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Jim Burr no call

  • I agree that calls should be made without regard to situation (time, score, etc) but as I understand the concept of advantage/disadvantage, fouls and/or violations are ignore unless they are egregious or they give one player a decided advantage (hence the fact that traveling is seldom called on the perimeter unless a guy gains an advantage while starting a drive while it culd be called dozens of times every game because guys almost always travel after reeiving a pass).

    As for fouls, the game is physical and a foul could be called on almost every play. The advantage/disadvantage concept, when enforced consistently, allows for game flow to develop and for players to adjust to th way the game is being called. But to call everything that is techically a foul would so disrupt the game flow that it would become unwatchable -- like the first half of the Ole Miss game (although the inconsistency of the officials was a problem as well).