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Hunter Bivin to ND

  • I know alot of people may not like to hear or want to hear it but the bottom line is UK needs it's best home grown talent plus alittle help from southern states. It seems like Joker can never land those "on the fence" in state kids at a high rate. To be honest I can't remember the last time Joker did sway a kid like this. We need those types for the simple fact that everyone we play from top to bottom lands a couple like this every year.

    I know alot of people don't like what you have to say and I will admitt I sometimes don't like what you have to say, but the truth is you are right-on alot of times and it does suck to hear it but for the most part you tell it like it is. I called this Bivin to ND two days ago when I read what he had to say in regards to UK, Bivin said- "I've talked to Joker on the phone and saw him at their camp"... That's what he said, that's rediculous. Joker and CO should have been at this kids school, BB games and home 10 times the past 6 months. There are no excuse for going once a month to see a 2 star WR from GA/FL but not going 150 miles to see a top 10 National OT such as Bivin. While UK wasn't his "Dream School" I really do think that we had as good a shot as anyone because we had enough going our way that this could have been his school, he loved Summers and grew up a UK fan... I really think Joker got out worked on this kid, I really hope Joker didn't get out worked but from the way it sounds he may have slow-played this one way to much. Maybe now Joker will offer the talented Bloomfield kid if they haven't already.

  • Wow. I can understand if there is an article, but that trash is getting old quick. So next time any of us hear something should we post who said it, along with date and grid coordinates as well?

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    It smells like microwaved homeless people in here.

  • What are you talking about?! I did not say don't recruit them. I responded to Whitaker's post that the KY kids that leave the state rarely impact the teams they go to. But, that does not in any way imply they would not have had an impact at UK.

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  • Wow, we lost a kid to his dream school. Get over it. Pretending like we never compete for in state kids is ridiculous. We get the majority of of the quality in state kids available. Yes many of the big name kids go elsewhere but year in and year out we are dominating the state. Chapman, Towles, Hyde, Peters, and Couch just to name a few. The recruiting is still better and is still improving. Bivin is gone, move on focus on other kids we can get. Ths thread is really a little absurd. We lost an in-state kid in March to his dream school. Hell, fire Joke.

  • This is inaccurate. UK offered Harris plenty early enough. Strong sold his soul and offered him immediate playing time. He admits that he got caught up in the moment and should have committed to UK. It was not UK's fault. From a VERY reliable source. If UK had landed Harris, then Hunter would be a Wildcat at the end of the day.


  • Notre Dame is the only team I would root against if they were playing Tennessee.

  • Amen.

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  • + Louisville

    If Louisville played Notre Dame . . . shrug

    Pull for a scoreless tie I suppose.

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  • So? Doesnt matter if they go on to be stars or if they ride the bench for 5 years. bottom line is that the precious few times the state of Kentucky produces a prospect who has better opportunities than UK, they leave rather than stay more often than not.

    Lifelong Notre Dame fan, that that was an impossible mountain for UK to top, really? Really? What is he, 17, what has that program accomplished over that time span which inspires such an unbreakable bond? 2 years of redfaced Kelly, the awful Chuck Weiss reign, Willingham, Bob Davie? Think he is inspired to be on mediocre NBC broadcasts against Army & Navy, or get trucked by Southern Cal for 4 years? Sheesh.

    Brutal year of instate recruiting, just brutal. What is the often said lame excuse for the results of this football program, no instate talent to build on like other southern states do. Well here we are with a year having several excellent prospects who could go to just about any BCS conference school and how many is Joker going to land, probably none. This is exactly why so many of us demanded a change be made last season, that treading water with this coach another year would be such a useless waste. What should be done eventually should be done immediately. Instead we go through the motions with a lame duck coach knocking another year's worth off his buyout so it won't be so extravagant and look like the AD made a horrible hire.

  • +1.

    The writing is on the wall. If you don't get it done on the field or in recruiting... well, where are you going to get it done?

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am actually a really good friend of Raymond Lamar Dawson. He spent the night at my house idk how many times and we graduated together last year. One of the best guys I know to date, very humble of everything because no one on here actually knows what this kid has gone through. I wasn't a member when most people talked trash about him but boy did it anger me. He told me a couple weeks ago he plans on going pro either after this season or next. He's competing for a national championship this upcoming year. How can people still blame him? He wanted nothing more than to get out of the state and give himself the best chance to be able to provide for his family and the people who helped him and gave him a chance.

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  • What a novel thread this is!

    Kentucky recruit commits elsewhere in March = Joker Phillips should be fired.

    Personally, I think the loss of Hunter Biven is so huge that we shouldn't just fire Coach Phillips, we should just stop playing football altogether. No way we will ever successfully recruit an OT with offers from big name schools. Inconceivable.

    Hunter Biven is probably a great kid and I hope he succeeds in whatever he wants to do. But he's also potentially another lame-ass bandwagon fan that cheers for UK basketball and chose another football school to follow, judging by his comments on Twitter.

  • I have no doubt in ideal circumstances Joker could do well, like at GA or T A&M... If Joker were to ever coach in a state or at a school that produced enough good talent I know he could, but UK will never do much if we can't land a those "on the fence" kids at alittle higher rate. I will always support UK football and Joker as long as he's here but something has to change, who-ever said "joker always get the majority of the instate talent" isn't telling the 100% truth. He does get quality players but this year is a perfect example, there are 4 or 5 that could choose any school they wanted and how many are well really going to get? From the way it's looking it's Timmons or nothing... I really hope Joker can land that kid.

    As far as Bivin I still think Joker had enough going his way that we could have got the kid, but we didn't. Who ever said "get over it", is right. It's done now, it just sucks ____ to know such a talented kid got away in a year when all the other most talented instate kids have also seemed to get away. If we can't get the top kids Joker has to find away to get "good enough" prospects, recruits that are obvious athletes, not long shots... That doesn't mean we have to go out and get another 5 star but every year we have to get enough good talent wheather it be under rated 2's, 3's or 4 stars to compete. Not all 2 stars have "it" and not all 4-5 stars have "it" but 8 out of 10 times the system works out. Every year a coach has to land enough quality talent or they stand no chance. As of right now we are in dier need of OT's, Big ILB's, DT's. Of coarse those are the hardest spots to get good enough talent but for us to win Joker must find away when he misses on the Bivin's to land the Burton's (that went to Ole Miss, the OT Juco kid) when the time comes... Teams like Ark have shown you don't have to get a top 10 class to compete in the SEC, heck I know it's been said a ton but Vandy has also shown what i'm talking about. Bobby Johnson doesn't get enough credit, he never out recruited us by the rankings but he did get enough at the right spots that James Franklin (A fantastic coach, recruiter and great motivator) now has them where they can pull the upset on almost anyone.

    Joker has to keep tabs on the depth chart. We should never be down to such low mature O-line, DT, ILB numbers that a freshman will have to play. I know it happens but it is not fair at all to expect to win yet placing a OT (like the myrtle beach kid, Jones) out there (if someone needs a rest or if someone goes down to a injury) that needs so much strength and upper body mass . Jones obviously is a kid with potential but he's not a Miller type O-line prospect at this point. Miller was a much stronger and even more athletic, Miller was under-rated. Miller was alot closer to being ready same as the Watson kid from GA...

    The Watson kid is another perfect example of the type of player we must get when we miss on the Hunter Bivin's. Watson is a kid that may be able to provide quality snaps this year, because he has all the tools although he still needs to develop he has all the attributes that could allow him to play as a true freshman. Joker has had so much attrition and Brooks recruited so bad in his final years that Joker has been in the hole from day 1. Not finding enough SEC players in 08, 09 and 10 (eventhough 10 was pretty good, there were only 1 O-lineman, that can't happen) eventhough we were coming off some pretty strong seasons still has me upset. I really don't know how that happened. It takes O/D lineman to play and win in the SEC, period...

  • I have to disagree. Harris was looking for an offer and we held back. He jumped on UL and we offered him long after that. He had accepted the ride to UL for months before UK offered. Originally UK was his favorite. The football people in Owensboro and those who have connections with UK knew then that Hunter was going to be a big time player. He was already huge and very talented as a sophomore. Great family, big screw up by UK. Harris was plenty good enough to play at UK without his brother.

  • God dude you are writing novels. I'm sure you got some good stuff but damn.

  • The frustrating thing is that this time last year and plenty since then, most everyone "in the know" was saying that Bivin was UK's to lose and that he was all but projected to choose UK. It is VERY frustrating that we FINALLY have a year where there are a legitimate 4 or 5 players who will have tons of BCS offers, many of which will be from the traditional "big boys", yet we stand a very good chance of walking away with zero commitments from them. That cannot happen at a place like UK where we are in the SEC and rarely have lbig time SEC-caliber players come up through the high school ranks.

    That said, if we can get kids of similar caliber from somewhere else in this class, that is fine. Frankly, it doesn't matter if the player is from KY or North Dakota if they are of comparable talent. Nonetheless, we simply have to get better at finding a way to have a better shot at the few elite level kids who come out of KY. I know we got Towles and a couple of other really good players in this last class, but when we are already behind the proverbial 8 ball in recruiting in the SEC, we simply MUST have a coach who can sell the idea and vision of doing something special at UK to the in-state talent instead of watching most of them choose to go elsewhere. Winning obviously cures all, but there is a LOT more to successful recruiting than just throwing out good W/L records and bowl wins.

  • as to (1) above, therein lies the problem. We have almost no shot of getting comparable talent year in and year out from other places as the very best players in state. We are not going to get a LB as good as Lamar Dawson or a TE as good as Jon Davis from Alabama, Florida or Ohio, unless something very strange happens. We are also highly unlikely to sign an OL as good as Bivin or a WR as good as Quick from any other state either. The history of the Kentucky football program has demonstrated this year after year. Now, once we start winning 7 or 8 games a year consistently, things may change, but until then, we have to build from the inside out.

    (2) I was very, very much in favor of Joker taking over from Brooks, because I really thought he could recruit a lot better. But honestly, I can't see much difference in what is happening now under Joker than what was going on in 2005-2009.

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  • I don't care where the players come from either, IF they are just as talented. Vandy just dipped back into Georgia and beat out the Vols for a high 4 star LB (their second 4 star commit from Georgia thus far). Vandy isn't relying on in-state talent. If they can pick up 4 star players out of state throughout the South, why shouldn't we be able to do the same?

  • Although that may be true in many instances, I don't think it ended up being true with Dawson and I don't expect it to be true with Bivin.

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