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Gainer gone?

  • Wow, had high expectations for the kid.

  • We all did. The guy has serious talent but something would always happen right when you thought he would make his move up the depth chart. Sucks it didnt work out.

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  • Hate to lose talent, even at a position of depth. It's strange, I dread the fan reaction to this news much more than the impact it will have this season. Even so, good luck to the young man and I hope he gets where he wants to go.

  • Gainer never rose above about 4th on the depth chart and was constantly beset by either performance (he was a serial fumbler early in his career), academic or injury issues. Nice kid, but this is not a significant loss on the field.

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  • Adree, the guy had every chance to make a move on the depth-chart and for various reasons it just never happened. IMO he would have been buried even further when the freshmen get to campus in the fall.

    Just means another open scholarship for the next class.

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  • Best of luck to the kid, sorry it didn't work out for him at UK. From Matt's post, doesn't sound like it will be a big loss on the field.

    No recruiting class is going to have all signees end up being solid, 4 year contributors (i.e., devoid of "misses"), but a whole lot of attrition among the class of 2010 (note: not a criticism of the staff, as several of these kids didn't make grades, got into trouble, transferred or otherwise gave the staff no choice): Tim Patterson, Jerrell Preister, Alex Smith, Dale Trimble, Jewell Ratliff, Nermin Delic, Justin Henderson, Brice Laughlin, and Brandon Gainer. But for their departures, these kids should be providing UK with quality depth for the 2012.

  • We can afford to lose a few guys at tailback if need be.

  • This guy was considered a huge get when we signed him. Beleive he had an offer from Miami as well as others, a high 3 star near 4 star player. The turnover of talented players in the last year has been very disappointing. It's hard to build any experience or depth when the revolving door won't quit spinning.

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  • I fail to see how you have quality depth with kids that don't perform on the field. Replacing 4th string kids with scholarships for possibly better talent is a trade off every school in the country will take all day long.

  • Word...all day long

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  • He was available late because he had waited too long to accept and UNC and UM filled up. Higgs is his HS coach and called Joker. He was promising but like everyone said he never got himself together to take advantage of the opportunities before him. I think the writing was on the wall when he had to sit out this spring because of grades. Good luck to him.

  • Yeah if we were talking starter or two deep, I would say he's be missed, 4th or lower, he will be replaced with a better player, thats just the cold hard truth.

  • The sky may not be falling cause Gainer left, but I can't believe the "no big deal" attitude some of you are expressing about the situation. It also amazes me that the same people that act like it's no big deal when something negative happens are also the one's pointing fingers and calling others LOD. Why do none of the 4 stars UK recruits ever see the field? I don't have the answer, but deny it or not, this is a fact. Losing Gainer sucks. I mean, first people hype guys like Gainer big time, as if they are going to be program changers, and use them as reasons to point out that UK is making progress. Then, when they don't work out, they weren't good enough anyway? If all the guys that are supposed to help us progress never see the field, we aren't progressing as much as some of you try to say. I think if you were honest and went back and looked, about 50% + of Jokers best recruits will never see the field. Again, I'm not saying this is the end of the world, but to try and spin it like it's anything but a bummer is just a refusal to deal with reality!

  • as was mentioned by others, Tailback was the one place where we could lose 1 and not really feel the pinch very much. Williams, Sanders, George, Clemons, Mobley and Taylor. That gives us 6 backs very capable of playing. All SEC backs, and IMO i'm looking for George to take full advantage. I really like him, think he could be really good. Need at least 3-4 RB's to make it through the rugged SEC. Let's hope the passing game improves, which I think it will. That will really open up the running lanes and really play to our strengths by eating up clock, keeping drives alive and keeping our defense off the field. Our D was really good last year, would just be on the field so long that they just got worn down. LOVED LOVED LOVED signing Gainer because he was a 4* kid from Miami, but he was buried on the depth chart. Good luck to him in the future where ever he may land

  • it is very disappointing as I had high hopes for Gainer when he signed as did alot of us. I'm sad to hear of his loss, but he had every opportunity to work his way up and like was said, was snakebit by one thing or another. I hope he gets on track somewhere else and sets the world on fire, but just not against UK. He had fumbleitis, I would rather he leave now that he can get a fresh start than to have him on the field in a meaningful game, and fumble away the ball when we were going down to score the winning touchdown, and then have him vindicated. Sometimes they don't work out

  • I hate it for Gainer more than anything, but he was dead last on the depth chart, regardless of his "ranking" coming in. Ask Willy Korn how far his ranking got him as he played on Senior Day for North Greenville College instead of leading Clempson to the ACC title.....ask Bryce Brown how that #1 overall prospect ranking worked for him after barely seeing the field at UT and Kansas St.....ask....oh never mind. The point is that you could make a really, really, really long list of guys who didn't pan out all across the country. Gainer, for all his natual ability, was dead last on the depth chart and unless Clemons, Williams, Sanders and George all go down, it really doesn't affect the RB situation. Even if a couple of them get dinged up or out, the worst that happens is that Mobley doesn't redshirt. Anyway, best of luck to Brandon. I hope he can get in somewhere and get his education.

  • He was running 5th string at tailback and could never work his way up. Heck, he wasn't even practicing this spring due to academics. So, in this case, yea, it's not really a big deal. UK has FOUR solid backs still to use and TWO more coming in the summer that have potential. It's a shame that it didn't work but it's not a program devastating loss. More importantly, it gives the 2013 class another scholarship where there aren't many available (up to 16 now). Good luck to him wherever he ends up.

  • Hey guy it seems to me that all of Jokers best recruits ARE seeing the field, and that is in fact what makes them the best recruits. Yes, some of our higher rated guys have left, but as many have said most of that was due to personal issues (which may be how they ended up @ UK instead of a bigger name school to begin with).

    No one here is as care free about it as your are implying either, we all said it sucks but there are the FACTS to consider (scary prospect for you I know): A) he wasn't getting it done in the classroom and B) in an injury probe year to our RBs he couldn't even back up a walk-on. Now I know you will move your stance to another negative spin like "Well Joker can't evaluate talent then!!" because that's what your all about and that is why everyone calls you LOD.

  • Here we go again. fingergun

  • Perhaps I'm wrong, but it's my impression that guys that decide late - flips or first time commits - aren't as sold on the school they pick as earlier commits & wind up some place, any place, just because they are out of options. Net, I think they often never buy into the place they wind up & thus leave the initial school more often than early commits. So I think the recruiting idea of waiting late for some good results is a flawed concept.

  • I see some peoples point when asking why is it almost all of our 4 stars never pan out. I really do wonder why? We have bad luck when it comes to these things. While I do think guys like Alvin Dupree, Ashley Lowery, Christian Coleman (IMO made the biggest impact at the toughest spot as a freshman) and guys like Clemons should have all easily been 4 star recruits but the services got it wrong like they sometimes do. All of those guys were very mature 18 year olds like most all 4 star players are, they are also very versitile players. The services ranking system is right more than it is wrong but again I just wonder why it seems like almost all our 4 stars never pan out. Personally I was a big fan of Gainer, as a Freshman I thought he was really going to be something special however for his game to really shine I 100% feel he needed to develop into the 220# range but he never did. He was powerfull like Clemons he just lacked the break away ability, he also had good balance, hands and cutting ability. But ball security hurt him show those assets off. Please guys do not ever think it was because of ability because he is talented he just needs to get serious in the weight room. It really sucks because I think we need a 220# thumper back like Gainer could have been.

    I really hope Mobley, Clemons or Taylor can be these guys in a year or two. Mobley has a great frame to be a 220# rb without ever loosing any speed, Taylor does to but alot of people are saying he's in the 5'9 range similar to George which is fine but it's hard to be 220+ at that size, 210-215 is about the right size for a 5'9 RB. Trent Richardson is about the only 5'8-5'9 225+# Rb you'll see that still has all the qualities to be a every down back. Clemons is already very powerfull if he doesn't get his speed all the way back I hope he really tries hard to get his size up similar to how a Willis Magahee done after college, I just hope Clemons can do it by this time next year, if he doesn't get all his speed and quickness back. Clemons has great genetics there's a good chance by this time next year he could be 220# and have his speed, if he could do that, that would really help offset Gainer not ever being the kid we needed him to be, from what I saw at FD Clemons has every bit as good of genetics as any RB we will ever land.

    I would like to see us land a strong 180-190# scat back, who is a real threat to take it to the house from anywhere. A guy that has legit 4.3-4.5 speed with very very good quickness, that would be great. That would help us in so many areas namely special teams... I hope Joker can find this type of kid in this class because in our pass-first off (when Randy and Joker's skill guys are solid) I think a guy similar to a Derrick Locke fits our prefered scheme alot better.

    With the rb's we have it would be great if we could become more of a down-hill running team that mixes play-action and a strong screen game in. I would love that so much more than chucking it 40 times a game like we did with Hartline and even Woodson, reason being that would give us the chance to be alot better in the red-zone and short yardage situations. Nobody can deny if we were just alittle stronger up front and in the backfield back during Hartline and Woodson's tenure we could have knocked off TN and a few other teams alot easier and earlier. A Ark type offense that controls the ball on the ground alittle more than Randy and Joker's system would also allow us to stay alot more fresh on defense too... Under Woodson and Hartline we scored alot and that was great but our defense was on the field alot more as well. I'm not asking for a off like GA tech that has the ball 75% of the game and rolls up 30 first downs and only scores 3 td's but Just imagine how much more effective we could have been if Braxton, Peters, Pryor, Jarmon, Woodyard, Jenkins, Lindley and WIlliams were fresher... I really think with the addition of all these bigger backs and incoming O-lineman our offense will have no choice but to head in that direction without the superb speed and agility that guys like Locke and Cobb (in the wild-cat) gave us on the edge... With Patrick Towles and Jalen Whitlows athleticism we could also become a good zone-read team like we used with Roark against TN. Having a passing threat when going with the wild-cat could really help open the field back up for us and get 7 or 8 guys out of the box even during shot-gun or single back sets like this past year... The scheme could be like I said anything from a spread-motion run first, zone read attack to a balanced Pro-style attack that runs alot of power off-tackle like Ark or even similar to how Vandy's off is evolving. I love the multiple schemes, we are now starting to get the horses that we should be able to be as multiple as anyone in our conference as long as we can get some solid OT's, WR's... GO CATS!!!

  • I was probably one of the biggest fans of Gainer out there. I saw him during a bowl practice and he just looked like a SEC tailback (of course that was before we got Clemons). I wished it would have worked out for him because it would have meant we wouldn't of had to play one of the FR this fall.

    I also remember one of my friends talking before spring practice (before the academic news was out) and we both agreed that someone had to transfer out the group. We just had too many good players at that position with 2 really good ones coming in. We also both agreed it was more than likely going to be Gainer because he just seem snake bitten as soon as he got here.

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  • That thought seems to be really accurate for 2010 class

    Gainer (wanted to go to UNC but was out of room)
    Priester (originally was commited to Vandy)
    Delic (originally commited to Maryland)
    Laughlin (originally commited to Maryland)
    Alex Smith (commited to Cincy, then UNC, then us)
    Tim Patterson (grew up a huge UL fan)

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  • It takes more than raw talent to play in the SEC. If a kid doesn't care enough to go to class, do you think he spent anytime on studying his play book or watching films? This probably is a contributing factor to being 4th on the depth chart. There is real talent and competition at this level. These players need to buy into the whole package of academics, good behaviour, studying play book and watching films to be successful. When they don't, this is a prime example of what happens. Wish the kid the best and hope he lands on his feet.

  • Micah Johnson and Corey Peters both turned out fine as 4* talent at UK...

  • Gainer had his chances and a change of scenery could hardly hurt him. Never heard anything about trouble off the field other than academics (some high school kids are NOT required to do much classwork to pass if they're STARS). Some promising musicians, scientists, teachers, etc. that UK recruits also drop out or transfer for one reason or other. Let's just wish him well, DROP the "woulda-coulda" talk about him (and others who left), and support who remains on the team. NEXT...!!!