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Next Football HC...Lets think this through.

  • UK has been paying Joker & his entire coaching staff less $$ than they pay just Coach Cal ...($3.9M/yr total compensation for FB to $3.9625M/yr for just Coach Cal)...Which is stunning & speaks volumes about UK's commitment to FB.

    For UK to find some competitive territory w/ it's SEC brethren, it will need to spend btwn $5.5-6M/yr on the new HC/staff..Which is only a $2M/yr bump in funding from today's levels...Not really a major obstacle to hurdle for UK.

    However, If UK was to go all-in on a BigName guy/staff...The $4M/yr guy...UK is probably still only taking a $8M/yr commitment...(which is basically doubling what they have been paying.)
    That extra $4M/yr is not a huge hurdle for UK, either...As long as UK is competitive, butts would be in seats & the $$$ would be there. (assuming no Gene Chizick-like quandary happened)

  • I have no problem with having the attitude and belief that you're building a winner ... but I also believe we should at least try to keep ourselves grounded a bit in reality. There are traditional top-twenty football programs that haven't had those kind of results and success.

    I'd like to exceed expectations and end up with Kate Beckinsale too ... but in reality, probably not going to happen for me.

  • I don't think what UK pays Cal compared to Joker is anything more than the fair market value each represents. There is no doubt in my mind that had Joker reached the level of success as Cal, he'd have been compensated accordingly. The days of the Bryant gets a lighter and Rupp a Cadillac are over. The money UK basketball brings in due to the success of the program under Cal justifies his lofty salary. If a football coach can come in and light it up, then the money and perks will be there.

  • IMO, It speaks volumes to the level in which each sport is looked upon by the university establishment. UKFB is, has been & will continue to be the Ath Dept.'s cash cow...It's a much more profitable venture than UK MBB.

    The perception of the UK FB job isn't the only thing that needs to change in LEX...It's the support & funding from w/in the university, LEX community. The entire program has got to be turned upside down...A made anew. And for that to happen, UK has to expect to be employing 1 of the top 15 coaches in the country. PERIOD. No if's and's or but's. The SEC is 14 deep...You better have a top 15 coach to compete!

    And right now, on average, that costs $2M more a yr than they were already paying for the HC...To get a top 15 guy, he'll want a top staff, so add $4M more for him to work w/...But you spend the money ($8M/yr total = $4M more than today) to get a guy that allows UK to start maximizing existing revenue streams.

    Problem is...The only top 15 HC that UK has been mentioned w/...Would not cost UK $4M a yr. He'd be discounted greatly. And yet, UK seems ill equipped to seize the opportunity to be relevant in the SEC. And do so on a shoe-string budget.

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  • Will Muschamp went 7-6 his first yr at Florida. Saban had 8 wins when he took over LSU and 7 when he took over Bama. Stoops went 7-5 his first yr at Oklahoma. Tressel went 7-5 his first yr at OSU. Bear Bryant was 1-9 his first yr at A&M and 5-4-1 at Bama. And on and on and on and on.

    The point is that most coaches (whether good or bad) have poor first yrs when starting at a new place. Most do not get 9-11 wins per yr afterwards. Butch Jones is just that. His first yrs at CMU and Cincy were transition yrs in which he had less than stellar records. He's won 9-11 wins every other time. He may only average 64% right now, but you give him another 10 yrs of records to average into his overall record and he'll likely be well over 70% at his current rate of progress.

    Texas, Michigan, Ohio St, Notre Dame, Bama, USC, LSU, etc would consider hiring Jones a "really good" hire. He would be a "home run" at UK. Getting Patterson or Peterson at UK would be "grand slams." Petrino would be a "grand slam" as far as coaching ability.

  • Didnt know this Tito..thanks for the info..well..i wouldnt break my sons heart either..cant blame the guy. Kudos to Peterson for being a upstanding man and father..makes me want him even more. As far as the Boise thing..thye Big East is falling more AQ soon..the only reason Boise went there..but with the whole son say hes satying too.