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Ignore recruiting rankings - best Kentucky class ever

  • Its all about wins on the field . All the talk in the world can't change the fact that UK is an SEC school playing SEC teams with these players. Recruiting has always been about hits and misses even for the top schools.

    UK needs depth to win in the SEC, something they have not had since Curci was coach. The reality is that UK has gone over 35 years without a winning record in the SEC. That is the next streak UK needs to end and to do that requires many years of good recruiting. It does not have to be great but it will get better as you win. Winning cures all recruiting woes.

    As far as I am concerned, the only thing now that really matters is


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  • I agree. Legree and Sweat are two prospects that can be very, very good at WR. Neither was given much love in recruiting, but both were very good against great competition in talent-rich areas. Legree combines size, good speed, and great athleticism (7' high jumper) with the ability to catch everything. He's been undervalued and I could see him making the rotation this fall. Sweat comes from a run-first offense and didn't get a great deal of opportunities to catch the ball. As a result, he's on the raw side and will need a year to grow into the position. He also needs to add strength. But, his value entering school is on ST. There was no more dynamic punt and kick returner in GA, and maybe the south. Sweat competes in GA's most stacked region and dominated in the return game. We all know how badly that skill is needed at UK.

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