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Football recruiting and more..

  • THis is a plea to the Uk Ath. Dept. We the fans, are begging you to make a concerted effort to field a competitive football team! We have turned both our Womens BBall and Baseball teams into national contenders. HOw? With smart coaching hires and EFFORT.
    AS things sit..we are once agin in the SEC DOGHOUSE..a floormat. Changes have to be made.
    There is no reason for our offense to be as pathetic as it is.
    THis could not have come at a worse time. For some reason or other..the in-state crop of D1 talent has jumped up. The past couple years have put out a high number of quality football players. 2013 is a banner year. 2014 could be even better. 2015 has the best running back prospect since perhaps Herschel Walker. Damien Harris is that good. By the time he's a senior..kid will be 6'1 220ish and running in the low 4.3 range.
    But lets focus on the now. Uk has lost all the momentum built under Rich Brooks..we WERE getting our pick of the Louisville area kids and beating the Cards almost every year. NOw, we have lost 2 straight to the Ville, and lost to our other in state D1 school in WKU.
    Ryan Timmons is imho, the best athlete to ever come out of the state..kid gets 20 yards a touch..has 40tds in 10 games. He lives not 30minutes from UK's campus in Frankfort.
    Trinity has 3 players that are 4 star WR James Quick, CB Ryan White, and USC commit DE Jason Hatcher. They also have the nephew of brian Dawkins, do it all rb/cb Dayln Dawkins who we havent even offered!
    We also lost out on a bookend LT in Hunter Bivins..a 6'7 320 bulldozer.
    The floodgates have got to be shut. WE need a coach that can get these instate kids to stay home..
    2014 is loaded with quality talent..especially on defense. There is also a QB that will be among the nations best in Drew Barker..already a high 4 star by rivals. THere is talent on our roster. WE have to field a winning team in 2013. Turn that winning into recruiting momentum and land most of the top in state kids in 2014. Barker, Elam, Fant, Bonnafon, Dom. Brown, Byron Carver, D.Overstreet, ect.
    You paid Cal to turn our basketball program you need to pay do the same for our football team. WE need a guy that can get recruits to buy in to Uk football..imagine if we had Bivins, Quick,White, Hatcher, Timmons, Lamar dawson, Jon Davis, ect ect..Imagine if we hire a coach that wins and we add Drew Barker..most of the 2014 in state kids, and follows it up by landing Damien Harris? The clock is is not the time to ply for patience..its time for a change!

  • Helllooooooo.....UK hasn't been legitimately on the radar for the top in-state players for the last 2 years now. Same applies to the current group of seniors. Same applies to some of the ridiculously talented juniors throughout the state.

    Under Rich Brooks' watch, UK landed 95% of the in-state players that they wanted, including a ton of kids within Louisville metro. Those kids don't even consider UK just 4 years later with Joker Phillips at the helm.

    This situation is a complete grease fire from top to bottom, including in-state recruiting (and out of state recruiting)