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Next Football HC...Lets think this through.

  • Ok..we sit on the verge of what could be the biggest decision in Mitch B's career..and the most imortant one in regards to UK football. After serious thought...should Butch Jones be our next HC? I like the guy..liked him at Cent Mich. But the truth of the matter is he is a 56% win coach over his career. 48-27, and 1-2 in bowls. And lets be honest...Cincy was set up for him by Kelly. Im not saying Butch Jones isnt a good coach..he is..but lets face it..UK needs a GREAT coach. A good coach just wont cut it here. UK can become a competitive football team..heck..we were under Brooks with Joker calling the plays, and we were handicapped by Steve Browns passive defense. WE beat LSU, we could have beat Ohio St by 10 that year.
    I just personally think Mitch needs to hire a guy that either is a homerun..cant miss Nick Saban type...or a guy like Chris Petersen or Gary Patterson that have proven they can win with less than idea in state talent. WE have to get a guy here that can bring in top talent from fla, ga, ect...or a guy that can take 3 stars and beat the big boys.
    All due respect to Butch Jones...Cincy aint playing Bama, Fla, Ga, USCjr, ect on a weekly basis.
    I think we need a defensive minded HC..who will bring in a good OC and let him call the plays. WE need toughness, a motivator. An elite recruiter.
    The time is right to lure Peterson away fromBoise..or Patterson from TCU..if they come here and turn Uk into a program that competes for SEC Titles, goes bowling every year..they will become a Legend! Our next HC needs to be a guy that has proven he can take a mediocre team and have less than stellar in state recruits and win at a 75% clip or better. Peterson has proven that. This is the one sport where your HC matters more than your players...Urban Meyer could win anywhere..Peterson and Patterson can too. THier system works..
    Butch Jones is a sexy hire atm..but take a long..hard look...hes not a 70% winner..hes an offensive guy. His record vs Top 25 teams is less than desirable.
    I could be wrong. What do you guys think?
    IF I were MB..this is what I would do.
    1: Offer Peterson or Patterson a contract..paying them no less than 4mil per...
    2: Attempt to sway a NFL guy like Gruden or Dungy...
    3: If these fail..offer Kirby Smart or a Bud Foster a lot of money to become HC.
    THen..if all these having failed..then drop down into the Jones, Dykes, MacIntyre category.
    Just my humble opinion...but I really feel we cant afford a MISS this time around.
    Feedback guys??

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  • UK will hire one of those after all else fails candidates. Guaranteed.

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  • You are probably right Nate, sadly so. What scares me is our AD goes after a guy that is a 56% career winner..1-2 in bowls..and thinks he can come the SEC..and do better? At least offer a Patterson..a much cash they have to think really hard to say talking 4 to 5 mil per money. It would be worth every penny to have UK bowling yearly..winning the occasional SEC east title..1 out of 8 years? A BCS bowl 2 or 3 times a decade. That would be good enough. That coach would become a LEGEND here. IT can be done. If they can do it at Boise ST...they could sure do it here.

  • The TCU job is about 100x better than UK. We couldn't Patterson even if we tripled his salary. Do people not realize that?

  • No ... they don't. 92% of the people on the boards here are just totally delirious with some of the names they're throwing around as coaches who would realistically consider taking the UK job. It amazes me ....

  • Wow ... there are only about ten programs in the nation who have been able to make BCS bowls at a clip like that ... in the entire nation. And you're expecting UK to achieve that level of success?? While playing in the SEC??

  • As far as the next few yrs go, i think we are pretty competitive no matter who the coach is. Downvote this if u want but if Joker could have made it though this yr he may have retired at UK, the 4 picks agaist WKy and the the injury to Maxx cosr joker his job.
    Who ever is the coach next yr will win quit a bit and it could be a smoke screen..

  • There's no way Chris Petersen would leave Boise for UK. He's not even returned calls from elite programs. It's pretty amazing how devoted he is to his son. If you've never read about it you should check it out. His son got brain damage falling from some bleachers(I think). He's mentally disabled and loves Boise State football more than anything. Petersen has made it fairly clear it would break his sons heart if they moved to another program, so he's stayed loyal.

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  • Am I the only one that thinks 48-27 is 64%?

  • 1) Jones will have coached 5 of his 6 teams to a bowl game, as this yrs UC team is competing for a Belk or Pinstripe Bowl invite.
    His C.Mich teams finished #1 in it's division of the MAC, 2 out of 3yrs..And finished 2nd in the other. & went to 3 Bowl games.
    Last yr's UC team won 10games, was Co-BE champs w/ Jones being named BE COY.

    That;s solid success at 2 spots...2 tough places to win...COY award...10 win seasons...5of6 in Bowl worthy seasons. Some might call that a home-runs on the resume.

    2) Go check the some of the ratings of B.Kelly's UC recruits(2006-2009) to see what was left for Jones to work/compete w/...(I used Rivals due to historic nature) .
    Kelly mostly recruited 2*.. & the minute Jones stepped on campus, he improved the recruiting! Every one of his classes have been ranked higher than any of Kelly's..Hell, He out recruited UK, 2 of the last 3 yrs he's been at UC..And looks like he will again, this yr...

    All while recruiting to UC's facilities, rated #7 out of 8 in the BE by ESPN. Working w/ one of the smallest budgets of any "BCS" school.

    3) JFYI...on your 75% clip winner...There's only 18 coaches in the game today w/ 75% winning percentages...Only 3 of them coach in D1...Bob Stoops, Gary Patterson & Urban Meyers...UK isn't getting any of those guys.

    So, Getting a guy that's a career 64% winner...Isn't necessarily a bad sign! (48-27 = 64% winner).

  • The only flaw with your thinking is Patterson and Peterson havent been playing USC Jr, UF, Ga, etc week in, week out either.. Matter of fact, TCU, in its 1st year in the B12, has proven to be mediocre, at best and the B12 is not the SEC..And Peterson plays in the WAC, alot worse conference than Jones does,. Lastly, Peterson rakes in a ton of California talent and Patterson rakes in a ton of Texas talent, so, although they aren't getting the best of the best from those states, they're definately in a hotbed talent pool, something they wouldn't have at UK.. You want us to think this through, well, that's fine, but, let's look at the whole picture and true picture and not just an inflated one..

    As far as an NFL coach goes, I'm okay with that as long as they also have college experience as a HC and understands the ins and outs of recruiting. IMO, an NFL hire is just as risky as hiring a college coordinator with no HC experience and as far as an NFL coordinator, no way. That's even a bigger risk..

    If you're looking at a sure thing, there isn't one, because there's risk anyway you go, but, imo, the closest thing to a sure thing is Petrino, even though he has baggage.. After that, Tuberville would be a close 2nd and guys like Fulmer and Cutcliffe after that.. Now, in saying that, I would rather take a risk on some up and comer like Jones, McIntyre, Hudspeth, etc, rather than hire a retread like Tubbs, Fulmer or Cutcliffe and I feel relatively certain that Petrino would be gone after 3-4 years max, as soon as a better, more prestigious job comes calling and I don't think he'd have enough accomplished by then to have UK at the upper echolon of the SEC east and we'd be back to scrambling for a coach..

  • Great point CatfaninMs...I agree. I think we pulled the plug way early. NO one..not Nick Saban..not Urban Meyer..not Paul Bear Bryant could have won in the SEc losing your 2 best QB's..and your two best RB' well as the defensive attrition to the nfl and losing Caffey to academics. JOker did beat Steve Spurrier...the only Uk coach to ever do that. He beat Ga, and should have all 3 times had our best QB and RB's not been hurt. JOker also broke the painful UT losing streak of 26 years..without a starting QB. With all the youth,inexperience, and mostly the injuries...No coach in all of football could have mustered a winning season at Uk this year.
    Had Max Smith,Josh Clemons, Coshik Williams, all been healthy..and Caffey able to play at CB..JOker wins at least 7 games this year..coaches next year..and who knows?
    Oh well..thats gone. Let metell you guys this..Bobby Petrino can not come here and win. Whats the guy done thats so darned impressive?. loses his biggest bowls..Did he beat Bama? LSU? no..did he beat USCjr? no..Joker did.

  • bad..still.,..Jones is 1-3 in bowl how do you say hes taken 5 teams to bowls? He didnt coach Cent Michs last bowl..and as for your 3 D1 coaches with better than 75% win %...have you forgotten Peterson? his win % is like 90% at Boise...Frank Beamer? not sure but has a ton of 10+ win seasons..Oregons Chip Kelley? Took over after Mike Belotti...i cant remember Chip not winning at least 10 mabye..what 2 seasons? and look at the 1 or 2 loss years there..imnot looking this up..just remembering as best I can.
    And as for the TCU job being 100x better thanUk..mabye..but that conference is being dismantled..and to say the Big East is better than the WAC in football..during the past 5 years? RU serious?Look at the bowl matchups.
    If you wanna ask Matt may..or D Bird...if there was a right time for Peterson to bolt..or Patterson..its now..with all the conference flux...and a 4 to 5 million payday could be just sweet enough.
    Im not trying to knock Butch..but his 1-2 bowl record ..not good..Cincy is a lot easier place to win than Uk, TCU, or Boise..yeah..i said Boise..Boise always opened with a top 25 opponet..played teams like BYU, Utah, Utah ST, .Cincys been playing Syracuse, UofL, Rutgers, UCONN, PITT, losing to the better BE teams..and Syracuse.
    This is my point guys..Butch Jones has won 48 lost MWAC and Big East..hes 1-2 in bowls...whats the reason to think he can come to Lexington and do any better..or even as good? Moot 4 all the latest..BJ said no thanks..thanks BJ.

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  • And heres the scoop on Chris Peterson..a D1 coach with a way better than 75% win %. Career record 82-8 50-4 conf.. 4-2 in bowls...won both Bcs bowls hes coached..both Fiestas..only two bowl losses..2008 poinsetta bowl to a TCU team by 1 pt..17-16. The other..a 41-38 hawaii bowl loss to ECU in a game that Chris Johnson (the Titans RB) went crazy. HIs salary is 2mil. And Boise plays in the Mountain West conf..its not been the WAC for 2 years now.
    With the Mountain West going belly up..and a plotted move to the big east no longer making sense as the BE looks doomed...a 4 mill a year salary and a chance to solidify his rep as a coach of legendary status could be enough motivation..and get CP outta Boise.

  • Right now, I like Petrino, Jones, McIntyre..In that order.

    IMO, If Petrino really wants the UK job so he can save his marriage/career & stay in the SEC....And he's really not getting looks from UT / AUB / Purdue / ETC as is rumored.....UK is stupid not to go take a chance on him & lock him into a clause ridden contract that's fair to both parties.

    I could see 5yrs - $17M total package as fair to both parties...UK pays a little less than they'd have to give a top tier guy under normal circumstances & Bobby gets to keep his family close.
    $13m in base salaries ..$2.2M / 2.4M / 2.6M / 2.8M / 3.0M ...Plus $300K/yr in loyalty bonuses paid 1st MON after NSD...Potential for additional $2.5M in performance bonuses ($500K/yr). University gets a morality clause w/ little-to-no severance package for "w/ cause" termination, plus a $5M buy-out price tag as insurance on him up & leaving for greener pastures....Bobby gets a university supplied chauffeur, a second chance at saving his marriage/career/chance at good SEC job w/ a fair market salary.

    If it's guy like Butch Jones...UK's probably talking the same kinda coin, maybe more...He'll likely have more options to choose from..And will be looking to move...So, he would have more risk to take in accepting the UK job, in the shape it's in.

    For baggage & a nice resume of winning. Less risk off the field, more risk n it. Unproven in the SEC, but has potential to fit in nicely w/ top tier of coaches. He's a guy moving up in the coaching pecking order & he's a hot commodity right now. He already makes at UC around what Joker was getting on his contract...So, It'd probably take $2.5 as a starting point and 5 or more yrs...Plus a clear vision for the capital investment package that would need to be presented to the legislature in JAN. he'll expect that kind of commitment from UK to make the leap. He may also be a option for the VOLS!

    If it gets past those 2...For me..It's Mike McIntyre. I like the pedigree.

    I like his resume & coaching tree. I like his OFF philosophies and his DEF background. SJSU is Solid in all phases of the game, which = a Very Well coached team! I like the steady program building capabilities he's displayed at SJSU. & UK would have some allure for the son of a former SEC HC. (Vandy)....6yrs-$12M w/ $2M in incentives/bonuses seems awfully reasonable. He's only making like $400K now...So, a $1M pay raise offer would make his wife say yes to that offer! ( But also I think CAL will be real interested in him & the wife/kids could literally not have to move to change jobs.)

  • realize that TCU recruiting class is rated 46..Boise St's 54? Neither have a 4 or 5 star recruit. My point was ..both being ultra successful Boise HC's...won with inferior talent. I agree theres risk any where you look. But some are calculated risks. Of course Uc has better classes than Uk..but how many of those UC kids that were 4 stars are playing in the NFL? Joker actually out recruited Jones...he evaluated lesser rated kids like Trevathan, Woodyard, Lindley, Cobb, ect ect.. Uk has been sending as many or more kids to the NFL than UC..the past 5 or 6 years..Cincy is a fertile recruiting bed...and the fact that Peterson recruits California..well..he has to..Idaho isnt putting out many..if any..d1 kids. Imagine if Peterson could get 4 and 5 star kids to work with? HIs 90% could be 95% Guy has won 82 of 90 career games as HC...with 2 and 3 star kids. And Boise's out of conference schedule is way tougher than UC's. I dont see UC scheduling Ga, Oregon, Va tech, LSU, ect ect.
    All the same..thanks fro reading my post..and for your feedback..up votes from me for reading. I keep getting down votes for posting my opinions. I like debating..and being maths bad..I was dividing 27/48 which is where the 56 came are correct on the 64%..but his record at Uc is 21-14, 10-9 in conference..not that great. My point is why in the world take a guy with a less than stellar win % in the Big East..after taking a team Kelley was taking to BCS bowls ..Jones goes 4-8, 2-5 his 1st season at UC.

  • He is god at Boise. He is not going to leave for this job. Why would you want to take a big coaching chance and go to UK. When he could go Auburn, Ark, Tenn and every other place that is better than UK.

    All of you think that a ton of money would bring a coach here it won't. UKis a huge risk for a great coach who can take a better job with less stress and with less risk.

    Another thing people where are you going to come up with the money that you want to spend. Did you all see the books after last yr. UK broke about even in athletics. Basketball pays for itself or close to it. Football pays for all of the other sports and the coaches pay and the scholies.

    Where will UK get the other money. ????? Double ticket prices to pay for I guess.

  • First of all Auburn does not want Petrino...
    Also of note you are showing the pay for the head coach but not the asst coaches. You must add close to another Mill for them.

    Petrino will make a laughing stock of UK, after he leaves for a much better job or gets caught screwing on a kitchen table at malone's...

  • THank you dville...Bobby P isnt even an option at this point..and Imglad..Butch Jones said No..and Im glad..why should we expect a guy thats 21-14 at Uc to turn Uk around? And as for Biker Bobby..guy has no anyone..will always bolt for more cash or better gig.
    Chris Peterson is 82-8 Boise in state recruits...seldom a better than top 40 class..but 2 BCS bowl wins..his only 2 chances..Okla and TCU? Only 2 bowl losses were by 1 point to TCU..and 41-38 to ECU when C Johnson went ballistic. Guy is 4-2 in hima what 86-10 career wins? I'll take a 90% guy that showed he can beat top teams with inferior talent.





  • Haven't had to do this in awhile, which is a good thing, but stop typing in caps please. Thanks.

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  • Im just saying if thats what it took...guy makes 2 mil..if Boise can pay 2..Uk should be able to scrape up 4. And the fact that Boise is in a conference thats falling apart..with no real hope at a BCS could be POSSIBLE..(And I hope for your sons sake Santa does come..just dont tell him WHO Santa really is!!) I want brooklyn decker to marry me too..but ill settle for my current girl..Mitch has stated money will not be a factor in this hire...meaning,.the money is there..we are offering lots lesser HC's 2.5 and 3..why not 4 for a 90% career guy? He would pay for himself a 100 times over.

  • My point is, Peterson gets the 2nd tier California kids because they're willing to go play a few hundred miles away in Boise, whereas, I see no way he could convince them to go 1000 miles away to UK.. The elite talent in California go to USC, UCLA and if they're smart, Stanford.. Outside of those 3 schools, Boise gets as good a player as any other school out that way and when your state produces 500 or more 3 star or better players, they're still getting some really nice talent and then plays in a weak conference, so, 8 of those 10 wins a year come against weak competition. I think Peterson is a hell of a coach, but, I still say, Cinci plays a better schedule 1 thru 12 than Boise does. At least it's a BCS conference, albeit, the weakest one. Lastly, you have a whole month from your last regular season game to your bowl game, so, it's a little easier to prepare for those matchups then it is if you have 3-4 days to prepare for them..

    On Patterson, you see what he's doing in the B12, hanging right around the .500 mark.. It's different playing good quality teams 8-10 times a year vs 3-4 times a year and that's showing.. Heck, I think he's a good coach, as well, but, Texas is deeper than Florida with talented HS players and they can't all go to Texas, Tx A&M and Tx Tech and, like Peterson, he still gets really good talent taking the 2nd tier talent in Tx, but, could he convince those same kids to come to Ky. i don't think he could and therein lies the problem..

    Don't get me wrong, I'd take either and support them 100% should they come, but, I'm just not convinced that either of these guys are an any better fit for the UK job than Jones or Hudspeth or McIntyre or a few of the others with not such a well known name.. Personally, the big name home run hire is not as important to me as getting a long term guy that can recruit the area, get a quality staff in place, bring excitement to the fanbase and can coach the hell out of X's and O's on the sideline.. Neither of these 2 guys have recruiting ties to the south and that's of utmost importance to me..

  • You are corrrect those are lofty goals to get 2 or 3 BCS bowls in a decade but dont you see we need an attitude like that to aspire to great things. For so long the fans of UK football have wanted just this or just that and they were in 7th heaven while Brooks was here and took us to low level bowls. So I think if you want to exceed expectations you have to aspire to greatness not just mediocrity.

  • Well to teach you yet again I was yellllllling my point. That is what caps are for.

    So I have not had to teach for awhile but there you.

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  • Yet agin I ask this how and where will UK find 4 mill plus another mill for his asst coaches. WHERE.