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Medical Hardship/Medical Redshirt

  • Lots of idiocy concerning this subject, have some knowledge in the form of two handy links:

    Page 20, 14.2.4, titled Hardship Waiver, provides that a hardship waiver, or medical redshirt, may only be granted in accordance with NCAA Bylaw 14.2.4;

    Page 135, Bylaw 14.2.4, specifically paragraph (b) provides that the injury must result in “incapacity to compete for the remainder of that playing season.”

    Not only that, but further down in Bylaw 14.2.3, there are provisions that the treating physician has to provide contemporaneous documentation that the injury has resulted in an inability to compete for the rest of the season.

    So I guess if you found a doctor willing to put his credibility, career, and license to practice medicine on the line, the documentation necessary for submission to the NCAA/SEC office could have been falsified by the AD and the potential for a medical redshirt may have existed.

    Otherwise, the first decision to play PT was the decision that cost him his redshirt. The decision to play him today in no way affected his eligibility status.

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