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I got killed on here before the FB season.

  • Fact is Vandy is where we were 4 years ago. Winning our non-conference games and winning 3-4 SEC games. Vandy has totally passed us in recruiting, coaching, and administrative concern about football. There is no reason Vandy should have out scored UK 78-7 in back to back games. Vandy has been blown out of one game. They were in their other losses late in the game. Their recruiting is making UK look worse than an OVC school. UK can never be a Georgia, Florida, or Alabama in football but good grief we should never be blown out by Vandy in back to back years . Matt you know full well that what has taken place with UK football is disgraceful. I live in Nashville and can't stand Vandy fans but I don't care who you are you have to tip your hat to the job that Franklin has done considering the mess he found. They had far less talent than Joker has but he has won with 2 star and low three star talent. How good will they be with back to back top 20 classes.