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I'll never attend another game or give money to the K Fund

  • pdsimpson73 said... (original post)

    But TCU, Boise and Oregon are different situations. They don't recruits against Alabama, LSU, Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina, etc., etc. just inside their own conference. Oregon fights USC but that's about it from a consistently elite standpoint. Boise's conference brethren are terrible. TCU is the same way. I think we would all agree it's easier to build when you don't have to beat your head against 8 of those type teams each and every week, and on the recruiting trail.

    Not to mention those schools are football schools. Big time football players go to big time football schools, not basketball schools. They want to go to schools with administration and fans/boosters that are football crazed, not schools that have a 1,000 people show up for the Spring Game IF the weather's perfect.

    People can tout how many tickets to CWS we sell all they want but recruits know and are told/reminded by rivals where our true passion lies. Then they go to CWS and see late arrivals, early leavers, empty bleacher rows, and general fan apathy. It's undeniable. We have games every year that have to compete with horse racing. We have people living around the stadium that gripe and complain about the game day atmosphere and they fight it successfully via the local government. Every dollar we try to spend on football is met with bureaucratic resistance.

    Let's face it folks, we aren't now, never have been, and never will be what we think we should or can be, the environment just isn't conducive enough for it to happen.

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  • Jeff Drummond said... (original post)

    Folks using Vandy as an example to vent are in for a very rude awakening the next three Saturdays.

    Vandy will at least make those games competitive for a while. The chances of Vandy winning one of those games isn't good. But the sad reality of this current UK team is the last 5 years every game UK played I could think at least of a scenario where they maybe had a shot to pull the upset, this team I have ZERO faith and its getting back to the Curry days of not even expecting to compete. Its one thing for UK to lose, but to have already lost in the minds of the fans before the game has started is what is going to get Joker fired and I'd say 80% of the fan base has that mentality right now. All us fans want is hope. There is none right now with Joker Phillips. This whole #RISE campaign is going to bite Joker in the ass. He was wanting us to think this program is on the rise but the last 5 or 6 games has been anything but a team on the rise. It is obvious there is a major problem inside the program right now. Joker is a sitting duck. Next year's schedule is just absolutely brutal. Drop Ole Miss and pickup a away game against Arkansas.

  • pdsimpson73 said... (original post)

    So Vandy has two nice games and all the sudden it is being used as something to further unhappiness with UK's administration? That's ridiculous. Hal Mumme played a 'nice brand of football' and you saw how long that lasted and what ultimately happened. A lot of coaches have had a few nice games and then reality sets in.

    The fact of the matter is the people who don't like Barnhart won't ever like Barnhart. It will always be something. First it's he won't put money into football, then he does and it becomes, well, he doesn't care because he didn't do more. Nothing will ever be good enough for the part of the fan base that thinks Kentucky ought to be competing for the SEC crown every year. No amount of money is suddenly going to change that.

    I just wonder if the ones who constantly complain that he doesn't care about football or won't put anything into it have actually ever spent any real time talking to the man. Because if you did, you'd know that's about the most inaccurate thing out there. Just because it's not as easy as people on the outside seem to think or want it to be doesn't mean they don't care and don't WANT to be consistently good.

    It doesn't really matter if fans like Barnhart or not. It doesn't really matter if fans have realistic expectations on spending levels or not. It doesn't really matter if fans think Barnhart is passionate or not. It doesn't really matter if Barnhart is passionate or not.

    What matters in the end is the product being produced. It seems to me that all these other arguments don't really matter.

    Are you saying the program is in good hands and headed in the right direction? The low quality product we've endured for decades suggests otherwise.