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List of 2013 potential one-and-dones

  • From ESPN's Paul Biancardi and three Cats make the list--Nerlens Noel, Alex Poythress and Archie Goodwin.

    Nerlens Noel, C (Everett, Mass./Tilton School)
    College: Kentucky

    With Anthony Davis pretty much guaranteed to be the No. 1 pick in the 2012 draft and Noel potentially being one-and-done, it's not farfetched for Kentucky to have the top NBA pick in back-to-back years. Noel has mastered the art of blocking shots and will be the best shot-blocker in college basketball next year. His explosion, length, 7-foot-4 wingspan, excellent timing and basketball IQ allow him to block shots and impact every game he plays in. He makes his opponent think twice about putting up a shot in the lane. He can erase a teammate's defensive mistake and even start a fast break. Plus, Noel is still a factor defensively when he leaves the paint, because he will contest jumpers or hedge out on ball screens.
    His offensive game needs work, but he has a solid jump hook and can drive from the high post and score with a left-handed finish. Noel can capitalize on drop-off passes and offensive putbacks, which he finishes at the rim with either hand. As he gains strength and girth and learns the nuances of how to gain leverage in the post and improves his feel for the game, he will even become even more of a force.

    Comparison: Marcus Camby

    Alex Poythress, SF (Clarksville, Tenn./Northeast)
    College: Kentucky

    At 6-8 with a wingspan over 7-0, Poythress already has the body of an NBA small forward, and his skill set is starting to catch up. He can dominate a game with his versatility and athletic ability because he can beat his opponent by outrunning him, shooting jumpers over him, beating him with his dribble-drive game or posting him up and finishing strong at the rim. His long-range jumper is improving, but his competitive spirit is already there, and he has a chance to be one of Kentucky's top scorers in the upcoming season.

    Defensively, he brings great value because he can guard either forward spot, is not afraid to battle in the post, is quick enough to defend along the 3-point line and is a good rebounder.

    Comparison: Andre Iguodala

    Archie Goodwin, SG (Little Rock, Ark./Sylvan Hills)
    College: Kentucky

    He is a combination guard with NBA size who should have the ball in his hands quite a bit at Kentucky. Goodwin is terrific in the transition game because he can rebound down, take a bust-out dribble and go all the way to score or deliver an assist. Plus, he is one of the better dribble-drive players in the 2012 class because he can make plays for himself or teammates. However, he needs to polish up his long-range jumper and show he can make open 3s and shoot behind a ball screen.
    On the defensive side, he can be very good keeping his man out of the lane while closing out on shooters and contesting shots.

    Comparison: Joe Johnson

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