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LEX 18 Rumor of Wiltjer Transfer

  • Chris has also said over and over again on this site that Wiltjer committed sight unseen to UK when he knew the roster was going to be loaded and has no reason to transfer, nor has he heard anything suggesting he would. That's why the staff was surprised. They didn't think he would commit without having visited.

  • OK--let's see if I can put this to rest

    First of all, it was never my intention to start a major s**tstorm on this board. If Greg is indeed well-connected as most seem to believe, I shall look forward with interest to his insights and observations going forward. I profess to be nothing more than a fan, and I shall indeed stick to that role. I certainly have no desire to be publicly humiliated.

    However, I do reserve the right to disagree with anyone's opinion either expressed or passed along. Even the experts can be wrong occasionally, and for the three? scouts who are bullish on Wiltjer's future as a pro, might it just be possible there may be those who are not?

    It was also never my intention to personally attack Kyle Wiltjer or urge his transfer--I still believe it is legitimate to at least speculate on that possibility given the abundance of talent that will be on board next year. What if Wiggins does sign? Does that change anything? Is it still in the kid's best interest to remain?

    I also still believe that Wiltjer, based on what I'm seeing out there (and no, I don't pretend any position of authority) is and will not be an NBA player. First of all, which of the frontcourt positions will he guard? And please don't say they'll simply go zone while he's in there-don't you believe that will be figured out and exploited in very short order?? Secondly, everyone seems to concede he is a one dimensional scorer-and if you expect to get paid in the League, that one dimension had best be mighty good-and to date, that dimension (shootist) has not been proven good enough-especially given the pace and defense played in the pros-not to mention the additional distance. In my most humble opinion, he doesn't seem to have the physical tools to overcome these deficiencies.

    Hopefully now, peace has been made. And I welcome any discussion w/any Cats fan on any topic-although we may respectfully disagree-hope many will attend the spring football game, as I fully intend to. Kentucky now and forever-through any weather...

  • You have misinterpreted what he stated. He never suggested the NBA loves him as a lottery pick this year nor in the future. He was merely stating that they like his niche which is a 3pt shooter. Right or wrong some NBA scouts are still looking for that next Dirk or Euro style 3pt specialist who is tall.

    I personally don't think Kyle will have much of an NBA career. However, I think in order for him to make it to the NBA that he would best be served by staying at UK with the plethora of talent that will be on hand. They will help him get better in practice, to become more mentally tough, aggressive, and hide his flaws in the games that will all be beneficial and help his stock. IF he were to transfeer to a school with lesser talent then he will be exposed just as he was this year. Just my humble opinion.

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  • Oh, and regarding the KW/Behannon recruitment. IIRC they wanted them both but took the first to commit. Once KW committed CB opted for UL. I'd love to have had CB but if he had came to UK he likely would have been a 1 and done.

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  • Didn't Coach Cal say he was run down. The kid needs to make a commitment to strength and conditioning. Go Cats!!