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Legitimate question here

  • It seems that everyone is rather tense and defensive after todays debacle. It seems that if anyone questions game planning or recruiting that they are some how not real fans or they are just ripped to shreads with name calling and sarcasm. With that said I do have a serious question and I would like to get everyones thoughts. After the game Cal said some players are not coachable. During the game he told Goodwin that he cant coach him. My question is, why does he continue to start him then. It has been obvious that Archie is out of control and seems to be only thinking of himself at times. I have thought for some time that Cal should send him to the bench to try to get his attention, yet he continues to start him. It just seems that this would cause some on the team to be a little upset that a fellow teammate is constantly going against the coach yet being rewarded with playing time. Same for Harrow. He left the team at the start of the season and then comes back to a starting position over other players who were there busting their butts in practice everyday. Again, this is not an attack on coach. It just seems some of the bad attitudes have been allowed to go on for to long and now they are hurting the whole team.

  • I agree with you and find myself asking the same questions. If someone is not coachable, the best way to get his attention is to sit him on the bench and leave him there until he shows he will play for the team and do what the coach tells him to do. If he's sitting on the bench, he's not showing anything to the NBA scouts and his stock goes down, so I would think that would be some incentive for him to start doing the things he needs to do. I also agree that when you see someone with that attitude get rewarded for it by starting and play a lot of minutes, it is harmful to the team. I just don't see any other way to view it.

    You can take the man out of Kentucky, but can't take Kentucky out of the man. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  • If he benches Archie who is going to start in his place. He benched Alex and Ryan, so if you started WCS, Kyle, Hood, and Polson, who would be your fifth?

    Not that I disagree that he should be benched, but I am not sure you can bench everyone.

  • Harrow didn't come back to a starting position. When he returned he came off the bench for four games, playing just nine and 18 minutes in the first two of those. He was inserted back into the starting lineup and played very well for a month, so well that he may have been UK's second-best player behind Noel for that stretch. Who knows why he went back into his funk a few weeks ago, but his playing time has been going down in the past few games, not even reaching 20 minutes.

    In Goodwin's case I think it's a matter of not really having another option, but more than that the staff realizes he's the only player on the roster who can athletically get his own shot (even if many of them are of poor quality) and they have enough trouble scoring in the halfcourt that they need that.

  • 1. Not sure that many people are that defensive. I haven't really seen that much name calling. (Except one.)

    2. You talk about archie, but archie isn't even the worst. Ryan harrow won that category by a long shot. Have you seen the stat like this?

    18 minutes 0 0 0 0 0 5pf 1 TO
    and his minute has plummeted.

    3. We just don't have players. Coach Cal went after more people. Do you remember the day Shabazz and Nerlens commited? His announcement he made. How he can't get everybody. I thought we lost out on both Shabazz and Nerlens. It's clear that Coach Cal wanted Shabazz, and as selfish he is would still help.

    After that we went after transfer players like crazy too. I think it was pretty clear that Coach Cal realized we lost more than he was expecting. I don't think even he was expecting some of the success we have gained.

    Imagine if we had Lamb. drool...his style would completely be perfect for this year. He can play the 1 most of the time and let archie play the 2 and he would succeed slightly better since, NO defender will leave lamb.

    but sometimes thing don't go as planned. Kanter suspension. Meek staying. NN late arrival / injury.

    We have had some bad draws, but we still won and we still went to final four.

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