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I like Joker not putting the True Frosh in the Spotlight.

  • He raved about the talent of Sweat, Mobley, Taylor, and Legrer. Also talked up Demarco but Joker isn't putting these guys in the spot light. He understands that this a huge game, a rivalry game and sometimes experience is just as important as talent.

    He knows he needs these kids to make the most of there time on the field, but not singling them out with huge expectations.

    I want to say I love the size, we have at Corner. Young yes, but can't teach size.

    I think Joker has really learned how to be a Head Coach. Brought in some great positions coaches, getting actual position players.

    No matter what happens, with tickets, the season, I feel that this year, the growing pains, and the improved player recruiting really sets us up for a big 2013, and in no way should the administration consider releasing this staff.

    Loved that quote by Randy Sanders who said everyone told me just beat UT! This staff beat Spurrier, beat UT and been to a bowl game 1-2 years. No first year coach at UK has had the success Joker has had.

  • Good post. I agree about the freshmen. They will all see plenty of snaps, but with the importance and intensity of UK vs ul I like that they can get a feel for the game on the sideline before going in. And Joker has been very complimentary of the leadership of the upperclassmen so getting them into it early is good too.