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NCAA basketball

  • I apologize for that response, I was a little out of it last night lol. But, the game has definitely changed dramatically. Even the Nba is much more low scoring, and rugged. So, I guess I'm alluding to how competitive this season is, not necessarily the aesthetic nature of play

  • I don't think one-and-done had negative impact, (few of my issues with current college basketball.)

    i think the problem when looking at one-and-done is it's hard to compare to what would it be without one-and-done.

    What i am saying is this.

    If it wasn't for one-and-done, can you guarantee that players like Davis and MKG be at UK? The problem that i saw was that with increased media attention and increase in HS highlights, more and more player were going to enter NBA out of HS. This means no Wall or Cousin, Knight and Kanter(not that we saw him), Davis and MKG, and Noel and Poythress (maybe).

    What needs to happen is it needs to go to 2 and through. That UNC vs UK game was EPIC. Not because it was close, because it was GOOD basketball played. Ironically, that was teams with one-and-done players playing 2 years. That's what we need, 2 years. 2 years of these top 5 players staying for more than 1 year at college.

    If you allow right out of college, we will NEVER see a highlight reel like Wall in college. That would create more boredom college basketball.

    2. Stupid NCAA rule that prevents college players to play with influence of head coach. Let's face it, what is difference between Summer and during season? It's w/o cal and w/ cal. Where would this team be if Coach Cal was coaching them full time from beginning of the summer?

    It's disgusting rule that NCAA came up with. Sometimes they build BAD habits in summer, and freshmen especially doesn't know how to practice. I don't want to be negative about positive news, but Nerlens Noel shooting 100 free throw every day. To me, that's like...nothing. I remember spending shooting drill that resulted in me shooting well over 500 shots. And I wasn't even on any team. LOL.

    3. Stupid 68 team tourney... It minimize the importance of regular season. Let's face it, UK played BAD earlier in the season. We are not bubble team. We are solidly in the tourney now. I have no complaints, trust me. I am very happy.

    4. Too many freaking teams in DI. THey need to first eliminate 100 teams immediately...and in next 10 years, they need to reduce additional 50 teams. Top 32 teams make the tourney, and reduce total conference amount.

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