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Joker Phillips to Florida?

  • Just a thought--wonder if the idea of hiring Joker now (they really haven't had a receivers coach all year) is insurance in case Pease leaves and Muschamp needs somebody to help run the offense for the bowl game?

  • Congrats to Joker. Wish he was our OC..guy can call plays..and recruit. Uk was among the best offenses in the nation with Joker calling the plays. I think JOker was just too laid back..too casual of a guy and the pressure of being in constant spotlight got to him. He is a terrific coach and offensive mind..he just works best from the shadows so to speak.
    I wish him luck..personally..hope he moves on soon to a different gig. The Gators are one team I will not EVER root for. Steve Spurrier is to blame..running up the score mercilessly. The Gators are a great team..and I guess i should be a good fan and forgive them for I hate the gamecocks,.and used to like them pre-SS.
    Joker loves football..lives it..he's a son of BBN..i will always pull for Joker..its gonna be hard tho..LoL

  • Yes..Joker is a very good recruiter. He relates to kids well..forms relationships. He is also a very good offensive mind. When he was calling plays..our offense was pretty explosive and creative. With the athletes you guys keep down in Gainesville...Joker will help you guys tremendously. With Musc's defense and Joker running the guys will probably be in line for a SEC crown next year...and the BCS Title that comes with it.
    Joker is also one of the best evaluaters in football..he can pluck a diamond in the rough on a yeraly basis. Cobb, Trevathan, Lindley, in the NFL and none were highly rated or recruited. Our WR's under Joker were the best UK's had..Burton, Steve Johnson, Dicky Lyons, so many more. Joker will be a huge asset to the Gators..I wish we coulda kept him as OC..LoL. Good luck!
    As far as spots Joker recruited well..Lagrange, Ga..Stone Mnt...he has ties into S.Carolina from his days as Holtz's WR coach and rec. coord. And Sc puts out a bunch of elite talent. Now he's at Florida..he will no doubt haul in a lot of top tier talent.Joker Phillips is a first class guy..his players love him..we all hated that he couldnt get it done here.

  • I don't care what Joker Phillips said publicly. Based on some conversations I had recently he wasn't happy with how things fell out and he used his staff as surrogates to voice that displeasure. He's not stupid enough to burn bridges as an alum. He knows he'll need his connections at UK one day.

    This next part is fourthhand (It comes from a former player to a former player to my BIL who is on a staff with that former player to me) so it's not worth much but the way it was told to me Phillips felt handcuffed by Brooks' staff and that he wishes he'd had jumped at another job because now he thinks he'll never be a HC or even a coordinator again after the failure at Kentucky. Which is why he jumped on the Florida job right away despite his public comments. From what I was told this UF thing has been in the works for awhile.