 runs a sub 4.4 and looks like a nfl corner right now. Shane not to love about this kid??
    Tim Kimbrough would be a major coup for Joker..we need this kid...hes a 6'1 226 4.5 speed..hits like a train. and Antonio Allen, the Indianapolis saftey...compact 5'10 210 4.4 and is very physical..hard hitter.
    Joker and company have shown they will not hestitate to put true frosh on the field...they need to use this as a tool in recruiting...
    Rick Minter was a big hire..his defense is so much better and a lot more exciting to watch than Steve Browns vanillia bend-but-dont-break passive style. Kids like playing attacking..up-tempo, gambling D...I look for the defense to be much improved as a unit even with the heavy losses..for one, because all the players now have had time to learn thier responsibilities, and can play without thinking so much..just react. Caffey will be a tremendous corner..and if things get hectic..remember Neloms was a corner and can fill that role if needed. Losing Ridge Wilson hurts, but Alvin Dupree was taking half the snaps at the end of the year as a true 6'4 245, Dupree has SEC skills..remember..our Defense was super stout at the end of the year..we had Geogia on the ropes..basically shut out Tenessee. This year, we add a couple of kids I think will be is Farenton Huguenin..6'5 265..has run as fast as 4.55...this kid is a sack artist. Mike Douglass was playing like a star late last year as well. And Collins Ukwu is primed for a huge year. We will be strong up front defensively, as Cobble and Rumph are two of the best young tackles in the Sec.The question will be how the lb's and dbs do...with Dupree, Avery Williamson, and others coming back..mixed with some very talented frosh..i think we will be ok at Lb. I like uks decision to make Josh Forrest a 6'4 230ish and growing..Forrest has a rare nose for the ball..I think he will be a star. have Kadeem Thomas and Khalid Henderson coming well as Daron Blaylock..who at 6'1 220 runs a 4.4.. As far as the dbs..Neloms and Benton are returning starters..Ashley Lowery could free up Neloms to play more corner..Lowery looked like a emerging stud..he hits like a ton of bricks and seemed fast enough though only listed as a 4.6 40 guy.
    Offensivly..Max Smith showed me he had what it takes to be a SEC field general...he stood in the pocket and made some nice throws under duress. Our stable of backs is one of the best in the conference..CoShik was huge last year..and Josh Clemons is the total package. Ray Sanders is a good APB, he can catch the ball well and has good speed. George can be the plugger..and if needed..Justin Taylor..if Bama offers a rb, you can be sure that kid can play in the SEC.
    The question mark will be the same as last year, our recievers...King needs to step up, and Brian Adams has to be a go to guy...with his size and speed..Adams could be a super star..i like A.J Legree..with a ridiculous 46" vertical and great overall athletic skill, Legree could be a huge find for the Cats...Bookie Cobbins has the skills to be a difference maker as well..6'2 210 4.4 speed. Its past time Ej Fields and Aaron Boyd produce..even if just a little bit. Daryl Collins and Demarco Robinson will get plenty of opportunity to shine in 2012 as well.

  • I like your optimism. Remember though that Adams is sticking to baseball this spring and could end up staying there. There are definitely some playmakers on both sides of the ball. Hopefully a good showing this year will roll over to next. I too want Canady wearing UK blue.

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  • Adams could be a superstar, I'll believe that one when I see it.

    But overall I agree with a lot that you said. I think we're gonna see a big influx of young talent this year especially on the defensive side of the ball.

  • the key will be the offensive line and the wrs. u gotta have atleast 4 really quality guys and i just dont know who that is. king is solid but is not a all sec guy. fields had a heck of a game against uofl but did nothing after that mccaskill was underwhelming to be nice and adams dosnt care that much about football he does enough to stay on a free ride. cunningham ant ready robinson is tiny and collins is unproven i do think the defense will b better but how much is key. i still cannot see us averaging more than 20ppg in conference play. i hope im wrong but if we cant put a servicable line out there we will struggle mightily. but we shall c r guys r big enough but thats not everything. is mitchell really the answer r is he all we got.

  • The O-Line will remain the strength of our offense...Darrian Miller is only going to get better...Larry Warford is the best guard in college football...Matt Smith was a Remington finalist last year...Teven Eatmon Nared is 6'7 330 and runs a sub 5.0 40, being a former TE...and Zach West beat him out for the left guard spot. The staff did a good job adding quality depth and future starters in the 2012 class...i really like TJ jones, Jon Toth, and Jordan Watson.
    Lets face it..our wideouts were horrible last year other than Matt Roark...even Larod King failed to impress..Joker will let the youngsters play..Legree, Sweat, Collins, Cobbins..and i think Rashad Cunninham could be great if he can get some reps and confidence...hes got the size at 6'4 215 and the speed to be awesome.

  • I really like the future of the program, however, with a combined 26 Juniors and Seniors out of 85 I am unfortunately not expecting too much. That # will get less come Fall with attrition and early graduates. A few won't see the field too much, also. This could very well be the youngest UK team ever. Keep recruiting, Joker, keep recruiting.

  • the line will continue to be a strength? am i missing somthing r was r line horrid last yr. mike summers does not sound overly optimistic about this line early in spring. i think the line is servicable at best. there is a reason joker is talking about using two and three te sets and it is not b/c r line is going to be a

  • and eatmon nared may have ran a sub 5 forty at 280 but i bet u a million dollars he is not running one now r he would still be playing tackle lol.

  • You are maybe a little too optimistic at this point IMO. Please don't turn into one of those guys who does a 180 and is on here trashing our guys in 8 months...please.

    Most of those guys started out with your optimism and apparently got crushed to the point they can't say anything positive, ever. Shame to see.

  • I've always had that kind of positivity but now when I read posts like this I think and you got all of that from some spring practice pictures. LOL. Obviously its more than that but people get fired up on players way to quick. What we need to do is start getting fired up about the team as a whole and hope they can come together and get it done. I've fallen in love with players in the past from reports on these sites only to find out when the season began that that particular guy was 4th on the depth chart. I just wanna see the guys work hard and be competitive at this point. We're not gonna win 8 games we just need to get back to baby steps. Just be competitive in games. If we're 4-8 as long as we're playing teams tough and giving them a challenge in the SEC I'll be fine with it this year.

  • You always lose guys along the way so that the upper classes are smaller than the new ones. And the FR class includes both 25 newbies + the RSes.

  • Completely unfair and absolutely unrealistic to try and put 8-4/9-3 expectations on the 2012 UK football team. Just setting yourself up for unhappy times.

  • If you read the first line of his statement, he was talking about the 2013 year, not this year. And on most points I tend to agree with him. IMO they have a chance to be really good in 2013. This year I really don't know what to expect but I am not getting too excited about it. They are young for the most part but will gain valuable experience this year. 2013 is when I will be expecting much better and if they still don't produce, then I will be on the bandwagon to seeing Coach Phillips leave. THAT is the year that he needs to prove that he can coach and compete in the SEC. He will have a lot of good talent with experience and he has to get UK going by then.

  • i think as a fan we should hope for a bowl this yr. i no joker has been with uk for a while but he has completly transitioned his staff. u can c the talent level increasing. as long as we r competitive this yr. im all in for joker getting a contract extension.

  • I agree with this. Putting any number (other than a baseline "lose more than this and there is a serious problem") on expectations for this season after last year's disappointing season isn't going to be helpful.

    What I want out of this year is progression on both sides of the football and to see the intensity (especially defensively) from the Georgia and Tennessee games in every single game this season, starting with UL in Louisville. If we carry the intensity over and progress, not just from last season, but over the course of the '12 season, the record will take care of itself.

  • 2013 is a long way away!

    By the way, who will be UK's Head Football coach in 2013?

  • If he is still living it will be Joker Phillips and you can basically take that to the bank.

  • Good to hear RV

    I am who I am, said he who is. 15,235

  • I have been saying since the end of the season that its not so much a set number of wins that need to happen for Joker to keep his job after next season, but is more of a subjective measure of improvement and competitiveness. I think he could and should keep his job even if we go 5-7 or 6-6, so long as the team looks like they belong in every game, look prepared, and show serious improvement from week 1 to week 12. Those are all things that you could not say about the 2011 team, but if Joker continues to learn along the way and has his guys motivated, prepared and improving all season long, then the record itself is not as important when you look ahead to 2013.

    I don't think many realistic and objective fans are truly expecting the team to come out this year and go 8-4 or better. I think 7-5 would be a HUGE accomplishment this year, with 6-6 being more realistic (if we're lucky) due to the amount of youth we are playing and the lack of experienced depth at key positions. Barring something drastic like a 3-9 (or worse) record or something off-the-field that gets Joker fired, I fully expect him to at least get the chance to make a move in 2013. However, if the team still fails that year, he is absolutely gone (as he should be).

  • Appreciate the support, and for paying attention to what I actually wrote instead of what someone And insofar as Im getting my info from pics (talking bout the other guys, not you..) I probably do more in depth recruitiung analysis than 99% of all people...I have both played and coached football..And I went as far as Div 1-AA as a player...although i injured my knee and never saw the field in a game as a colleigate football player... I coached a very successful middle school program for 8 seasons after my injury and end of my playing career... L.B.J and S.M.S in Jackson, Ky...I played for Breathitt Co. in high school, asa dfensive end and offensive guard/tackle. My middle school team won 4 straight county championships, and 6 out of 8 years we won the county champ...we also won 3 Statewide middle school championships at SMS..playing vs. Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green area teams among others...I coached a developed such players as Justin Haddix..the great Qb/Fs that started 4 years at WKU, even though i advised him to go to Clemson and play Db..Channing Fugate..who Uk missed out on..A 6'3 235lb 4.46 running Fb.Lb whom i pleaded with to play Lb in college...he played saftey for Breathitt well as numerous others that went to 1-AA schools.
    Remember my article was hypothetical...and I always remain optimistic as a have to as a Uk Football fan..or else wed end up frustrated each year. And to the guy that said our O-Line was horrible in 2011, did you even watch our games? WE had a Remington watch list Center in Matt Smith, and Larry Warford has been an all-SEC and ALL-American guard the last two years...the line was banged up a little early in the year forcing Miller and Nared to play...but we beat Tennessee without even a hint of a passing you really think Matt Roark, playing his first snaps as a college qb...was that good of a runner?? was our O-Line man...they lined up and smashed the UT front all game...and that was a walk on..fifth-string rb in Coshik Williams gashing folks like Georgia, UT, ect..ask anyone that knows football what our strength was offensivly in will hear O-Line, with depth at running back being second..

  • i do know and i also break down every single game and r oline was not good. i would not use the word gash for ne of r rb last yr. im not trying to be a dick but you have your opinion and i have mine. i think 2013 could be good but we have to find playmakers this year. we cannot have these same? for 2013