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Great article about Petrino the man vs coach (Mentions UK)

  • Best quote is: "It’s about winning games and selling tickets and eventually winning championships. No matter the cost.

    If that means hiring a coach who has proven he can win at the elite level even though he may not be the most family-friendly guy, then so be it. That means Kentucky or Tennessee or any other team desperate to make it work has to ask itself a critical question: Do you want to win, or do you want what played out here on a dreary, rainy day?"

    I also love the part where they say "He made Louisville a National Power, imagine that!" lol

    Alabama vs. Arkansas: Where's Bobby Petrino w

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  • All of you Joker apologists out there who say we simply don't have the players to compete in the SEC, need to read this article. Very well written and spot-on when it comes to how important, and what a difference a good coach can make. It makes ALL the difference!!!

    Arkansas vs Louisiana-Monroe = Kentucky vs WKU

    Joker is our John L. Smith

  • The article is a bunch of horse hockey in many respects.

    Not hiring Petrino has nothing to do with not being a family guy.

    It has everything to do with setting up the university for major civil lawsuit. Having an affair with a subordinate does that. It sets one up for suit from the mistress and sets one up for suit from all her co-workers who may feel its effects in the workplace. Adding the fact that her fiance/husband (I don't remember which) was a coach for a differing team at the university coupled with Petrino's power within the program adds another level of sexual harassment within the program. Hiring her over other more qualified applicants sets the university up for suit from all those who were passed over. Adding in the signing bonus she receives and that state run institutions have laws requiring them to follow when hiring adds more fuel to civil case possibilities. Bringing in a state trooper he knew had done security at the games in order to hopefully cover up the incident removes credibility regarding being honest with the university and a willingness to use his power in an unethical manner. Lying about it to the press and directly to the university seriously calls into question (being generous) the recognition of wrongdoing and determination to not repeat the "mistake" as well as further tarnishes belief in a willingness to be honest with a future employer. Text message records taken from a university issued cell phone not only shows an indifference to keeping the affair separate from work but it also shows a repeated pattern because she was not the only affair recorded upon the phone...

    These are enormous factors and risks that a university must take into account. Discounting them as merely not wanting someone with past personal indiscretions is nonsense.

    That doesn't even take into account factors brought about by the manner in which he has left programs. Uavel had problem players (drug-use, etc., problems not allowed by schools and that must be addressed by schools) when he left. Removing them left uavel in a talent bind. He left Atlanta in the middle of the season and he left Arkansas in April. Those are very inopportune times to leave a team with respect to bringing in a HC replacement. That is why blaming Arkansas' poor performance on his successor is an improper placement of blame. Finding better was not an option on the table given the timing. One of the ideal points of a leader is that he leaves his program (or whatever it is he leaves) in a state that it can continue to perform without him. Petrino is seriously lacking in that department.

    Heck, I'm not even saying no way to hiring him but rather that simply washing over these things as if they are nothing is nonsense. They are very real and very important considerations to be taken into account.

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