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Listening to sports radio today

  • Thanks for acknowledging that your POS comment was out of line. We need fans to step up and support the team not tear it down.

  • I also noticed that, I really think ball control, superb special teams (could be the weakest link, Joker and CO added another Punter the other day, that worries me) and a aggressive defense that can get hits on TB IMO could be how we beat UofL. I really hope Caffey and Simspson play as well as they look at their spots. Both kids have the ability to be difference makers, however it seems like their are always growing pains when kids step into the lineup. If Caffey turns out being a solid Boundary corner (I hope he ends up being a boundary corner because it would help us out in the run since he's a former physical rb and a 200# DB) or feild corner that can play tuff man coverage and not give up the big play would be great. However I look for Cassidy to use Rice at boundary since Bound corner gets less safety help.

    I really think Simpson ends up being a better SAM LB especially at the POA than Winston because he's a bigger and stronger athlete. Will he be able to lock down slot WR's and be as versatile as Guy? I don't think so, but that's why we have Nickel and speed packages. Joker and RIck have both already talked about these new sub-packages, I hope they are effective. Getting pressure on TB and forcing bad throws will be very important, no doubt Strong will have plenty of exotic stuff to throw at us... We should know by the end of the UofL game if this years D is going to be able to get pressure or not. I really hope Dupree, Paschal and Farrinton become playmakers in this aspect.

    No doubt Strong will try to run the football on us with their 225# thumper, the team that has rushed for the most yards has won this game in past years. I really hope Clemons is back to full strength. If we could ever get back to running and using play-action like we did back 4 or 5 years ago that would be sweet. I would also love it if we could become a very potent screen team like we was back a few years ago... No doubt it helps when you have guys like Locke and Cobb catching those screens but there are some screens that will destroy a heavy blitzing team like UofL especially the tunnel screens and middle screens... Slip screens work well too but Charlie's blitz packages almost always takes away one side of the feild, hitting a slip, tunnel or quick screen to the boundary side could be a killer for them since Charlie loves bringing those boundary pressures... I really hope Sanders game plans 10-15 screens for this game. Last year Clemons caught one and almost took it to the house, it was a 50+ yard gain. If the NFL allowed O-lineman to do what they do in college NFL teams would screen on every play. Execution will be the name of the game, screens will also slow down a quick pass rushing team like UofL, it makes the D-lineman think to much and once a effective screen play is executed you can then get back to running the football.

    Guys there are always a way to beat any team, it just takes execution by the players and good coaching. Don't take it like i'm giving up or think we can't get it done because that's far from how I feel even if it sounded that way, I just came away shocked by how athletic and potent they looked during their SG...

    Like i've said many times if Clemons and Collins get back to what they were our chances will improve alot. Collins looked quick as a cat when I saw him at FD, and we all know what Clemons is capable of. How bad were their injuries and what are the odds they are 100% by the opener???

  • Somebody has a Cholly crush. Getting a chubby there dude?

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