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Maryland Thoughts

  • I think this has gotten blown way out of proportion. Its game one with a starting five consisting of three freshman and two sophmores and the fact is we played a quality opponent! Unlike most top ten teams we actually played a quality opponent and won. This team will definitely learn from this game and again had we rebounded this game was a blow out, but this is what happens with young teams, alot of mistakes. The freshman played like freshman and we are super young and learning how to play together is going to take probably longer than other Cal teams. I think had Alex played even half way what he's capable of the rebounding thing wouldn't have been as big of a problem as it was and he's going to have to absolutely get out of his high school crap. He is too good of a player to keep playing that poorly. As far as Goodwin goes he just needs to stop trying to be spectacular everytime he gets in the paint and either make a good pass or just take the ball to the rim, he is trying to be MJ. Harrow is the problem with this team because they look to him to lead them and he just hasn't gotten the job done and he's got to play better, I just hope that he really was fatigued and show's the real Harrow against Duke. Kyle may have to take a more vocal role for this team, he is really the only returning player who actually played meaningful minutes a year ago with a great young team. Plus he has to help out more on the boards as well as being able to guard his man without needing help everytime his player touches the ball. Noel to me needs the most improvement he got pushed around way too much and his offensive game needs alot more work than I believe most of us realized. WCS needs to stop trying to block as many shots as Noel when he's in the game and focus on rebounding and they both need to try and be more like AD when blocking shots and try to keep the ball in play instead of wanting to put the ball up in the stands. All in all this team will be a really great team come March so no need to beat up any of these kids because like every team in the country they will improve .

  • I guess Carl hasn't listened to CAL since practice started because he's "just squackin." But we are talking freshmen, CAL said they need to be tougher. Rebounding, was probably a shock to him but maybe not, because CAL loves to have a reason to blow freshmen off of their high horse. Carl, let Cal do the coaching, and you just keep squakin because that is your strong point, while Cal's is coaching.

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  • With the possibility of being rebuked by UKlaw82 ill still go ahead and say this, Poythress needs to toughen up quite abit and stop hanging his head every time Cal chews his rear end out for doing something wrong. Jones his first year did that too until Cal had a heart to heart talk with him in private. He has so much talent and when he learns to keep playing hard all the time and not get down on himself everytime he does something wrong. I also have some concern about Harrow, he just doesnt seem to have what it takes to lead this team. Last year Teague was shaky at first but never did I have any doubts that he would develop into a really good PG, but I do have doubts about Harrow althogh Ihavent given up on him. The rebounding will be worked out in practice so Im not too worried about that. When we face a 2-3 zone I want to see how we handle that defense.

  • Great win against a quality team on a neutral floor that had a very hostile crowd on national TV. This was the first game guys. Lots more to come. Some of these kids were lost and why wouldn't they be? This team is going to be very good.

  • +1. I thought I was clear in my earlier post with what you reiterated for me.

    This team actually looked quite well for their first true game. Yes, rebounding was horrible. I know Harrow wasn't himself. Is there a ? there? Yes. All of that is relevant to the extent the these first two months matter. After Tuesday this team has some cupcakes to work on. It should be taken as a positive that they beat a likely tourney team for their first game on a HUGE open game stage.

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