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How I see 2013 football class winding up.

  • Ok, as its sits, Joker and staff have 11 verbals. A nice haul thus far, you have Alvonte Bell and Khalid Thomas..both with offers from Ohio St, Fla St. Miami, Notre Dame, Clemson, ect ect. You have Jacob Hyde..theres not a better 2 gap run stuffing DT in the 2013 class than this me..I played for and coached football in Breathitt County...I've seen Hyde several a monster..throw him in there with Myron Pryor, Corey Peters..ect. Hyde could be the best of all after its said and done...his heart..his desire, motor, whatever you want to call it...Its there..its elite..and that means more than bench reps and 40 times...(see Randall Cobb).
    We got a couple tall, long, quick OT's in Justin Day and Jake Boynton...Ot's that are better suited to block the SEC's cat quick rushers. WE got a roadgrader in the making at guard in Ramsey Meyers..we got a kicker that is a cant miss...(this is much more important than most know). Blake McClain and Jalen Battle are two nice adds at db..Battle a hard hitting..athletic and rangy saftey and McClain a niced sized db that can play both corner and saftey.
    So..heres how I see the rest of our scholarships being taken.

    12. DeAngelo Yancey WR 6'3 195 4.5 AWesome looking kid with velcro mitts for hands..
    13 Rashard Fant WR/CB 5'10 168 4.42 Blazing fast athlete can help on either side of the ball.
    We need WR's like Yancey...I think pat Washington can pull him in and land his higher touted buddy in Fant as well (Fant has a FSU offer). This duo would be two huge "GETS" for the Cats. Helps two need areas...WR/CB..assuming Fant plays CB. I say let him start out wherever HE wants to to land him and go from there!!

    14. Jeremy Benjamin ILB 6'3 230 4.54 Kid looks 40. He is a grown man. Hits like one too. A terrific add for any program..I cant figure out why this kid dosent have like 50 offers. Has all the tools, the size, and the additude you want in a NFL lb, we need JB really really bad.
    15.Darren Dowdell TE 6'5 235 4.55 Atlanta Grady athlete has the size, speed and strength you look for in a recieving tightend. Plus, hes good friends with Yancey and getting DD would only help and vice versa...
    16 Devon Edwards TE 6'6 245 4.7 Columbus, Ohio native would be a big get from OSU's backyard. Edwards has the size and strength to be a perfect fit as a everydown TE in Jokers and Randy Sanders offense..blocks like a extra OT..can hold one edge...and has good enough quickness and athletic ability to get behind LB's and gash Defenses for those 15-25 yard hurters.
    17 Ryan Timmons WR 6'0 185 4.31 Kid has all the physical tools in the world...and knows how to use them. This would be the huge "Keep" for Joker. We have to land these non-louisville area in state kids to rise up. The Bluegrass State dosent put out many elite athletes...we need to keep as many of them as we can.I see James Quick going to OSU to play for Urban Meyer..I like Timmons a lot better than Quick anyway.
    18. Boaz Joseph CB 6'1 186 4.42 Big, physical cornerbacks are at a premium..with a slew of 6'4 and taller wideouts coming in each year. Boaz could be that guy opposite Marcus Caffey giving the Cats two very fast, very physical cover corners. Lets amp up the pressure on Boaz Joker!!!
    19: D'Andre Wilson CB 5'9 175 4.38 Ok, so Chocolate isnt a 6'1 190lb kid..but his long arms and recovery speed allow him to cover much taller wr's easier. Kids got a nose for the ball and isnt afraid to come up and smack people.
    20 Mykal Moody wr 5'11 180 4.4 Think Randall Cobb...this kid plays qb and wr, and db on defense. Has heart..something you cant coach!!

  • Like the list. i do think the staff adds one more olineman. and atleast two maybe three linebackers

  • Ah man, in the discussion of who we have, how could you leave out QB Phillips and JUCO DT Washington?

    So, you don't see us getting Swain as a jumbo DE (IIRC)? Who do you think he goes to instead?

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  • Don't count out the Alexander twins. Just had a 3-day visit at UK, and they are big fans of our coaching staff.

  • I'd love to get the Alexander twins and I wonder since UK already has several brothers in place if that might help with them. They might appreciate the family atmosphere. Got the Thomas brothers and the Blaylock brothers/cousin.

    Definitely want Yancey and Rashard fant. Timmons is high on the list. If we can get those 5 guys then I really don't even care how we finish out the class.

  • Moody ain't happenin'. Don't see us taking two TE's.

    I'll take your list with the following changes:

    -Mykal Moody
    +Mackensie Alexander

    -Chocolate Wilson
    +Mackenro Alexander

    -Darren Dowdell/Devon Edwards

    If no Timmons, which I doubt a little if we get Fant.



  • 2 things. If the Alexander twins stayed three days.....that's Huge. Josh, have you heard any movement on them?
    Then about Timmons. How does he and Fant compare? Seem similar sized atheletes.

  • Alexander twins would be monstrous. When I first heard their names associated with UK I didn't think there was a chance. Great news about a three day visit. I'm sure they liked what they saw, hopefully it is enough to pull them to UK.

  • I'm cautiously optimistic. I was about Drennon too though...that was an unfortunate turn of events though.


  • Don't forget about Cory Cooper. John Wall was apparently hosting him last weekend and presented him with a #11 UK football jersey that Cory and his family loved.

  • Timmons is far superior imho...Timmons is a legit 5'11 1/2, mabye 6'0 he goes 185...he also owns low 4.3 40 speed...Fant is 5'10 165...and owns mid to low 4.4 speed. Timmons is the best athlete to come out of Kentucky perhaps ever..if you add all the dimensions...size, speed, strength, vertical, intangibles. Timmons can make 2 guys miss in a phone booth. He can beat you deep, he can catch the ball in front of you then juke and make you miss..and he can leap over you as well. Could see the 1st ever player to gain over 1,000 recieving..and over 1,000 yards rushing in same season in SEC history (Assuming he goes to Uk or Arkansas.) oh, yeah..he could easily gain over 1,000 yards on returns could be looking at a historical type player in Ryan Timmons. Timmons is tough...he has a warriors heart. He doesnt have one ounce of quit in him. Fant is good...but at 165/170..hes not as fast or as big as RT. I still want Rashard Fant, however
    And heck yeah I want Maurice Swain..I mean..a 6'6 320 DE? Can you say PERFECT for the 3-4?? Its just I dont see us landing him with all the new attention coming, and about to come his way. If you asked me a month ago where Drennon would go..Id say..UK..after that Joker speech Dajuan gave about JP's genuine approach....then things happen...he goes to a ACC middle of the pack program in UNC thats had various recruiting scandals...(They must still be paying kidz..LOL) I mean..Greg Webb..and UNC? What gives? And If you check my previous wish list posts...for all of you who said Webb and Drennon wouldnt wind up together..(I was wishing or a Webb flip and Drennon verbal) I TOLD U SO! Its just we didnt get them...boooo...something wrong here...ACC is a has been conference...please Joker..stay on both Drennon and Webb. I call for a recount at UNC!! LOL
    Id also like to land JOnathan Cook..CB from Spanish Fort, Ala..that was the best rated performer at the Ole Miss camp where Yancey and Fant were...he was saying he wanted to hear more from 6'1 190 at corner..cmon Joker...whats up? Get back online with Cook and Higgins.

  • You've got me drooling over getting Timmons.

  • I wouldn't go as far as saying Timmons is far superior than Fant. Fant plays in talent riched Ga with an FSU offer. I was trying to see how they compared. I'd say they only take one or the other but I could be wrong IMO.

  • bro. Id love the TWINS. I just dont see us landing them. Moody and Wilson however..are practically begging to don the blue. Moody reminds me so much of Randall Cobb with better speed that it's scary. Watch his tape'll see what I mean. There is no questioning Moddys heart. Plays QB for Conway (like Cobb did at Alcoa) throws a nice 30 yard bullet with a tight spiral(much like Cobb) Runs about 50% of the time both in the gun and under center...theres one play vs. Myrtle Beach in which Moody outruns the entire MB secondary for a 60 yard plus TD.. only one close was D'Andre "Chocolate" Wilson..who rumor has it is a high 4.3 guy..Moody a high 4.4. Thats just hustle and heart. Moody will run through you, around you, or by you. Hes tough as cast iron.
    And on the TE's, yeah..I see us taking 2...Shields is a sophomore but the others are juniors..we need playmakers at Te. The duo of Dowdell and Edwards gives us the perfect 2..ones a fast, athletic flex type Te(DD) While the other is a 6'6 250ish kid with brute strength and pretty good hands...that would be Edwards.
    Of way we get exactly what i picked us to land...we alsways get a NSD it good or bad...(Good as in Justin Taylor...bad as in Jon Davis) I see some interesting things shaking out as all the Penn St kids decide where to go...some good kids gets pushed down or out of offers...its a 23/24 kid all the current PSU players that will take full opportunity of the free transfer..and that could lead to 50 plus kids going to other places than they initally intended. No matter what happens..2013 will be a very very INTERESTING recruiting year when it all shakes out.
    Id love for Hunter Bivin to flip to Uk..and Reon Dawson as well.. probably wont happen but who knows? An Ohio State or illinois or Notre Dame could get greedy...want to gobble up the Penn State leftovers...ask a kid to better way to piss a kid off...see Justin Taylor/Daryl Collins on that...both had rides to the best program in the country in Bama..both got asked to Greyshirt..both said screw you Saban..I'll see you on the other side...(Thank you so much Alabama!! We will take both and use them wisely!! And I see both being huge contributors going forward for us!)
    We also need like 3 great LB's. I see J.Benjamin (God, please..that kid is a beast!!) mabye Quentin James..we've had good luck with prep rb's te's moving to LB for us! And for #3 mabye Skai Moore...but Im sure Joker has his sights on a couple we dont even know about yet.
    I agree on the 1 OL, Id also like to see at least 2 more DL..with one rush end.
    Im telling you right now Uk is messing up not offering Jeffrey Canady..kid could help us at WR or DB. And im all for going after Kentayvious Hopkins (Bourbon co rb thats a freaksih athlete.) And if you ask me one kid Id want from Trinity...I would take Daylyn Dawkins...over quick, white, or Hatcher!!! DD is the son of a NFL great (Brian) and has more toughness than Quick in his pinky finger. DD runs a lot tougher than his 5'9 180 size and his acceleration is top notch. Hes also a great reciever/Kick returner and plays a mean cornerback..I think he was like 2nd team all state as a sophomore as a cb.

  • doubt. Thanks for reminding me. Cooper has been in all my previous "wish list" posts. Thank you John Wall!! Cooper looks to have all the tools you want in a SEC pass catcher. Another WR I forgot was Jonathan Howard of rochelle, Ga? 6'5 200 4.45? Id find room for him too!!

  • alright, you lose me when you go on the huge, LONG rants like this about players. Haven't seen anywhere where Moody has even remotely indicated that he is DYING to don blue. Your almost overly enthusiastic, almost delusional in some of your posts. Sorry, just how I feel. I get that your passionate, but just please tone it down a notch.

  • I would go that far. Kids from Ga have tons of programs looking at them. Kids from Ky dont...check out Timmons offer it to Fants...get back to me. I DO want Fant..dont get me wrong (If for no other reason than to get Yancey!) But Fant could help at CB/WR/KR. I dont care who we land..Joker will make room for can bet your last dollar, your house, heck..even your wife and kids on that. No way we wouldnt take matter what!(Shameless Orbitz gum plug of the day!!)

  • Do you guys that know more about the Alexaner twins than me..(which is just about everone) really, truly think we've got better than 50/50 chance here? Im just not seeing it. When it comes down to brass of the major Fla schools will offer Mackenro as well and Id say thats that. Mabye they want to leave the state though. I hope like hell we get them. But Jonathan Cook, a 6'1 190 CB from Alabama that was graded best player in camp in Ole Miss...where lots of talent was..Yancey/Fant..among others...was begging for Uk love a week or so ago...I say lets amp it up Joker!! We want kids that want to be here. Especially 6'1 190 CB kids that have that much skill!!

  • Yancey and Fant seem to be getting plenty of love from what I can tell. A 50/50 shot to land two nice DB's I'll take.

  • No reason rompcat...just I think Phillips will be hard pressed to see the field with Max Smith/Pat Towles ahead of him and hopefully Drew Barker coming behind him!! Also..david Washington..I coulda put a couple words in for ol DW..he will help us out a lot..especially post Cobble/Rumph for his senior guys like Hyde and any other DL committs time to adjust. DW can play inside at DT or the jumbo SSDE in the 3-4..he was quick..even regarded as a possible De coming out of high school when he first committed to us!
    Swain..I hope we do land him. 6'6 320ish..quick..long arms..perfect 3-4 SSDE that can als play DT. I just see the big guys coming in late on him. A lot could depend on where Montravious Adams goes, Jay Woods goes...if Ga, Bama, LSU fill up and dont knock his door down late..we have a great chance..but that being said..I dont see us beating out Georgia or a Bama/LSU/Fla ST for him when they do offer. Hope IM 100% wrong..I think we should offer his teammate Frazier..and allow the other two nice corners/dbs in truitt and the other kid to come in as preferred walk some coverage teams..fight for a scholarship when one open due to adademic ineligability!!
    Thaks for keeping me on my toes ROMP!!!

  • Man threads like this one are dangerous. We have that somebody heard the Alexander twins were on a 3-day visit which becomes fact in less than 5 posts time.

    I stand corrected MacKensie 3-day visit per Chris.

    Also Timmons is far superior to Fant? Fant is #148 on the ESPN top 150 and has a confirmed FSU offer. Since Jimbo has been there their recruiting has been lights out. I get Timmons being a Kentucky boy but evidence does not support the claim of Timmons being far superior to Fant.

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  • Oh, I want Yancey really really bad..I want Fant too..bad..but Jon Cook just went to thier smae camp and was graded best player at the camp...over all positions!! And Cook was just in a post not long ago saying he wants to hear more from UK...??? Tell me you wouldnt rather get a kid that wants to be here over one that comes just because its the best offer..because its the best program to offer him AND his best buddy...sounds like Jonathan Cook really wants to play at UK..but weve backed off for some odd..VERY cant coach 6'1 190 at CB. Mabye Fant had a bad day..but Cook was stellar according to the camps offical post/article. Yancey graded out very well..Fant played well in spots, but had trouble holding up against larger wideouts...and had some focus/drops issues when getting reps at WR. Thats just 1 camp though, I still want Fant...I'll take any kid with a Fla ST offer...something just tells me Fant will lure Yancey away from FSU or Ole Miss...hope Im wrong.

  • OK, "Bear" with me here for a few ticks Bearcatz... a 4 star..90 rating recruit by Rivals...Fant...a 2 star 78 rating. Yeah..Fant has a FSU offer..but past that Ole Miss, and UK, its Middle Tenn St, WKU, ect. Timmons has Arkansas, Uk, Purdue, illinois...with Ohio St, Bama, USC..both of em..getting ready to pop. And since this is 247 lets go by 247 ratings...Timmons..90/Fant 78. Timmons is 5'11..closer to 6'0 185..Fant..5'10, clsoer to 5'9..and 160...Timmons is much faster than Fant too. Timmons listed at 4.40/Fant at 4.48..I have personally watched Timmons run a 4.36 and have heard reports of 4.31.
    And as far as the competition they play..Atlanta is not the hotbed of Georgia..that would go to southern Ga, the Lagranges, Valdostas, ect ect. Timmons plays in 5A football..vs the Bowling Greens, Warren Centrals, Hardin teams..last year Timmons rushed for 1,382 22.3 yards per carry with 20 td totes..he also caught 38 passes..for 1,100 yards and 18 Tds..thats 28.9 yards per grab and nearly 50% (47%?) of hs grabs went for scores. Thats 100 touches for 2,482 yards and 38 Td's ..thats 24.8 yards per touch..scoring on 38% of those touches. That was Timmons junior year. Hes only getting bigger, faster, stronger as he matures into a man...I see Timmon ending up 6'0/6'1 195/200 and being one of those rare sub 4.3 40 guys with a 40" plus vertical. And hes tough to boot. Timmons is the 2 time regining 100m dash champ in state..and held fastest time last year regarless of class(A-6A)
    the only dangerous thing about this post is guys trying to turn it into Fant vs Timmons...I want Both ....Timmons can come in immeadiately and bring help to Uk's offense as both a reciever and a runner..and returner too. I just dont see many 160lb corners playing in the SEC. or 170 there are a couple..but 99% of guys 160-170 cant tackle a SEC RB like Lattimore, Trent Richardson, ect..and if they have to..they wont be long for the injury list.Fant can help us..just not as soon..he'll need to add some weight..get to his body can hold up. Timmons is SEC ready right now. That siad..I do not or do not claim to know it all..Im just going by stats..and my own personal views of Ryan Timmons..Ive never watched Fant beyond his highlight reel. Kid could be a just not holding my breath untill he adds weight and strength.

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  • Ill keep this short just for you Hogan!!
    Moody, in a post, said after his trip to Uk campus..loved it..I could definitly see myself wearing Blue! Its no secret Moody/D.Wilson are close friends and want to attend same college..sorry about the longer posts but I like to do more than write a sentence or three and call it a post..thats more of a tweet if you ask me..and me..being a writer/aspiring tend to get a tad windy. I do apologize..but I will never apologize for being enthusiastic about Uk football...I bleed questions..we could do with some more optimism..negative is so boring and it dosent help one bit, IMHO!!
    Go Cats!!

  • I think we definitely have a 50/50 shot with the Alexander brothers. All reports that I have read including stuff on Alabama boards after he left from camping there suggests that Mackenzie wants to start right away and play against the best competition. Alabama fans mentioned us as being the most likely to be able to give him what he's looking for. Reports say he won't choose Florida or FSU because they each have 5 DB's already committed.
    Another name that should be high on that wish list is JC DT Lauren Jackson. We are close to getting a commitment from him and he has offers from Auburn and Florida. DT is always a position to make room for a quality guy like this. A report on the Iowa site says his interest in UK comes from his relationship with coach Turner. Turner offered him while he was at Miss. State. This kid is 6'4" 300, don't see that too often here. I just became a member here and this is my first post, but I'll try to link the story from the Iowa site.

    Two schools stand out to East Mississippi CC

    The Hawkeyes are looking for immediate help at defensive tackle, and Lauren Jackson has emerged as an Iowa target. Click inside for the junior college DTs thoughts on Iowa.
  • See below apologies for the double

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