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Jalen Battle

  • I'm evaluating what I see on film... What I see on film is three edge players... End of story... Battle is not as good as those three IMO, sorry I don't share yours I have that right.

  • In my novice opinion I kinda liked what I saw. If he can add weight and the kid just really loves to hit people he could be good.

  • I hope so. I don't like posting negative comments so this will be my last post about Battle. I just hate it that we are a SEC school and can't land a proven Safety prospect. A team stands alot better chance when they get kids that are familiar with their projected position. My source told me this kid will play Guy's old spot, to play that position Battle will need to be every bit of 220# he also has very little wiggle room when gaining that much mass. If he doesn't add very lean mass he will loose what athleticism he has.

    All of us have saw kids move from Safety to LB, i've only witnessed a hand full move from OLB to Free safty... One example was Winston Guy, in HS he played OLB Steve Brown tried everything to develop him into one of the leagues top Free Safeties but nothing worked. I can honestly say I never said a bad word about Winston because I really liked the kid and I knew he was doing all he could, he just didn't have the background or skill set.

    Once Minter came and moved him up in the box at SAM LB he took like a duck to water. The spot was almost perfect for Guy, if Minter could have showed up for the 10 season Guy would have had two years to prepare and would have no doubt played in the mid 220's. Winston could have been the ideal player if he was just alittle stronger at the POA, however he still done a good job and fit SAM much better than Free safety. Battle reminds me alot of Guy except Guy is 6'1 and more athletic, both played OLB in HS.

    Listen guys i'm not wanting to argue, I really do hope all of you are correct and i'm wrong (I really do) it just sucks that we can't go out and land kids with alittle better odds of being a true impact player at the safety position, like the Blaylocks, Lowery and Faulkner. GO CATS!!!