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Listening to sports radio today

  • Bump. C'mon Todd

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  • Wow, its hard to believe that you were that bored.

  • I guess listening to todd, why show up? Todd, that's the most manlove I have ever heard for ul except from ul fans.

  • Ha! He probably was in the very back row at their Spring Game with a big trench coat on......

  • Todd

    I am curious to the thought process behind such a statement. Have you seen all the sophomore QBs in the country this Spring? Do you do talent evaluation for a living? How old are you? How long have you been watching football?

    You can't just make statements that are so final without stating your qualifications to do so or atleast how you came to such decisions. I could pick every sentence of every post apart just as I am the one above, but I already have a job that I am getting paid for.

    edit: You can question him without the snarky toddly nickname that is asking for a retaliatory post. cobbycobb

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  • I bet he got his favorite player Teddy Ballgames Autograph. YUCK!

  • Bridgewater was freshmen all-american after last season, i.e. the best freshmen QB of 2011. Unfortunately he seemingly is what we were afraid a 5 star QB with offers from all the big-boys would develop into for UL. If UK can't get consistent pressure on him and lets him sit back and throw to ultra-talented receiving corp against our extremely inexperienced corners, it will be a looooooong day.

  • I don't put a nickname on here because I don't care if someone knows my first name when I comment. I'm also not a child, sorry I don't use my call of duty name... I'm not going to type something and hide behind a nickname. I have no bones with people who do have a NN but I guess it didn't cross my mind that if I don't type something everyone wants to hear I may get slammed for it. I guess you could also say i'm not very creative.

    I promise I didn't wear a trench-coat but if I did wear a Trench Coat I may not be someone you want to blast, over a sport??? I wore a black and blue UK T-Shirt, yes I did catch some flac over it but those things don't bother me. All i'm telling some of you guys are facts and what real "EXPERTS" are saying, I don't claim to be a expert. I've been around FB my entire young life, i'm 27, played from 5th grade on, played NAIA ball in college at Cumberland College now known as the Uni of the Cumberlands @ OLB/Rush-Backer.

    Some people like to fish, some like to hunt, FB is my most prized hobby among a couple other sports. I've read numerous books and like I said played the game for pretty much 10 years but been involved for 17. I do know defensive football and I do know a talented kid when I see one that's why I get so upset to see kids like Joey B, T Harris or Jeffrey Canady not getting offered. One reason for me thinking UofL can be a good team may just be the fact that they looked great the day I was there. Like I said I knew some guys at the SG and they told me that rumors were going around that he didn't throw a pick all through SP. Mark it down their WR's/RB's/QB's (even Stein) are all ahead of ours. I don't like saying it, but i'm not going to say we are all around better if we aren't. We do have some very talented kids that would easily start on UofL's team, I never said they are BAMA.

    I want Joker and Co to do great but you know as well as I do that Charile Strong has a much better pedigree. Strong is one of the best D-Cords in the country and like others not just myslef have said, "if he does win 8 or 9 games this year, he will end up at a major program" like we all know he wants. I will admitt I am high on TB, he can spin the ball, he's very accurate and very athletic. He's a smaller quicker and "possibly" more accurate version of Patrick Towles. I never said they will beat us by 40 like SCAR, however they are talented on OFF and have a ton of speed on their back-end on defense. And like I said if Philon stays healthy they have the ability to be a very smoothering Defense due to all the speed and his penetrating ability in the 3 technique. Only one of their starting LB's has SEC size but all seem to read and fly to the football. They will be a good zone-blitzing Defense.

    As far as the personal stuff i'm not going to even get into that, I don't enjoy talking crap on the net. Don't let a honest opinion of only 1 scrimmage bother you that much, this is still just a game and yes I do think we could beat UofL but we will need some guys to really work hard and some freshman to really step up and contribute like Lowery or Coleman done this past year. In a conf that allows better player development for a team that is rebuilding (by allowing a coach a chance to redshirt more, since they aren't playing LSU's and GA's week in and out), a school that actually makes it a point to keep both major sports as equal as possible and with a "Highly touted" coach with ties to FLA & a staff that has two of the best recruiters in the country in Bedford and Hurtt it was just a matter of time before they would seem to pass UK up.

    All of that can change if Joker could manage to get a few lucky bounces and find a solid replacement for Danny T at ILB along with a couple more playmakers that are big enough to go over the middle. Good WR's need to be able to block and not only be limited to certain routes like verticals, Outs and deep crossing routes like Marco is. I love the kid and he does have very good hands, to bad he isn't 180+#... We need to have a ton of kids come in ready to contribute and help especially at WR/RB/LB/CB if that happens we could be fine, if Brian Adams returns that would be great, Pat Washington is night and day a better position coach that T was, although I would take T back in a sec... I do think there is a chance that Whitlow and Collins end up being very good WR's. Whitlow IMO (if he has a good work-ethic) could be just as important as any recruit in this 12 class. Watson and Toth should both help out as well. One other kid I think will be in the two deep if they they don't overwhelmed by the learning curve is Mobley, he has good quickness eventhough he's a 210# 18 year old, he also has better vision than any RB on our roster, I just hope he has good ball security...

    The primary reason UofL's starting qb was a All-American freshman and seems to be really coming into his own isn't just because he is a talented former 5 star player. It's because he's much like a Bud Dupree or a Ashley Lowery, he's smart and works on his game year around. He has also been on campus longer than most Sophmores to be because he joined their team in Jan last year not the fall. It also doesn't hurt when you have weapons, depth and competition at the skill positions. Comp at the skill position is the number 1 reason why their Off is where it seems to be right now. I'm not the only UK fan that was there, I counted over 20 people in blue and white at their SG. Don't hold it against me that I wanted to get a early look at our instate rival and trust me I'm no UofL fan. I'm a UK fan that wants alittle more than a 500 record... If Joker can muster up a few W's against teams we aren't suppose to beat and he can save his job that would be great because I do think if he can sign another top 40 class to go along with two very under-rated 11 and 12 classes we could easily get back to 7-8 wins a season if not more. That will ride on the ability of these past two classes to stick together and work their butts off. If they do, I do not think UofL will start another streak on us... But if Joker can't fill in the blanks with quality players, stay healthy and develop some depth then go ahead and get ready for a 2+ Td loss. Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings.

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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one that has saw TB and UofL play last year after UK's meeting with em... Thanks.

  • I literally laughed out loud at the "best freshman QB" and "best soph QB" comments.

    Dude average like 150 YPG last season. Made huge mistake and huge mistake in their bowl game. Not to mention clock management reminiscent of the Vikings draft debacle a few years ago. Kid has physical talent no doubt but imo simply doesn't seem to have a high football IQ. Id be willing to bet that Agent Smith at the apparently vastly inferior UK team will have a better year stat wise. I think he (Maxwell) throws 20-25+ TDs.

    Next, their "ultra talented WRs"....ummmmm really?...REALLY? When did that happen? Their team had 14 passing TDs from "the best soph QB" in the country.
    LaRod King, who was ripped all year for having a massive disappointment Jr campaign had half of that with 7 TDs, and he had next to no QB spinning the pill to him, not like this elite WR core at UofLOL with the nations best forgive me if I am a bit confused by your analysis or massive pile of hot steaming BS...whichever you prefer.

    But what do I know right? I'm guessing after reading your breakdown I think its in the best interest of the program to forfeit that game to save starting the season with devastating humiliation that would probably be such a crushing and embarrassing loss that it would break the spirits of our players and result in a winless season. Obviously its much better not to show up and focus on the rest of the schedule.

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  • However you want to look at it but as of right now UK football is the hot steaming pile of BS. You and I both know it. I went to their spring game and countless other "experts" thought the kid "TB" was good enough to be a ALL-American but yea he sucks, it's also impossible for him to improve or a bunch of fre, soph and JR WR's to improve as well. I never said they were great I said they were athletic and talented, big differnece. Heck none even dropped any passes that's better than ours already. I love UK but UK football is horrid right now especially at WR. Max isn't playing bad but he's ultra conservative, but I don't blame him since he's throwing to WR's that don't have any buisness playing SEC ball.

    And you really want to brag on King like he's a number 1 WR... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's funnier than anything I said, he's not even a number 2 SEC WR let alone a number 1... LMAOAY!!!!But as far as your assholish tone I'll be at all the games, rooting our bad team on if you would like to chat, i'm really all for it.

  • Damn... it's getting hot in here. I'm going to stand in front of a fan now... carry on! argue

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  • I bet you're one of those "fans" that goes to games and then starts insulting the coaches and players? Yes - No?

    You know the ones, they sit behind the bench shouting obscenities regardless if little kids are sitting beside you.

    And just for the record UK Football is NOT a "steaming pile of BS".

  • 1.) I haven't seen a mancrush like yours towards TB since Perez Hilton when Brad Pitt showed his ass in the movie Troy (to note...I may have developed one myself lol...joking...kinda)

    2.) yeah, they can mos def improve, but I guess you refuse to think that our boys can...SMFH

    3.) My reference to King...thanks for making my point for me. You just completely ripped the kid, which btw is a total violation of site rules. Not to mention you called our program a hot steaming pile of BS, another blatant violation. And I'M THE ASSHOLE? Who's ripping a group of kids playing for a program your SUPPOSED to be a fan of and who's ripping an idiotic and crack indused post????

    4.) yeah...assholish tone is EXACTLY what you get when you come on this site and rip my Widcats, make ridiculous statements about UofLOL and promote your Loserville love fest agenda, all under the fake guise of a UK fan.

    As for talking about it...absolutely. Feel free to look me up. Ill be tailgating with USMCATFAN, Cobby, Warmother (JJ if you need a ticket my man) and anyone else who wants to hang out. I'm sure USMCATFAN would be more than happy to give you directions to his spot.

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  • Sorry if facts are an inconvenient thing that you deny. Bridgewater WAS named Frosh AA for 2011, you tell me Tommy, what other measure one could use to determine the best freshmen quarterback in the country? And what names would you list as being better? Probably a little early to crown him best Soph QB, I'd agree with that...but his spring game numbers were awfully concerning.

    You'd better not bet very much Tommy on which QB will put up the better numbers, because you would likely lose. Need you be reminded of what schedule Bridgewater is going to be throwing against, and what Smith will be attempting to complete passes against? That is the entire subject of this thread after all.

  • So when UK plays 1 vs 2s in the spring game, its not a big deal because the stats came against the 2s...when UL plays 1 vs 2s, stats become awfully concerning...I see.

    BTW, Teddy Bridgewater is right up there with the top Sophomore QBs...but that doesnt put him in the top QBs in college football category or anywhere close. The double standards of judging things are ridiculous though, especially when it is negative towards the Cats and give the benefit of the doubt to UL.

  • What facts would you be talking about? Him being fresh AA? On that line of thinkin (and I apologize in advance for using another sport as a ref) that last year Harrison Barnes was the best Freshman in college hoops last year because he was an AA (not just fresh AA) actually that would have made him top 5 player in all of college hoops right? I'm sorry but just because he was named fresh AA doesn't make him the best soph QB by any stretch. Id take the fresh (soph this year) QB at UF any day. And yeah, ill take Maxwell over TB this year.

    Everyone screams about how TERRIBLE the Big Least is yet your boy TB averaged 161 YPG and 14 TDs...modest at least. So if he's so awesome why were his numbers so modest against a HORRID conf? Well...?
    How would "Teddy Hiesman" fare against The SEC?

    The notion that UL's WRs are so much better than ours when King alone had half their combined receiving TDs is laughable.

    I will say this about TB, he took an absolute BEATING in that bowl game and showed great toughness. That's about all I could say about the kid. He made some crucial mistakes, terrible throws, and god awful time management at the end of that game.

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  • I'm sick of hearing about Teddy... it's Water under the Bridge.

    Hell yes, pun intended. lol

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  • There was no worst major conference in America than the ACC last year. Wasn't even close.

    BE had 3-4 teams that could beat anyone in the ACC.

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  • Picked 3x by Mike Archer's defense the last time he stepped on the field.

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  • I think Bridgewater has the potential to be a very very good QB. But I think the measure (or facts as you said)used is not a very good one. If you just want to use the FR AA route then you would say that Jordan Aumiller will be the best TE on he field this coming fall. When in fact he is probably #4 on the depth chart.

    The reason he was name FR All-American is because he started the majority of the season and put up some OK numbers (although they improved a lot toward the end). Most BCS schools (and its hard to call a Big East a BCS school) did not start a FR QB for the majority of the season. I know not one school in the SEC did. In fact, Max probably played the most (starting 3 games, and playing in probably 6).

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  • That's very true brother, but that doesn't give the Big Least any additional credibility whatsoever. The ACC was the worst LAST year but on average, the Big Least is the worst BCS conf in college football.

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  • Hmmm, well there is really nothing else to add as Tommy an others have said everything I would have said in response and I refuse to read yet another book by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.

    I guess the bottom line is that UL has the same damn team they had last year, minus some heavy defensive contributors. They replaced theyre losses with a good freshman class (that really didn't hit all their needs IMO, and they are Freshman), but you are gonna tell us they improved light years ahead of us and to here you tell it, all of a sudden they have morphed into Bama.

    That wasn't a very good bottom line but this is: I am glad our players aren't as afraid and negative as some of you. Do you sit down when you pee?

  • This annoys me to no end.

    WE ARE UK!

    There is NO REASON to spend a whole thread gushing over UL, their coaches, and their players. The insistence on continually talking about how cut and athletic they are, and insinuating how their S&C coach must be smarter than ours, raving about what "experts" have to say about the players, continual insisting that their varying units are more athletic than ours, continual insistence that their QB is through the roof good, and continual insistence on the superiority of their coaching is mind boggling.

    I come here to talk and read about UK, not UL.

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