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Football recruiting X-Mas wishlist!!

  • With all the excitement surrounding Uk football recruiting..I thought id drop a post with my personal wish list as to who i think we could get..and some I just want.
    With 11-to12 current commits..ill start at lucky 13.

    13: Ryan Timmons. Would be a weapon in Browns offense.
    14: Antoine Miles.. De 6'3 250 Canton,Oh. We need pass rushers at DE. Plus a husker steal would be extra sweet.
    15: Ernest Suttles DE 6'5 235 ultra athletic rush end is just what Stoops needs to help install his brand of D in Lexington.
    16: Brisly Estime reminds me of Bob Sanders or Greg Reid.
    17: Sean Paul. WoW..this kid ..6'0 for the ball..good hands..and he will flat out knock you senseless. Very physical..this kid can play CB in the SEC.
    18: Shelton Gibson. WR..4 star wr would become a star in Browns offense.
    19: George Williams.. FB/LB big time hitter with a attitude. Im thinking Eliot offering him as LB.
    20: Beau Sandlin. With Marrow here, and Greg Hart confirming hes 100% a husker..UK could have a good shot at this beast of a TE.
    21: Maurice Swain. Would be a DT in Stoops D..could give us a athletic, quick interior pass rusher.
    22: Jaleel hytchye. Solid CB likes likes the staff as well.
    23: Lovell Peterson. We need a center or 2 with Matt Smith gone. This 4 star OC would be a huge get.
    24: Lauren Jackson. We need to get some good DT's on board with Cobble and Rumph being seniors next year.
    25: Skai Moore. Rutgers committ..but we have his prep teammate..and we do so need some lb's.

    Well..this is my list..tried to keep it decently possible..what do you guys think..and whos on your wishlist?

  • x 2 I like yours! GO CATS!!!

  • Since its a wish list. Lets add the Alexander twins, tony Stevens, boaz Joseph, James quick, and some of the talented D lineman on the east miss. CC roster

  • Nice..Ive been accused..correctly..of being a tad over-optimistic on here..Ive even got lots of down votes for saying I think we can get a few 4 star recruits..earlier on..just after Stoops I tried to keep mine close to real as I can. I would love Tony Stevens..that kid looks so much like Randy Moss/AJ Green..and the twins..but I think were hiring Brumbaugh 4 a bring some of that EMissCC DL with..!!
    Ive always wanted Boaz..forgot him 4 some silly reason. Have you guys watched SEan Pauls highlights? Kid is a football player..big hands..speed..hes the real deal.

  • 01 Ramsey Meyers (OL) FL (3*)
    02 Ander Bodkin (OT) FL (3*)
    03 Darren Dowdell (TE) GA (3*)
    04 Deangelo Yancey (WR) GA (3*)
    05 Khalid Thomas (RB) FL (3*)
    06 Jacob Hyde (DT) KY (3*)
    07 Alvonte Bell (DE) FL (3*)
    08 Blake McClain (DB) FL (3*)
    09 Jalen Battle (DB) FL (2*)
    10 Reese Phillips (QB) TN (3*)/Davis Webb
    11 (WR) Ryan Timmons
    12 (WR) James Quick/Tony Stevens/Shelton Gibson/Ra'Shad Samples/Jevontey Smith
    13 (WR) James Quick/Tony Stevens/Shelton Gibson/Ra'Shad Samples/Jevontey Smith
    14 (OC) Lovell Peterson/Austin Douglas
    15 (OL) Kyle Meadow/Donald Rocker/Maurice Swain/Justin Day/Jake Boynton
    16 (DT) Deadrin Senat/Toby Johnson/Ben Bradley/Marcus Hardison/David Washington
    17 (DE) Za'Darius Smith/Lauren Jackson/Jason Hatcher/Antoine Miles
    18 (DE) Za'Darius Smith/Lauren Jackson/Jason Hatcher/Antoine Miles
    19 (LB) Jermaine Grace/George Williams/Skai Moore/???
    20 (LB) Jermaine Grace/George Williams/Skai Moore/???
    21 (DB) Jaleel Hythcye/Sean Paul/Brisly Estime/Mackensie Alexander/Mackenro Alexander/Boaz Joseph
    22 (DB) Jaleel Hythcye/Sean Paul/Brisly Estime/Mackensie Alexander/Mackenro Alexander/Boaz Joseph
    23 (DB) Jaleel Hythcye/Sean Paul/Brisly Estime/Mackensie Alexander/Mackenro Alexander/Boaz Joseph
    24 (DB/DT/LB/OL/WR)
    25 (MISC) Mychal Moody (ATH)/Austin MacGinnis (PK)/(Other)

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  • UPs 4 all yas! You feedback on my posts..and dont bash or down..ill up yas!

  • I'd be happy with this class and its (semi-)realistic. biggrin

    01 (OL) Austin Douglas (3*) MS (JUCO)
    02 (OL) Lovell Peterson (3*) OH
    03 (OL) Ramsey Meyer (3*) FL
    04 (OL) Ander Bodkin (3*) FL
    05 (OL) Maurice Swain (3*) GA
    06 (TE) Darren Dowdell (3*) GA
    07 (WR) Deangelo Yancey (3*) GA
    08 (WR) Ryan Timmons (3*) KY
    09 (WR) Ra'Shad Samples (4*) TX
    10 (WR) Shelton Gibson (4*) OH
    11 (QB) Davis Webb (3*) TX
    12 (RB) Khalid Thomas (3*) FL
    13 (ATH) Mychal Moody (3*) SC
    14 (DT) Jacob Hyde (3*) KY
    15 (DT) Antoine Miles (3*) OH
    16 (DE) Za'Darius Smith (4*) MS (JUCO)
    17 (DE) Lauren Jackson (3*) MS (JUCO)
    18 (DE) Alvonte Bell (4*) FL
    19 (LB) Skai Moore (4*) FL
    20 (LB) Jermaine Grace (4*) FL
    21 (DB) Blake McClain (3*) FL
    22 (DB) Seth Paul (3*) FL
    23 (DB) Jaleel Hytche (3*) OH
    24 (DB) Brisly Estime (3*) FL
    25 (DB) Boaz Joseph (3*) FL

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  • Love it..I would be super stoked to have that class. One edit..Timmons is a 4 star. Sean Paul is a very underrated CB too..I know that kid is better than half the 4 and 5 star cbs out there. If you havent watched his film..go look at it..kid can flat out lay the smack down. Big time hitter..6'0 185..very athletic. No reason why he shouldnt be a 4 star recruit. Brisly estime too..i understand why hes a 3 star..but the kid has 4 star talent. 5'9 180..4.3 speed..nose for the ball..geez guys..gonna be one very exciting Febuary huh?

  • I've accused you of being overly optimistic but none of the down votes have come from me. I'll never down vote a guy for being overly optimistic. We could use more of it and frankly I wouldn't doubt that your posts will start to become closer to accurate with Stoops and his staff now at the helm.

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  • Thats one hell of a list. I think we can forget about Skai Moore as much as I'd like to have him but everybody else might be in play.

  • Oh..never thought they did tWhit..never had any beef with you..but I have a troller or "rating" has gone from Tim Couch to MOrgan Newton..LoL..I lose about 2 pts per day last couple days..and the thing is guy/guys are going to old posts and doing it. Funny. Dedicated though..persistent at the least!. Im just here to talk and read UK football man. Give me a 0 and i dont care..i can still state my opinions..however optimistic or offbase with reality that they may be, LOL.
    No worries tWhit..i have a real good idea who..and i honestly dont one to get caught up in childish games.

  • If I had my wish the committ list would start with OL Bivins, DE Hatcher, DT Hyde, WR Quick, WR/Athlete Timmons, DB White, RB Dawkins and then as many of the out of state kids as they could get to fill out the SS total. That would be complete control of the in state kids. If it came down to a choice of Dawkins ot Thomas however I would take Thomas.

    The reason that this would be my wish is because IMO it must all start with controlling the home state.

  • Here's what I honestly think will happen with UKs remaining class.. 1st off, I think they end up honoring all 14 prior staff comits, but, they'll end up losing 1 or 2, so, probably end with 12 of those guys.. I think they'll end with 22-23 total comits for the class: Here's who they end up with:

    1) Bristly Estime - CB/Ath - 83 - 3 star
    2) Antoine Miles - SDE - 82 - 3 star
    3) Maurice Swain - DL/OL - 88 - 3 star
    4) Lovell Peterson - OC - 89 - 3 star
    5) Ryan Timmons - WR/Ath - 90 - 4 star
    6) Matt Dayes - RB - 86 - 3 star
    7) Boaz Joseph - CB - 83 - 3 star
    8) Jaleel Hytchye - CB - 82 - 3 star
    9) Lauren Jackson - DT - 88 - 3 star (Juco)

    The remaining 2, I think will be reserved for a TE and a LB, yet to be determined..

    Even though, on paper, that is only adding 1 4-star player to the mix, 5 of those 9 are either rated higher than or equal to any of our current recruits while the other 4 would all be in the upper 1/2 of the current class recruits, so, I think that would be a definate upgrade over what it would have been prior to the new staff.. I think we'd definately get a bump in the rankings to somewhere in the 40 range and depending on what those last 2-3 recruits rank, could get as high as Top 30-35, which I think would be tremendous, considering what type year we just came out of and bringing in a complete new staff in the last month before signing day..